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(International/Overseas assignments are welcomed depending on Native Country Laws.

Eg. Malaysians acting for Malaysian TV dramas and movies)














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Steven Lim 首部亚洲大型电影!First Asian Big Movie (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan)




























































Steven Lim is the appointed Official Male Social Media Ambassador for www.BigFish.sg !!!


Artiste God Nigel Tan Wee Ping 陈伟彬 is a proud graduate from Mediacorp and JTeam Acting Class!



Our freelance models/talents are available for hire immediately for any events, TV, commercials, all photo shoots including bikini

, lingerie, fashion shows, all dancing including bar top, hosting, videos or any acting scenes depending on situational basis.  We also do talent scouting & casting for

any models/talents that fits into your commercial needs. Our current artistes are all equiped with professional training in acting. We also provide full event setup including high quality stage and tentage

building, sound, AV, full programs planning.  Please call/whatsapp/sms  +65 87996634  now for booking with their name & ref number  ( PLS note NOT ALL ARE AVAILABLE THOUGH depending on individuals)

 or simply email to:  casinowildhog@gmail.com   Anyone who wants to b a professional singer and wants to collaborate with Singapore

well known Artiste Steven lim

for song production/ endorsement/ commercials, have $100k cash, don't wait, call now.  Your project will includes

hiring Steven Lim expertise to conceptualize, write, produce,  direct,  market, perform, film, advertise from head to till the end

of project. 

See your product/songs launch on various media channels and platforms.  Guaranteed Brand Recognition within 3 months!

Make friends/ Connect/ Chat with the models listed below that you like to know for just $300SGD which includes getting the

model's real contact number, email  (Final consent will be asked from individual model prior to releasing of any info & agreement. 

Note: Not all models are available for this!)  Call us now!




Yenny Neo

2007 Beauty Pageant International Finalist





Female make up artist touching up on our model before our client's photoshoot at studio 
















Our photographer client adjusting the studio equipment in another shoot. 









Steven Lim performing in DBLO as "Tarzan"





A short 2 pages interview with Steven Lim n 4 of his models by 8 Days.

(L to R) Carey, Yenny, Fiona, Teresa















Even overseas clients read and emailed request to use our prestigious models!!! 

We are going international!  Serving anyone in the world who has the money to pay.

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Our team so prestigious, many requests to join our Modeling Team!








































































































































































































Interested to be part of our prestigious award winning Singapore's Largest Online Models & Talents Team n be featured here? (currently over 1 million total hits) We are looking for Girls & Guys models/ acting talents who wish to make it big n searching for unlimited opportunities n likes to act for tv, commercials or movies!  Pleasant looking with passion n sporting, do Call/SMS at +65 87996634 or email ( with your pics) us now for an audition at casinowildhog@gmail.com   Before that, pls download, print this application form and fill it up.  The newest model who joined will be placed on top of list.  No agencies could give 100% percent guaranteed jobs, but we guaranteed you chances & publicity! Thus, why pay for thousands of dollars for portfolio & end up may not get anything, where we only charge an one time affordable $300SGD for our Fitness Artiste Package where we promote & advertise you 24 hours every mins & secs long term, and this page is accessed even by Big production houses, Movie Companies and TV Stations!  Artiste that joined will be guaranteed professional training in confidence and acting (Speech & Drama) Pls kindly note each individual agreement terms and conditions may varies from person to person depending on what we mutually agreed on at the time of signing up!!!  Bonus: New Models will also receive a powerful letter of recommendation & testimonial (better than a diploma!)!  Action Now!  Even Police Officers at their own will also had joined our team for the FUN...! 

Steven Lim Dot Net Models' Official Full 30secs TV Commericals on Singapore Biggest TV Station, Mediacorp Channels


Official TV Ad Launch on 25th Dec 2010 prime time!




Singapore Superstar Steven Lim Shoots Asian Big Movie With Megastar Gao Lin Feng 高凌风 & 夏克立!



Our happy models' testimonials!!!!! 我们的快乐模特儿!


Boss & Acting Trainer - Steven Lim


Our agency talents involved in Singapore Police Force Corporate Educational Video

( Main leads and major supporting roles scouted and cast by Steven Lim)

Look out for Steven Lim, Joanne Kiong, Jonathon Lim, Manoj Ram, Teresa Loh in this video.



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 *Most models' shots, videos, poses, acting directed by Steven Lim.

Currently, We are using Good Quality Handphone Cameras with/or  DJI Osmo Mobile 3 GImbal, Very High Technology Stabilizing Equipment that could deliver highest steady shot

with our other choices of Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Professional Full HD Video Camera with Field Monitor! 














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Besides our these featured 3576 members


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the latest Members Sign Ups

( Declaration: Pls Note Various members join the team for various reasons. To be multi- talented, For the Experience ,

For the Fun, To Keep Fit

or Just for the fame/promos Various reasons. They are in no way super bonded or needed to commit to our company at all. 

You can even join too if we like you too!  (Steven Lim Kor Kor is also a multi talented experienced trainer for many years)



Phua Ying Yue (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 3576

Occupation: Executive     Hgt: 165cm       Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 15 Nov 1990

 Ying Yue is really what we think as awesome, great personality and with great potentials for health and fitness!! She is amazing!!  Click here for Ying Yue's video profile








Ryder Loh Eu Shen (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 3574

Occupation: Service Crew     Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 9 Dec 1996

 Ryder is such handsome and charming person! Look at his great smile and attitude too!  Anyone will be so fortunate to have known him for sure!!  We love him!  Click here for Ryder s video profile








Brennon Koh Zhao Bin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3573

Occupation:  Part Timer      Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 91.1kg        DOB: 10 January 2002

Brennon is a very magical guy!  He has great EQ and great personality!  With him shining thru the sky, he ill be very awesome one fine day!   Click here for Brennon's video profile








Yap Pui Wah (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3572

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 150cm       Wgt: 38.7kg        DOB: 17 July 2002

 Pui Wah is a wonderful and amazing lady!   Very genuine and with great attitude!  She is very motivating and really great!  Click here for Pui Wah' s video profile








Chuk Celia (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3571

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 152cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 8 Sept 1996

Celia is such a wonderful and amazing babe!! Extremely charming and adorable and with the gift of the gab!  What a superb lady! Click here for Celia's video profile








Ng Ming Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3568

Occupation: General Worker    Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 20 October 1966

 Ming Hui is a very charismatic and really superbly nice and awesome gentleman!! Formerly club footballer and sporty, lets make him shine!! Shine Shine Shiny!!! We love him! Click here for Ming Hui's video profile








Joshua Tang Zhi Xian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3567

Occupation:  Part Time Retail      Hgt: 168cm       Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 1 June 1998

Joshua is what we classifed as a very talented guy with a Star lookalike face!! He is so good! We have so much ambitions for him!   Click here for Joshua Tang's video profile








Ng Jun Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3565

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 165 cm       Wgt: 114kg        DOB: 10 Dec 2003

Wat a gorgeous and well mannered lad!  Big, handsome and really charming!! We love him so much!  Click here for Jun Jie's video profile









Ronny Lee Dong Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3564

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 177cm       Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 3 Feb 1999

What a handsome guy with great attitude!  We really admire him so much and we really like him so much! The Heaven does not only gives him good looks! He is more that that!  Click here for Ronny's video profile








Ryan Han Wei Ren (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3563

Occupation: Music Teacher     Hgt: 171 cm       Wgt: 67 kg        DOB: 6 Aug

 Ryan is such a handsome n musically talented gentleman. Very cool, as cool as a cucumber, he is certainly amazing!! He is superbly great!  Click here for Ryan's video profile








Mark Jeffrey Afable (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3562

Occupation: IT     Hgt: 168 cm       Wgt: 76 kg        DOB: 11 Feb 1989

 What a handsome and charming guy!  Beautiful, gorgeous and really great personality!  We adore Mark alot! Super good!  Click here for Mark's video profile








Lim Shiau Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3561

Occupation: Senior Sales Associate   Hgt: 179cm       Wgt: 83kg        DOB: 6 June 1991

 Shiau Hui is a tall and awesome lady!  Simply unique and shining!!  She joins mainly for fitness and health!!  Click here for Shiau Hui's video profile








Bryan Lim (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3560

Occupation: Financial Planner   Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 6 January 1987

 Bryan is such a nice and wonderful gentleman.  Very handsome and really cool, he is what we classified as simply amazing!   Click here for Bryan's video profile








Donny Chew Sen Geok (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3559 B

Occupation: Hairdresser    Hgt: 183 cm       Wgt: 65 kg        DOB: 15 June 2000

 Donny is what we called the handsome and really amazing guy! Plays Badminton and swim and super sporty!  He is stunning!  Click here for Donny's video profile








Jennifer Tham Li Ping (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3558

Occupation: Customer Service    Hgt: 154cm       Wgt: 48.8kg        DOB: 22 Nov 1983

Jennifer is really one of the beauties of her fantastic!  She is kind and really yet meticulous and polite!

 Click here for Jennifer's video profile








John Wee Toon Jong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3557

Occupation:  Freelancer      Hgt: 168.5cm      Wgt: 76kg        DOB: 9 Nov 1979

 John is what think as an really incredible personality! Experienced in media industry, he definitely has the capabilities to shine and shine! Click here for John's video profile








Maggie Har Mei Chi( Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3556

Occupation:  Sales    Hgt: 151cm       Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 25 Feb 1985

Maggie is foreseen as someone amazing, equipped with great personality too!  and is very charming and attractive too!! We are very proud of her!!

Click here for Maggie's video profile







Steven Wu (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3555

Occupation:  Student   Hgt: 177cm       Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 14 August 1993

What an amazing and wonderful guy! Joining my team for fitness, gaining experiences and skills.  We adore him alot! Superbly Steven Wu!

Click here for Steven's video profile







Serene Ou Silin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3554

Occupation:  Freelancer     Hgt: 168 cm       Wgt: 65 kg        DOB: -

 Serene is what called the amazing and superb lady! Very courageous and very cool, she is very good!  Click here for Serene's video profile








Jeffrey Yeo Chong Wai (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3553

Occupation:  Restaurant   Hgt: 165cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 15 Feb 1982

What a humble and wholesome guy! Determined, diligent and special is Jeffrey and We adore him!

Click here for Jeffrey's video profile







Alix Choo Shiew Yen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3552

Occupation: Senior Graphic Designer    Hgt: - cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 9 Sept 1986

What a wonderful suprise!!  Alix is what we called the very talented guy!! Proud of her to join

Click here for Alix's video profile








Glen Ng (Artiste Package)     *Joining for fun and exposures!*

Ref No: 3551

Occupation: Auxiliary Police Officer     Hgt: 176cm       Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 13 Feb 1987

Wonderful and Really Super Nimble, Optimistic and Simply wonderful!  This handsome gorgeous man will shine!  Click here for Glen's video profile








Zheng Tao Wei (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3550

Occupation: -        Hgt: 180cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 10 Nov 2004

Joining for fun, for hobbies, for promos, for singing, this lad is simply superb and he was highly trained in Shaolin.  Unless he is joking.  But I believe him he is great!! 他很棒的!Click here for Tao Wei's video profile







Livia Evelyn Wibisono (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3549

Occupation: Executive      Hgt: 155cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 30 Nov 1998

Livia is such an amazing and interesting lady!! She is kind and sporty and definitely great personality and very suave!  Click here for Livia's video profile







Eugene Wan Kai Yau (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3548

Occupation: Architect     Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 95kg        DOB: 4 May 2001

What a wonderful guy! His smile and teeth looks great and power!   We really like him alot and He is determined to be in good shape n fit fast!  One of the people that joined us for fun and hobbies! Click here for Eugene's video profile







Abigail Teng Yun Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3547

Occupation: HR analyst     Hgt: 158 cm       Wgt: 43 kg        DOB: 4 Sept 1998

 What an Abigail! What a stunning amazing lady with grit and very sporty and adverturous!  We honor her and welcome her to the team, be it for fun or for hobbies!  Click here for Abigail's video profile








Michelle Wong Mei Keng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3545

Occupation:  Admin      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 19 Sept 1997

 What an amazing lady! Tall and with great personality and poise!  She definitely have great potentials and Superb power to excel and shine!!  Click here for Michelle's video profile








Joey Kok Yan Tong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3544

Occupation: Retail Assistant      Hgt: 155 cm       Wgt: 50 kg        DOB: 11 Aug 2000

Joey is really super super superbly awesome!  Great looks, EQ and personality, she joins for fun and hobbies too, join our platform to get incredible talents and thru our incredible amazing promoting platforms, lets feel the power of advertising n unquestionable new media exposures!  We are truely honored she joined!  Click here for Joey's video profile






Max Lee Tit Woon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3543

Occupation: Director      Hgt: 186cm       Wgt: 89kg        DOB: 8 August 1979


Max is simply Super, fantastic and really awesome!!! we are so super amazed by him!! Welcome to the team and have a lot of fun pls!  Click here for Max's video profile







Liaw Sok Har (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3542

Occupation:  Event and Marketing Organiser     Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 82.4kg        DOB: 10th Feb 1973

Sok Har is what we called the superb, very friend and a lady with great EQ and great charisma!! We adore and respect her alot!   Click here for Sok Har's video profile








Zhang Bao Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3541

Occupation: Kitchen Supervisor      Hgt: 156cm       Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 9 Nov 1974

Bao Ling Bao Ling Number 1! 棒棒棒棒真的好棒呀! 欢迎您的加入和到来!Super Good 的您! Click here for Bao Ling's video profile








Gabrielle Lee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3540

Occupation: -       Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 15 May 2002

What a gorgeous and simply amazing lady!! We believe she will definitely meet her fitness goals easily, because she has the determination of a Ox with sheer power of a tiger!  Click here for Gabrielle's video profile








Marie Michelle Lim (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3539

Occupation: Accounts      Hgt: 165cm       Wgt: 71kg        DOB: 10 Aug 1987

Marie is what we think as an amazing lady with super fantastic attitude n grid!  We really think she is super and powerful!  She enjoys the power of cosplaying too!   Click here for Michelle's video profile








Kok Quan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3538

Occupation: Kitchen Helper    Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 15 May 2001

So handsome! Getting in shape, wonderful and wholesome!  We really respect Quan Quan alot!! Superbly you being you!  Click here for Kok Quan's video profile







Edmund Song Teck Hon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3537

Occupation: Wealth Management       Hgt: 176cm       Weight: 82kg            DOB: 25 March 1976

Edmund is such a wonderful guy, eloquent and Man of the Men!  We love him so much and we really think is he is very good and nice! Lets all honor him now!   Click here for Edmund's video profile








Sarah Tanizar (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3536

Occupation:  Bid and Operations     Hgt: 157cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 25 May 1997

Sarah is such a wonderful superb multi talented lady.  We all like her so much and really appreciate her.  Thank you for the support in joining my artiste fitness team! Have a great day ahead and stay sunny!!   Click here for Sarah's video profile








Joanna Angela De Rosario (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3535

Occupation: IT        Hgt: 152cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 22 Dec 1983

Joanna is such a wonderful superb lady with determination and kind really nice personality and attitude.  She is really amazing!  Click here for Joanna's video profile








Tan Shean Theng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3533

Occupation: Insurance agent       Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 100kg        DOB: 14 Feb 2000

Shean Theng is such a great man with a Big Heart!  Super Fantastic personality, sporting, affable and really nice!!!  What a charming man!!  Click here for Shean Theng's video profile







Wong Min (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3532

Occupation: Healthcare    Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 2 Sept 1998

Wong Min gonna have one of the greatest wonderful pleasant personality in the world.  Gift of the gab, amazing and really pleasant n nice, we are very proud of her!  Thank you for the support in joining our team! Click here for Wong Min's video profile







Lu Fang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3531

Occupation: Insurance agent   Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 20 June 1990

Lu Feng is what we think an amazing, sunny and charming lady!  We are really proud of her because she has a great attitude n wonderful demeanour.  What an wonderful human being!  Click here for Lu Fang's video profile







Seah Jian Li (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3529

Occupation: Teacher    Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 29 March 1993

Very Superb and Really Handsome Wonderful Looking Jian Li!  Great personality and really very sporting and adventurous as well!! We r very honoured he joined for fitness and acting experiences!!  Click here for Jian Li's video profile








Khoo Sheng Xuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3528

Occupation: Engineer        Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 2 Dec 1996

Sheng Xuan is Shuai,  Shuai and very nice and affable!! We value his humility and support and great personality and attitude! We love him so much!  Click here for Sheng Xuan's video profile







Tan Yong Kang (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3527

Occupation:  Chef       Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB:  15082000

Yong Kang is such a gentleman and enjoys playing basketball and cooking.  We are very amazed by him and his wonderful demeanour. What a Guy! Click here for Yong Kang's video profile








Zoey Lau (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3526

Occupation: Quantity Surveyor      Hgt: 153cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 20 Aug 1993

Zoey is what we called the amazing and superb lady! Nice smile, charming and wonderful!! We warmly welcome her and her sister too!  Click here for Zoey's video profile








Sheery Lau (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3525

Occupation: Nurse        Hgt: 155m      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 26 April 1989

What a wonderful and awesome lady!! We are very proud of her attitude and personality and outlook! She is really good!!!  Click here for Sheery's video profile








Yukako Nina Nakagawa (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3524

Occupation:  HR      Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 4 May 1985

Nina is simply such a fantastic and affable find lady..  Positive Attitude and engaging, this personality is such fabulous amazing yet powerful!  Full salutation to her and respect! Click here for Nina's video profile







Steven Hor Wai Leong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3523

Occupation: Chef        Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 42kg        DOB: 18 November 1997

What a beautiful charming affable person!  Great awesome look, and luscious personality, we find him really amazing and power!  Click here for Steven 's video profile








Ester Wang Bao Xin Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3522

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 156cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 15 Oct 2003

Ester is a classic!!! So demure and sheepish and with an amazing stunning great attitude and personality!! We really are very impressed by such great poise and great fantastic attitude! Click here for Ester's video profile







Lee Jia Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3521

Occupation:  Cook          Hgt: 181cm    Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 17 Sept 1999

Jia Ming is what we conclude as a very handsome guy!  so good looking and so refined and yet very manly!  We are simply very happy for him!  Click here for Jia Ming's video profile








Shawn Heng Shan Tatt (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3516

Occupation:  Material Handler      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 86kg        DOB: 7 Sept 1997

Shawn is such adore and such and angel.  Polite, calm, cool and composed, he is the epitome of Steady!!  We really admired him alot!  Click here for Shawn's video profile







Seo Hui Ting (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3515

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 155cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 20 June 2001

What an adorable and amazing lady that has the determination and strength to have a even wonderful life and future!  We have faith and faith and faith on her!!! She is that good! Awesome!!  Click here for Hui Ting's video profile







Dennis Peh Tiong Hee (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3514

Occupation:  Manager      Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 87kg        DOB: 15 May 1964

Dennis is definitely very charming and really is one very nice personality hunky good looking guy!!  We really appreciate him alot and warmly welcome his presence.  And yes, he loves to play golf! Click here for Dennis's video profile







Patricia Sim Pat Eng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3513

Occupation: -        Hgt: 158cm       Weight: 46kg            DOB: 27 July 1968

Patricia is what we have the brilliant, very spirited, extremely cheery and awesome lady Jie Jie!!!  She has great attitude and super good poise and manners!!  We think she really got talents!   Click here for Patricia's video profile







Jaslyn Ng Xiang Ting (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3512

Occupation: -     Hgt: 157 cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 15 May 2000

Jaslyn is such a wonderful stunning lady! With her background talents in acting, she sure gonna make a change to the World!  She is that good! Click here for Jaslyn's video profile







Leon Leong Kwok (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3511

Occupation:  Self Employed     Hgt:  168cm     Wgt: 77kg        DOB: 13 Jan 1974

Super Artistic, Super Talented and Super Amazing, he is an incredible and fantastic gentleman n artist!! He draws and is super creative!!  We think he is too awesome and relatively eloquent!! Click here for Leon's video profile







Sharon Chong (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3510

Occupation:        Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 26 April 1981

Sharon is what we called a beautiful angel...  Nice, polite, very civilized and awesome!! She is Super Super Superb!!  We have faith in her!!   Click here for Sharon's video profile







Adaira B. Limse (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3508

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 157cm     Weight: 62kg         DOB: 6 May 2003

Adaira is such a wonderful and amazing lady!!! Really not Contradicting and humble!  Nice and amazing polite attitude!  Click here for Adaira's video profile








Cedric Seetoh (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3507

Occupation:  -     Hgt:  170cm     Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 11 June 2001

Cedric is such an handsome, clean cut and super amazing guy! nice charming smile and features, we really think that he is perfect for the media!! Click here for Cedric's video profile








Constance Cheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3506

Occupation:            Hgt: 162cm    Wgt: 65.56kg        DOB: 2 March 1996

Constance is really nice and awesome human being.  Superb and accommodating with pleasant deposition! Proud of her!!  What a fine lady!   Click here for Constance's video profile








Lick Kok Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3505

Occupation: Barista     Hgt: 174cm       Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 4 Jan 1992

Kok Wei is what we called a very nice and poised gentleman! Fair and tall, and nice, he has what it takes to fly and soar!!  We are very proud of him!  Click here for  Kok Wei's video profile








Ng Kai Liang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3503

Occupation: Digital ambassador       Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 84kg        DOB: 19 July 1996

Kai Liang is what we classified as wholesome, awesome and really fabulous guy!  Great personality and Suave Good Looker!  He is only going to get even better than better!   Click here for Kai Liang's video profile







Michelle Phua Mixue (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3501

Occupation: -        Hgt: 152cm       Weight: 57kg            DOB: 11 Sept 2003

Michelle is really an awesome fantastic lady that has the determination n great spirit to conquer all great adventures and mountains.  Brilliant, smart and Wise!   Click here for Michelle's video profile








Sarah Loh (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3500

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 20 February 2004

Sarah is what we give a thumbs up to her attitude!  Kind, Supportive and Really Enthusiastic, we see the Great sides and POV of Human Beings.  Kudos to you Rah Rah!  Click here for Sarah's video profile








Muhammad Haykal nim Abdul Moksin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3499

Occupation: Electrical Engineer      Hgt: 178cm              DOB: 21 Feb 1986

Haykal is what we think is really awesome, always wanting to be better, always want to strive to be even stronger and superb!  We really admire  him alot!  He is good!  Click here for Haykal's video profile







Raven Han Gui Hou (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3498

Occupation: Regulatory Affairs Specialist    Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 26 July 1997

Raven is a tall, gorgeous and really amazing lady. Composed, poised and really Satki! Used to be hurdler, She is always powered up!!!  Click here for Raven's video profile








Han Boon Kuang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3495

Occupation: Manager    Hgt: 165  cm       Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 20 Dec 1965

Boon Kuang is a super talented gentleman.  Genius in Photography and Videography! This is a high SES guy and lets celebrate and welcome him here!  We respect him alot!  Click here for Boon Kuang's video profile







Ashley Ang (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3494

Occupation:  Student       Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 23 August 2001

Ashley is what we can perceive as wonderful, super and excellent wonderful jovial human being!   Super good, super nice and really friendly and awesome! Click here for Ashley's video profile








Rowan Kan Ken Yat (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3490

Occupation: Tutor   Hgt: 169  cm       Wgt: 85kg        DOB: 8 Nov 1982

Rowan is what we should known as a really classy classic fantastic human being! Striving hard, hardworking and dedicated, we are really proud of him!!  Click here for Rowan's video profile








Stacy Ling Wen Ting (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3489

Occupation: Pre School Teacher       Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 66kg           DOB: 24 March 1989

Stacy is what we classified as really nice, and demure and really super great!  Thumbs up for her!! Jia You!  Click here for Stacy's video profile








Benedict Bay Jin Jie (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3485

Occupation:  Financial Planner    Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 19 August 1996

Benedict is what we think as super fantastic and really really good! Fit and strong and we are going to make him even more power power!   Click here for Benedict's video profile








Lionel Tan Ming Chong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3484

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 30 Dec 1999

Lionel is definitely an awesome guy that has the charm and really refined character! Kudos to him for his determination and super good attitude!  Click here for Lionel's video profile







Catherine Tan Bkim (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3483

Occupation:  Payroll Assistant      Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 7 Dec 1968

Catherine is what think as really good, jovial, nice and really wanna achieve a even better self and fitness!  Kudos to her for being so enthusiastic and cool about it!  Steady lah! Click here for Catherine's video profile








Tien Teng Sheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3482

Occupation: Auxiliary Police   Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 11 June 1994

Teng Sheng is a tall, wonderful man!  Upright and brave and power, he has what it takes to be on the next level!  Click here for Teng Sheng's video profile







Deng Ying Gang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3481

Occupation: Lab Technician       Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 4 July 1997

Ying Gang is what we called the super awesome guy and super awesome fantastic nice kid...!  Super handsome, stylish and really great!  We are going to give him our best services!  Click here for Ying Gang's video profile







Gloria Ong May May (Upgraded Fitness Artiste Package with Personal Trainer)    

Ref No: 3480

Occupation: Senior Staff Nurse     Hgt: 160cm    Wgt: 74kg     DOB: 30 May 1980

Gloria is what we called the super awesome supportive lady and

determined and never say defeat! We are very proud of her and her support! 

Thank you very much!  Click here for Gloria's video profile











Renee Ng Shea Yuen (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3479

Occupation:  Therapist    Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 20 June 1975

Renee is what we agreed on as a very hearty wonderful nice kind hearted lady! Super jovial, God Blessed, she is good!  Click here for Renee's video profile








Gabrielle See ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3478

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 69.8kg        DOB: 24 Oct 2002

Gabrielle is what we think that is a really fantastic lady! Super good and really lets give her the power to excel and win!!   Click here for Gabrielle's video profile








Sherwin Chan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3477

Occupation: IT      Hgt: 167cm              DOB: 15 Dec 1980

Sherwin is what we think as magical and really fantastic! Super awesome and really one of a kind..  He is good!   Click here for Sherwin's video profile








Jerome Quah Zen Shaun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3476

Occupation: Software Engineer    Hgt: 175cm    Wgt: 105kg        DOB: 10 Dec 2000

What a charming and really wonderful guy! So nice and so friendly, and has a good sense of humour as well! Wonderful Human Being!  Click here for Jerome's video profile







Aik Boon Sion (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 7475

Occupation: Kitchen     Hgt:  170cm    Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 8 August 2001

Boon Sion is super super awesome and super super steady! We feel that he has wat it takes to take it to the next level!!   Click here for Boon Sion's video profile








Brian Ng Jun Yew (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3474

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 92kg        DOB: 1 Nov 1999

Brian is what called as a very steady and someone that always wanna keep his promises!  Someone we value as simple good n gorgeous!  Experienced in Dragon and Lion Dance!  Click here for Brian's video profile








Les Lee Kai Keong  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3473

Occupation: Property Agent     Hgt: 174cm     Wgt: 74kg     DOB: 29 Oct 1969      

Les is really super good and super nice and super sporting and looks very professional! He is a very steady and really great guy! We all admire him!l  







Ivy Neo Hee Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3472

Occupation: Personal Assistant       Hgt: 155cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 7 July 1986

What a wonderful and charming Ivy, super awesome and really cheery and positive! Spirited smiley sunny lady! Click here for Ivy's video profile








Kyla Ong Hwee Ngee (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3471

Occupation:  Teacher     Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 26 June 1973

Kyla is definitely very unique and really wonderful and awesome!  Going give it to her for her determination and wonderfulness! Click here for Kyla's video profile








Lew Si Min (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3469

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 148cm       Wgt: 41kg        DOB: 25 Feb 2000

Si Min is really really very nice and really gorgeous and charming!  Wonderful, cute and awesome! Click here for Si Min's video profile








Gregory Teng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3468

Occupation: Student     Hgt:  180cm     Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 30 April 2001

Gregory is what we view as a super handsome, gorgeous, wonderful attitude cool dude! Really amazing, and nearly perfect for the media!  Click here for Gregory's video profile








Candy Beh (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3467

Occupation: Restaurant Manager      Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 30 July 1987

Candy got what it takes to reach higher levels! She is awesome and super fantastical!  Click here for Puay Qing's video profile








Shawn Sou (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3466

Occupation: Sales          Hgt: 183cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 5 Oct 1989

Shawn is definitely a very refined adventurer.  Very adventurous, but can also be very reserved and sheepish!  He has what it takes to be Great, towards great body health and fitness!  Click here for Shawn's video profile







Yue Xiao Fei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3465

Occupation: Educator     Hgt: 159cm       Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 10 Sept 1989

Xiao Fei really possess great attitude, personality and really is what we classified as wonders and strong and tough! Lets celebrate with her! Xiao Fei is awesome!  Click here for  Xiao Fei's video profile








Fion Chan   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3464

Occupation:  Beautician      Hgt: 161cm      Wgt: 56 kg        DOB: 1 Aug 1983

Fion Chan is what we think as awesome, really nice and really great!  Fantastically Good!  Click here for Fion's video profile








Michael Loke Kok Kong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3463

Occupation: Programmer         Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 72kg        DOB: 2 August 1987

Michael is a very spirited, optimistic and really positive guy! Super and awesome and will be the Best of the Best! Click here for Michael's video profile







Boo Jun Loong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3462

Occupation:  Engineer     Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 48kg      DOB:  16 Jan 1989

Jun Loong is really so gorgeous right!!!?  Look at his wonderful definite and awesome poise!!!!  Wonderful guy, wonderful character!   Click here for Jun Loong's video profile







Tracy Goh Meow Cheng(Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3461

Occupation: Accounts Manager      Hgt:  152cm    Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 22 March 1972

Tracy is really a true fantastic wonderful lady! Demure, Charming and really great!  Thumbs up for her!








Oh Eng How (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3460

Occupation: Sales Manager      Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 80kg           DOB: 3 Jan 1990

Eng How is Really Very good, comely and gently nice!  We love him so much!  What a fantastic Guy!   Click here for Eng How's video profile







Michelle Lee Jie Ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3459

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 25 July

Michelle is what we consider as a really super jovial, super awesome and sporting lady!! Really fantastic is this girl! lets keep fit together!!   Click here for Michelle's video profile







Jackie Ngu Chui Fung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3458

Occupation: Sales      Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 90 kg        DOB: 5 August 1989

Jackie is what we called the amazing powerhouse! Really good and fantastic... We think he is Great!   Click here for Jackie's video profile








Chuah Tze Chian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3457

Occupation: Delivery        Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 3 Dec 1998

Tze Chian is definitely going to be even more charming when he joined our artiste fitness team!!  Fitness, health and shape, come on in and we give you shape, strength n speed!! Click here for Tze Chian's video profile








Sherry Tan San San (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3456

Occupation: -      Hgt: 167cm       Wgt: 75.4kg        DOB: 15 June 1978

Sherry is really nice and really nice about it!  Wonderful and really amazing, this lady is what we called the fantastic lady with talents!!    Click here for Sherry's video profile








Stephanie Lim Phei Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3455

Occupation: Therapist       Hgt: 161cm       Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 4 Dec 1991

Stephanie is really awesome and really beautiful and wonderful!  Graceful like a swan, she has what it takes to be even better!!   Click here for Stephanie's video profile







Chan Kok Keong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3454

Occupation: Kitchen        Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 8 June 1997

Kok Keong is really really good and nice! Fantastically Magical and awesome! We think he is really great!  Click here for Kok Keong's video profile







Tan Senk Ngi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3452

Occupation: Warehouse      Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: Warehouse

Senk Ngi is what we called a wonderful human being.. Nice, Comely, Affable and really pleasant, we have great potentials for him! He is good!  Click here for Senk Ngi's video profile








Koh Shen Long (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3451

Occupation:  Student    Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 41kg        DOB: 24 August 2003

Shen Long is a real fine gentleman child of Amy!!  Both his mum and himself are very well mannered, very nice and really awesome!  We are very proud of him! Click here for Shen Long's video profile








Kate  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3450

Occupation: Teacher      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 13 Oct 1985

Kate is what feel that she is a very classy, noble and really elegant beautiful lady!  Wonderful and cheery, she is really amazing!!   Click here for Kate's video profile







Shane Ang Rui Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3449

Occupation: Engineer      Hgt: 157cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 11 June 1990

Shane is what we think as really Super, power and looks really sporty!   Super fantastic smile, affable and graciously graceful, we think she is really very nice!   Click here for Shane's video profile







Ang Jie Nian (Artiste Package)      

Ref No: 3447

Occupation: Manager     Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 85kg        DOB:  26 August 1992

Jie Nian is what we called the super awesome guy!  Fantastic, fun n super interesting handsome guy!  He is super awesome! Click here for Jie Nian's video profile







Chia Wei Lun (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3446

Occupation:  Project Engineer      Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 90kg        DOB: 22 Dec 1988

Wei Lun - Dragon Baby... Wonderful, nice, power and really fantastic, he is what we think as someone really awesome!!!   Click here for Wei Lun's video profile







BoBo Lui Siew Hwee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3444

Occupation:  Beautician       Hgt: 154cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 5 June 1994

Wonderful Jovial BoBo is definitely very nice and pleasant!!! Stunning and very impressive, she got what it takes to be slim and awesome!!   Click here for BoBo's video profile








Koh Hong Kak (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3443

Occupation:  Stewarding Assistant Manager    Hgt: 168cm      Wgt:65kg        DOB: 23 May 1974

Hong Kak is really super fantastic! Really nice about it and really have the determination to make it fit n steady!  Fantastic Big Brother to us!  Click here for Hong Kak's video profile








Catherine Yong Hwei Bee   

Ref No: 3442

Occupation: Executive       Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 64kg           DOB: 20 Oct 1976

Catherine is what we believe in as a really nice and well mannered lady! Very classy, fabulous and magnanimously great!   Click here for Catherine's video profile







Loy Chee Wah (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3441

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 135kg        DOB: 11 Oct 1994

Powerhouse Chee Wah really has the power to go far and the never say die spirit to make each step a better one than the last.  One small foot, one small step, leads the way!  Click here for Chee Wah's video profile







Stephanie Peh Hong Yu (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3440

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 156cm       Wgt: 70kg        DOB:  10 March 1992

Stephanie is what we think as worthily awesome!  Fantastically wonderful and amazing!  This lady is what we think as super!!  Click here for Stephanie's video profile








Joan Fang Qi Qing (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3439

Occupation: Financial Planner      Hgt: 156cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 9 April 1981

Joan is what is classified as really excellent, with super yes super good fabulous attitude and charming smile!!  Fantastic and Astute, She is clever and brilliant!  Click here for Joan's video profile







Penny Tiong Wei Jin (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3438

Occupation:  Nurse      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 95kg        DOB: 14 April 1996

Penny is really what think is a very very nice person, wonderful and really super awesome! Affable, pleasant and really magnificient! Click here for Penny's video profile








Desmond Lee Wee Chiek (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3436

Occupation:  Driver     Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: Year 1986

Desmond is really excellent, astute and brilliant, and holds an excellent amicable pleasant character!  He shows us hopes and a bright future!   He is Bagus!  Click here for Desmond's video profile







Roy Chong Chee Huay (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3435

Occupation: Driver      Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 10 April 1971

Chee Huay is what we called the Super really wonderful guy and boss of his own! Own time own target and he is really good and alluring!   Super amazing, quick witted and magnificient!  Click here for Roy's video profile







Kenji Chua Ti Lung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3434

Occupation: Chef       Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 12 May 1988

Kenji is  a super affable and really nice guy!  Excellent temperament and very worth a mentioned!  We are very proud of him!  !  Click here for Kenji's video profile








Chan Yan Keng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3433

Occupation: Chef      Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 19 June 1989

Yan Keng is what feel as someone really dependable and really nice and sporting!! We gave a thumbs up to him as he is someone got class and standards! Kudos to him!  Click here for Yan Keng's video profile








Christine Moh Man Kiou (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3432

Occupation: Beautician     Hgt: 155cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 30 Jan 1975

Christine is what we think as a really super fantastically superb wonderful lady! Super smile, super cheery and very sporting.  This lady is what we deem as champion! Click here for Christine's video profile







Tey Hao Yin  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3430

Occupation: NSF       Hgt: 161cm       Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 15 Dec 1999

Hao Yin is what we really think as refined, good mannered and very nice guy!  Really a thumbs up him and thats it... He is that good!  Click here for Hao Yin's video profile








Jensen Ngoo Kah Chuen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3428

Occupation: Management Trainee      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 18 August 1993

Jensen is a very good and very excellent guy!  Well mannered, polite, and very friendly!!! We are super pleased with him and we give a BIG thumbs up to this guy! Click here for Jensen's video profile







Nelson Heng Aik Tat (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3427

Occupation: IT Support Engineer     Hgt: 165cm       Wgt: 85kg        DOB: 15 August 1983

When Nelson's warmth and charm and genuine attitude gaze upon goodwill, this guy will excel and really be fantastic! Really proud of him!    Click here for Nelson's video profile







Caspar Chia Zi Xiong  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3426

Occupation:  Telecommunication     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 80 + kg        DOB: 24 Jan 1993

Caspar is a good man. Steady, Sturdy, and really Cool!  Fantastic making as a man!  And yes, he is super manly! Kudos to him!  Click here for Caspar's video profile








Glen Tan Yong Liang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3425

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 79kg        DOB: 20 March 1993

Glen is what we classified as Best out of the Best great attitude, form and perfection!  Superbly likeable and really cool, this guy can be really fun!  Click here for Glen's video profile







Jet Kian Fah (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3424

Occupation: Security Officer    Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 21 July 1970

Jet is really really very good, friendly and power!  Getting fit, getting more power once you join us!  Lets get stronger together!   Click here for Jet's video profile







Xie Qin Chen   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3423

Occupation:  Draftman     Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 29 June 1995

Qin Chen is what we think is really very good, very nice and got the power to grow bigger, fitter and stronger!!  He is Great!  Click here for Qin Chen's video profile








Kuruchandran Devadas (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3421

Occupation: M & E Supervisor       Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 101kg        DOB: 2 June 1992

Kuruchandran is a beautiful and handsome Indian guy!  His charm and smile is really unbeatable.  His motivation is the power of a tiger n strength of a bear.  He is great!  Click here for Kuruchandran's video profile








Amando Ang Qing Xiong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3420

Occupation:  High Ticket Closer (Investment)      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 80kg           DOB: 8 August 1990

Amando is really a super affable and very cheery guy! Optimistic and love his son and family,  Amando has what it takes to be even better to attain greatness!  态度很好!  Click here for Amando's video profile








Yi Shan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3419

Occupation: Planning Executive      Hgt: 164.5cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 24 Sept 1990

Yi Shan is really very very Good, very adorable and really superbly Great!  Attractive dimples and character that comes along with the package! She is WOah!!  Click here for Yi Shan's video profile








Su Ming Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3418

Occupation: Housewife    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 85kg        DOB: 29 Feb 1976

Ming Ming is what we think is really incredibly good attitude and very pleasant indeed!   Poised and well spoken, she is Good!   Click here for Ming Ming's video profile








Bharadwaj Kasam Setty (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3416

Occupation: IT      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 81kg        DOB: 10 Sept 1986

Bharadwaj is a true gentleman, very smart, very quick and very intelligent.   We are truely proud of him .  He is getting even better and better.... You will see....   Click here for  Bharadwaj's video profile








Jodee Chua Hong Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3414

Occupation: Freelance Designer       Hgt: 164cm       Wgt: 53.5kg        DOB: 21 Jan 1979

Jodee is what we think as the really fantastic and a natural sweet charm!! Polite, Cheery and very positive attitude.  She is really great!!  Click here for Jodee's video profile







Freddick Teo Yew Li (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3413

Occupation: Security       Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 3 July 1979

Freddick is really really really nice and very courteous and very cultured.  A really awesome guy that shines like brightlight! Click here for Freddick's video profile







Dennis Wang Guo Gang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3412

Occupation: Nurse      Hgt: 161cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 26 Nov 1987

Dennis is a really very very very nice guy and has very great manners and attitude.  We really value him very much and appreciate his spirited nature.  He is really good!   Click here for  Dennis's video profile








Victor Wong Ka Cheuk (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3411

Occupation: IT Supervisor    Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 109kg        DOB: 2 March 1981

Victor has what it takes to be even greater and stronger and fitter.  We will make sure he is going to get even better and better in times to come.  He is definitely lovely!  Click here for Victor's video profile







Richard Foo See Zuo (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3410

Occupation:  HR       Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 115kg        DOB: 17 Jan 1990

Richard is what we believe is a epitome of wonderful and best attitude!  Give this guy a route to greater heights! He is that good!  Click here for Richard's video profile








Janelle Ho (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3409

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 154cm       Wgt: 70kg       DOB: 14 July 2001

Great Smile, Big Heart and Wonderful Glorious attitude that comes along with her cute face!  Undoubtedly a small mighty lady that shines ever brightly in the night!   Click here for Janelle's video profile








Teresa Kee Ghim Khuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3408

Occupation: Sales Assistant       Hgt: 151cm      Wgt: 86kg           DOB: 3 June 1971

Teresa is what we find in her, Honesty, Kindness, Benevolence and how wonderful is her!  She is Holy!! WE adore her so much!  Click here for Teresa's video profile








Neoh Chia Huay (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3406

Occupation: Technician      Hgt:  148     Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 1 Oct 1994

Chia Huay is an absolutely fantastic sweet smiley lady!  Fantastically attitude and very pleasant.  She certainly left us a great impression!!  Click here for Chia Huay's video profile








Daniel Wong Yu Chow  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3405

Occupation:  IT       Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 93kg        DOB: 11 July 1978

Daniel is what we think got strong character but has the charm to carry it off! Superbly good and Super Awesome, he is damn good!   Click here for Daniel's video profile








Venus Chan Yim Wah (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3404

Occupation: Private Car Hirer         Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 4 Jan 1974

Venus is truely a gracious, kind hearted, supportive and blessed lady and 姐姐! Looking gorgeous and amazing, she is really Number 1!  Click here for Venus's video profile








Wang Rui Xiang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3403

Occupation: Sales       Hgt: 179cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 29 June 1985

Rui Xiang is what we think is really nice n superb and very very wonderful!  Fantastic and nice, he should be unique and special!! Click here for Rui Xiang's video profile








Kimberly Sia (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3402

Occupation: HouseKeeping Coordinator    Hgt: 155cm    Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 5 March 1996

Kimberly is what we feel to be a piece of gem, solemnly shining and waiting to shine to her fullest potential.  In anyways, Kim is really Good!!  Click here for Kimberly's video profile








Joel Tan Jun Hao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3400

Occupation: National Service     Hgt: 174cm    Wgt: 72kg        DOB: 30 March 1999

Joel is what we called the really cool, really swag, really handsome wonderful guy!  Positive minded, motivated and strong and tough, this is the guy you guys are looking for! He is really good!  Click here for Joel's video profile







Wilton Lim Wei Han (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3399

Occupation: Nurse         Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 103kg        DOB: 22 March 1991

Wilton is what we called the super wonderful great attitude guy!  Enjoy travelling and watching dramas, he has what it takes to take flight into the next level up!  Click here for Wilton's video profile







Lai Min Kang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3398

Occupation: Steel Industry     Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 6 Sept 1994

Min Kang is classified as someone unique, down to earth, very wonderful and nice!  His down to earth attitude really impressed us alot!!   Click here for Min Kang's video profile








Adriel Chun Zong Jun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3396

Occupation: Sales and Marketing     Hgt: 172cm approximately    Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 23 May 1998

Adriel is what we really love and adore very much! Suave Handsome and wonderful character! He is definitely wat we believe and trust and he is really good!   Click here for Adriel's video profile








Thomas Chia Chor Yew (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3395

Occupation:  Marketing     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 12 May 1992

Thomas is what we call the super fantastic and really wonderful kind of guy we are valued n treasured! Really Kudos to him for his pursue of good health and fitness!  Click here for Thomas's video profile







Khenny Lew Hou Yin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3394

Occupation: Baker         Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 87kg        DOB: 7 Nov 1996

Khenny is what we called the super wonderful and really very nice attitude guy!  Supreme and really power, he is one of a kind, the Good Kind....!   Click here for Khenny's video profile








Chui Guang Wen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3393

Occupation: -     Hgt: 180cm    Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 18 Feb 1993

Guang Wen is really pleasant, tall and handsome and very excellent!  We are very honored he join our team.  We not only promote him, we are going to make him much stronger!   Click here for Jane's video profile








Steven Gan Kian Chuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3392

Occupation:  IT       Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 98 kg        DOB: 9 Oct 1970

Steven Gan is really really good and amicable and very Big sized!  Come together lets get in shape with him and us and them! Be ready and active!!!  Click here for Steven's video profile








Wong Chang Cheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3391

Occupation: Chef      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 100kg        DOB: 18 August 1997

Chang Cheng is what we called the really sturdy, heavy duty guy! very sheepish and nice and easy to communicate with, we all love him very much!!   Click here for Chang Cheng's video profile








Tan Shi Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3390

Occupation: Engineer      Hgt: 165cm    Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 4 Nov 1993

Shi Hui got what it takes to be go very far becos of her good looks and especially a sparkling jovial character.  Besides, she is angelic and kind too!  Click here for Shi Hui's video profile








Kenneth Lee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3389

Occupation: Financial Planner      Hgt: -      Wgt: 168kg        DOB: 2 May 1985

Kenneth is a really sweet and very nice guy!  Smart, intellectual and eloquent, we really need find the on point terms for him.. Yes he is too Good!   Click here for Kenneth's video profile








Tricia Woo Shi Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3388

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 154cm    Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 17 Oct 2000

Tricia is such a wonderful wonderful and superbly wonderfully character cute adorable lady!  Really Nice about it and loves to sing!!    Click here for Tricia's video profile








Tan Jia Yiing (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3387

Occupation: Engineer     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 30 May 1993

 Jia Yiing is what we called the the really nice really nice yet sheepish guy!  Wonderful till perfection.  He is Good!  Click here for Jia Yiing's video profile








Cheong Zhi Hao (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3386

Occupation:  Cleaner     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 26 August 1990

Zhi Hao is what we called the Best of Best! Very good attitude, very handsome and sparkling, he has hwat it takes to be in the media!  Click here for Zhi Hao's video profile







Tang Yi Duan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3385

Occupation: Finance        Hgt: 177cm       Wgt: 88kg        DOB: 11 Dec 1986

Yi Duan to us is a very big awesome VIP!  Wonderful, generous and magnanimous and well to do, he is Best of the Best of the Best!  Lets get into shape together! Click here for Yi Duan's video profile







Shelvia Wongso (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3384

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 159cm       Wgt: 46kg        DOB:  22 Dec 1994

What a beautiful and nice lady!   Accommodating, gorgoeous and smart!  We are very very impressed with this young lady!  She is good!!   Click here for Shelvia Wongso's video profile







Yip Chong Hua (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3383

Occupation: NSF      Hgt: -      Wgt: 60.5kg        DOB: 12 Oct 1997

Chong Hua is really a very sweet guy! To anyone and really leave an impression with us for his knowledge in cars and super humble wonderful powerful demanour!  Click here for Chong Hua's video profile







Angela Lua (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3382

Occupation: Patient Service Assistant     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 1 July 1979

Angela has what it takes in the media! Incredible looks and attitude..  She is near perfection and awesome!  Click here for Angela's video profile








Goh Cheong Seong (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3381

Occupation:  Cook     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 30 August 1985

Cheong Seong is definitely a one up for his attitude and is looking real good and manly!   See how he delivers his lines. He is a Natural in talents!!   Click here for Cheong Seong's video profile







Jeffrey Chai Yu Loon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3380

Occupation: Process Engineer     Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 24 April 1987

Jeffrey has very good attitude and very patient!  Wonderful kind and seems upright and hardworking, he is really good! Click here for Jeffrey's video profile







William Chong Chee Kong (Artiste Package)      

Ref No: 3379

Occupation: Retiree      Hgt: 169cm       Wgt: 84kg        DOB:  12 March 1959

William was 1985 Dragon Boat Team A  and is a National Winning Team!!! Strong and fit, desired and motivated to maintain his fitness to even better!!  Click here for William's video profile








Fadli Bin Jasmuri (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3378

Occupation: Projectionist     Hgt: 180cm       Wgt: 69kg       DOB: 16 July 1992

Fadli is what we called the ultimate champion in great fabulous attitude! Attitude is very important in the society..... Good attitude defines u as good.... Bad attitude you can go and play with spider..  Fadli is Great!!  Click here for Fadli's video profile







Esther Leong Meng Teng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3377

Occupation: Accounts Cum HR Exec       Hgt: 153cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 22 Nov 1981

Esther possesses a very good attitude and has what it takes to soar and to succeed in Life!  Life is short, play hard and learnt new stuffs!! This is really important!  Click here for Esther's video profile







Jessica Teh Yii Ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3376

Occupation: Product Management      Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 95kg        DOB: 18 June 1987

Jessica is a very nice attitude lady with cute face!!! Lets welcome here to our team!!  Determined and have to power to succeed, she got the potentials for great results!   Click here for  Jessica's video profile








Christabel Koo Yi Ting (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3375

Occupation: Barista      Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 31 Dec 1993

Christabel is what we called the great attitude and really talented lady! Can do cakes and pastries very well! Really talented and we think she is really good!!!  We really gonna hand it to her!!  Click here for Christabel's video profile







Yeo Tze Ler (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3373

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 28 July 1998

Tze Ler is what we love and adore!!!  Very polite, very good attitude, i meant really very good attitude or he is definitely in Great mood most of the time.  Reservist Police officer and we respect him alot alot!!!  Click here for Tze Ler's video profile








Reshveen Rajendran  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3372

Occupation: Self Employed       

Exceptionally intellectual, Exceptionally brilliant and smart, and eloquent, this international speaker/ investor got what it takes to teach ad guide you to make money for you!!!  Furthermore, Resh has great personality!!!   Click here for Resh's video profile







Thye Jia Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3371

Occupation: Massage Therapist       Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 21 August 1995

Jia Yee is such a pretty and hot lady!  Wonderful, poised and really good!!  She is Good!  Click here for Jia Yee's video profile







Jefferson Chin Ting Shih (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3370

Occupation:  Banker      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 60kg           DOB: 29 March 1981

Jefferson is really great... Really Handsome and looks neat and clean and proper!   真的很帅叻。。。!!!态度很好!  Click here for Jefferson's video profile








Criss Liew Chen Kang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3369

Occupation: Sales Representative       Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 27 March 1991

Criss is what we really think is a wonderful beautiful guy!!! Hardworking, Marvellous and Special, he is really one of a kind!! Great! Click here for Criss's video profile








Kheow Jun Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3368

Occupation: Cook       Hgt: 169cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 30 Aug 1995

Jun Jie is really a very very nice person with the super great attitude to excel in Life.  Given the power, he has the reason and power to make sure everything is in place and in time.  He is Good!  Click here for Jun Jie's video profile







Lim Xiu Jin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3367

Occupation: Graphic Designer     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 11 June 1994

Xiu Jin is what we known as a very cutesy brave and really very easy to communicate and so cute!!! wonderful, unique and has the power to excel and accelerate!!!   Click here for Xiu Jin's video profile








Chen Shuai ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3366

Occupation: Designer     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 2 Feb 1991

Shuai is really decently handsome and 帅!生的好啊!  Wonderful and Really got unlimited potentials to unleased..  Chen Shuai is one fine gentleman!  Click here for Chen Shuai's video profile








Robert Sim Yong Tai (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3365

Occupation:  Civil Engineer     Hgt: 167cm       Wgt: 76g        DOB: 20 July 1986

Robert is what we see as a real potential in every areas and it will keep getting better and better for him and his future!  We are very confident of him!!  Click here for  Robert's video profile







Simon Soh Boon Kwang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3364

Occupation: Security      Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 14 April 1973

Simon is what we believed to be a real gentleman, a real classy real man and hero!   Great attitude and always so bright and charming, this charming man would be all our BIG BROTHER!!  Click here for Simon's video profile







Tan Jun Yong  ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3363

Occupation: Retail Assistant    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 3 July 1996

Jun Yong is definitely has one of the most pleasant depositions ever.  Really pleasant, nice and polite and very courteous and enthusiastic, we see the power waiting to be unleashed from him!   Click here for Jun Yong's video profile








Esther Wong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3362

Occupation: -       Hgt: 153cm       Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 3 Dec 1982

Esther is what we call the magical and wonderful pleasant great spirited attitude lady!   Really great and determined... we make her the power to grow and be really strong....!!  Click here for Esther's video profile








Christina Tan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3360

Occupation: Homemaker      Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 9 March 1976

Christina is what we classified as a eloquent and very smart homemaker and mummy!   Very street smart, pleasant and have a great spirit!!!  Totally thumbs up for her!!   Click here for Christina's video profile







Javier Chan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3361

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 24 Jan 2004

Javier has the power and skill to play floorball..  Going up his level in stamina and even fitness even further to play the games at top form!!  Javier is in form!!  Click here for Javier's video profile








Wendy Loh (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3359

Occupation:  Account Executive    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 51kg           DOB: 10 July 1980

Wendy is a sweet and understanding motivation to her boyfriend and is a pillar of strength to Kelvin!!! Both are wonderful beings and really they show us what is true Love...  Click here for Wendy's video profile







Kelvin Tan Wei Kiat (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3358

Occupation:  Safety Inspector     Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 103kg        DOB:  18 May 1979

Kelvin is simply marvellous and really have the wonderful power to make the world a better place with his great attitude and smile!! This is sincerity and we are so honored to have him!  Click here for Kelvin's video profile







Alex Kok Jiak Cheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3357

Occupation: Kitchen Cook       Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 21 March 1996

Alex is what we called the wonderful super nice super great attitude and willing to learn Man!  Manly, suave and handsome, he is really fantastic!   Click here for Alex's video profile








Gina Khie  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3356

Occupation: Retiree      Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 16 March 1956

When Gina is such a well maintained and really fantastic lady... Wonderful and having the power to make the World a better place... Well done to Gina!!  Click here for Gina's video profile








Jessie Choy Shwu Fea (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3355

Occupation: Business Owner   Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 26 March 1974

Jessie is really what classified as a really gorgeous matured lady with class and poise!  We think that she is an example of perfection and at least near perfection.  She is great!! Click here for Jessie's video profile








Vincent Yeoh Oon Chuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3354

Occupation: Self Employed    Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 65kg      DOB:  24 Nov 1960

Vincent is what we classified as decent, refined, amicable and really very talented in singing and acting!  Now he is going to join to maintain his fitness and well beings...  Lets all welcome Vincent  Click here for  Vincent's video profile







Rozman Bin Abdul Rahman (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3353

Occupation:  Chef     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 95kg        DOB: 18 April 1978

Rozman is really Good, Bagus and Really has talents in cooking!   We really find him to have super wonderful attitude and has the determination to achieve goals in lives!!!  Lets wish him and us the Best in Life!! Click here for Rozman's video profile







Janette Goh Li Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3352

Occupation: Nurse     Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB:  28 Oct 1993

Janette is really really one of a kind. Special, Unique, able to read and understand English.  Wow!  She is great!  Watch out for her!!  Click here for Janette's video profile







Wenny Cai Lin Ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3351

Occupation: Teacher       Hgt: 157cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 8 Oct 1982

Wenny is such a gorgeous and wonderful lady that has the gift of speaking well!  Very strong in Mandarin, she surpasses our expectations and anywhere anytime, she is great! Click here for Wenny's video profile







Ng Yan Fei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3350

Occupation: Waiter      Hgt: 167cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 9 Dec 1998

Yan Fei is definitely what we called the definite wonders and supreme of goodness and humbleness! Really nice and great attitude.  He is winning!!   Click here for Yan Fei's video profile








Nick Lai Joon Seng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3349

Occupation: Waiter     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 19 Sept 1987

Nick is a perfect example of grace, gentleman and very nice and calm n cool! very amicable and really is an aberration.  We really love him very much!!   Click here for  Nick's video profile







Lecia Ong Hwee Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3348

Occupation:  Customer Service     Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB:  1 July 1978

Lecia is what we called a very very very nice and gracious lady!!  Angelic yet present herself well and eloquent, we are very amazed by her!! Super Good!!  Click here for Lecia's video profile








Zachary Chong Kean Yan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3347

Occupation: Project Manager     Hgt: 177cm       Wgt: 64kg        DOB:  15 April 1986

Zachary is a suave and nice and accommodating guy that definitely has the potential to be even stronger, fitter and more powerful! We welcome him to our team and ok lah, lets come keep very fit together...! We show you the power!!  Click here for Zachary's video profile







Chan Shun Hui  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3346

Occupation:  Chef       Hgt: 171cm       Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 9 Feb 1993

Shun Hui, Beautiful face, beautiful heart and really super wonderful powerful determination!  His character and personality really makes people get to know his good natured heart more and more!  Thumbs up to this guy!!  Click here for Shun Hui's video profile







Evan Hong Yee Boon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3345

Occupation: Barista     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 48kg           DOB: 26 April 1985

Evan is what we called the powerful small and mighty!  Wonderful deposition and attitude, really amazing smile and eyes and handome, we really have to hand it to him!!  Click here for Evan's video profile








Pan Ming (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3344

Occupation:  Production     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 20 Nov 1993

Pan Ming is fit and strong, but he wants to challenge himself in my team with our kickboxing singing and dancing training!!! We are going to make him even stronger with great sculpted body!!  Click here for Pan Ming's video profile







Jude Lim Ke Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3343

Occupation: Waiter     Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 50kg       DOB: 26 Oct 1998

Jude is definitely what we called a fine prince lookalike that really like coming out from anime and comics!!  Really nice, great attitude and smile!  Welcome and get bigger with us!!  Click here for Jude Lim's video profile







Denis Lim Zhi Ying (Artiste Package)     Paid advertisement/promotion

Ref No: 3342

Occupation:  -      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB:  21 March 1997

Denis is really wonderful, handsome although sheepish!  We really love him and his cousin alot!  Its definitely our honor to have here and get BIGGER and stronger with us!!  Click here for Denis's video profile








Hu Na   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3340

Occupation:  Sales Associate     Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 44kg        DOB: 12 Nov 1994

Hu Na is wonderfully good natured and a great attitude angel and fantastically awesome girl!  Power in within, and willing to learn, we going to say she is really nice and admirable!   Click here for Hu Na's video profile







Issac Tan Chin Tan Chin Yi  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3337

Occupation:  Physiotherapist       Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 75 kg        DOB: 5 Sept 1991

Issac is what we think is a Great Big Guy!  So humble, so accommodating and have one of the greatest attitude you ever encounter before!!  You be impressed! Click here for Issac's video profile







Tan Poh Joo (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3336

Occupation: Payroll Assistant  Hgt: 162cm       Wgt: 85kg        DOB: 12 March 1985

Poh Joo has such an incredible smile, charm and super great character and attitude.  Get in shape, get in health, get in top form with us!!  Click here for Poh Joo's video profile








Miki Chua Mei Kei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3334

Occupation: Sales Assistant      Hgt: 151cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 18 April 1999

Miki is what we called the powerful powerful wonderful lady.  Competition winner in singing, confident of her singing and talents, she is going to shine in our team!  See her GLOW!  Click here for Miki's video profile








Tan Jun Hao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3332

Occupation: Contractor        Hgt: 186cm       Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 28 April 1991

Jun Hao as what we need to mention is a tall and very charming guy... The smile and cheerful natured is what we definitely think is the a great icing on top of yummy ice cream!!!  We like him very much!!  Click here for Jun Hao's video profile







Sun Hong Run (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3331

Occupation: -       Hgt: 167cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 18 April 1992

Hong Run was an prestigious army officer and is very cool and handsome!!!  Super fun and really very interesting, after returning studies from the States, he is the real form of prestige and honor...  Click here for Hong Run's video profile








Dexter Lim Chiun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No:  3330

Occupation: Beauty Advisor      Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 17  Sept 1998

Dexter, in our eyes, is a gorgeous super handsome and crazily wonderful lad!  Superb is still not good enough to describe him.  He is definitely out of the world good, welcome and get fit and famous with us!!   Click here for Dexter's video profile








Zhang Jia Ming (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3328

Occupation:  Student    Hgt: 174 cm      Wgt: 105kg        DOB: 3 Oct 2000

Zhang Jia Ming is wonderful and super friendly and very lively as well!  He is so cute and truly a gentleman.  What we find in him is true amazement and sparkling talents!!   Click here for Zhang Jia Ming's video profile







Kaisur Loo Yi Xian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3327

Occupation: Merchandiser      Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 6 March 1996

Kaisur is what we called the superbly wonderfully beautifully handsomely wonderful guy!  We like him so much!  Becos he is very good and affable!   Click here for Kaisur's video profile







Lew Ming Yeo (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3326

Occupation:  Chef      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 13 July 1990

Ming Yeo is a fantastic and awesome guy! Forever support his super wonderful attitude guy, no wonder all of the people should learn to love and adore him!!   Click here for Ming Yeo's video profile








Siew Jun Yuen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3325

Occupation:  Chef      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 65kg           DOB: 17 April 1999

Jun Yuen holds the key the fabulous, the wonderful, the superb powerful awesomeness in him!  We are going to salute to his great attitude and wonderful demeanour and attitude. and we are not kidding about it! He rox!!   Click here for Jun Yuen's video profile







Lim Yu Heng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3324

Occupation: Operations Executive         Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 2 July 1990

Yu Heng is what we believe to have massive potentials.. For greater body and fitness and stamina.  He definitely has what it takes!!  Click here for Yu Heng's video profile








Elizabeth Tan Jing Li (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3323

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 28 May 2000

Elizabeth is so cute and pretty and smiley astonishing!  Wonderful smile gonna take this World by storm.  Here comes the storm yet!  Click here for Elizabeth's video profile







Viki Fu Hui Qun (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3322

Occupation:  Beautician       Hgt: 162cm       Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 11 Sept 1994

Viki is what we called the beauty for sure.. Great attitude Great smile and Great charm!  Wonderful got a new definition on her!   Click here for  Viki's video profile







Kang Puay Qing (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3321

Occupation: Management Trainee      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 43kg        DOB: 6 July 1993

Guess what? Puay Qing got what it takes to be in the media industry!  Right ingredients... Pretty, Nice and great attitude! Take it away, Qing!!   Click here for Puay Qing's video profile








Brandon Tan Siong Sern (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3319

Occupation:  Baker      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 82kg        DOB:17 August 1993

Brandon is what we called the wonderful attitude and super nice awesome guy we have ever seen!   We are going to make him tougher, stronger and even nicer!  Watch this page!!  Click here for Brandon's video profile







Lin Le (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3317

Occupation:  Chef      Hgt: 171cm       Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 2 Nov 1992

Lin Le is what we classified as someone nice and really awesome! Beautifully handsome and gracious, we are going to see the Best of him very soon! Stronger too!!  Click here for Lin Le's video profile







Jocelyn Zhang Qin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3316

Occupation: Nutritionist     Hgt: 152cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 17 August 1983

Jocelyn is what we called the really special and really talented lady of the century with great poise!  Jovial, great attitude and affable, she has shown us great talents in her!!  Click here for  Jocelyn's video profile








Kok Qin Yuan (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3315

Occupation:  Waiter     Hgt: 178cm      Wgt:88kg        DOB: 24 April 1995

Qin Yuan will enhance the courtesy and good attitude of all country men and women.  Strong, Macho and irresistibly fantastic!  Click here for Qin Yuan's video profile








Michelle Yin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3314

Occupation: Manager     Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 40kg        DOB: 23 Feb 1992

Michelle Yin is really very gorgeous, stunningly beautiful and scintillating witty!   Wonderful, candid and cute as well!! She has what it takes to be in the media!!   Click here for Michelle's video profile







Readen Chia Boon Ping (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3313

Occupation:  Hairdresser      Hgt: 180cm       Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 13 May 1993

Readen as we have read is a beautiful book.  When you flip the page, all the beautiful notes will emerge as champions and music and symphony.  We think he is awesome!!   Click here for Readen's video profile







Brenda Lee Sheue Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3312

Occupation: Educator       Hgt: 166cm      Wgt: 68kg           DOB: 1 Feb 1993

Brenda is what we classified as someone demure and sheepish and yet very comely and alluringly charming!  Wonderful is the perfect word for her!!l  Click here for Brenda's video profile








Ong Jia Nian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3311

Occupation: Management Trainee    Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 10 April 1990

Jia Nian is what we called the super wonderful guy with super incredibly good attitude.  Scintillating and composed, Jia Nian Rox!!  Click here for Jia Nian's video profile







Sarah Ong Shiau Qi (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3310

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 8 June 1998

Sarah is what we think is pretty and awesome and really has what it takes to be up there... Fantastic and awesome, she definitely makes the cut!  Click here for Sarah's video profile







Phang Kai Ze (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3309

Occupation:  Chef      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 4 October 1999

Kai Ze is something we need to learn from.  Humble, affable and really great attitude.  His small body towards the goal of being more macho is not a distance away!   See the artiste magic...  Click here for Kai Ze's video profile







Jenny Sukaysy (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3308

Occupation: Receptionist     Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 16 Jan 1991

Jenny is what we called a very beautiful lady that has what it takes to shine and glow in the media industry..  Work out, Step up and Shineeee.............!   Click here for Jenny's video profile







Titus Goh Yu Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3307

Occupation: NSF     Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 90kg        DOB: 9 Sept 1998

Titus Goh is what we called the really big sized and sturdy wonderful guy we have ever met.  Great attitude, chirpy and very positive... we see a bright future in him!   Click here for Titus's video profile








Tang Kee Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3306

Occupation: Kitchener      Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 30 Nov 1984

Kee Hui is what we called the really great attitude guy that really amazed us with his great attitude.. Superbly good... We only have good things to say about this gentleman!!  Click here for Kee Hui's video profile








Kelly Paing Poh Choo (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3305

Occupation: Banker       Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 53kg           DOB: 22 March 1984

Kelly is what we called the super awesome lady that is beautiful and very ladylike.  Wonderful and super, she is the epitome of wonders and super fineness!   Click here for Kelly's video profile







Valencia Poh Si Xuan (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3304

Occupation: Sales Coordinator     Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 9 Oct 1992

Valencia is what we have the magical things in life!  Wonderful, classy, amicable and really nice, she is a wonderful lady!  U rox!   Click here for Valencia's video profile







Elllen Chan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3303

Occupation: Marketing      Hgt: 165cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 28 April 1987

Elllen is definitely what we think that she looks very much like Angela... the famous star!   Pretty, lean and awesome, she has what it takes to be in the media, be it for fun or for hobbies!   Click here for Elllen's video profile







Wah Chai Ann (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3302

Occupation: IT Specialist     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 24 May 1977

Matured and yet looking very youthful, this beautiful awesome character guy shines thru the darkness and give u the taste what is priceless demeanor..   Chai Ann is Good!   Click here for Chai Ann's video profile








Lim Wee Leng(Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3301

Occupation: IT executive         Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 24 May 1992

Wee Leng is such a gorgeous gentleman!  Powerful and enjoys basketball, we have the strength in him and his great attitude.  All cheery to him!   Click here for Wee Leng's video profile








Daniel Tay ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3299

Occupation: -       Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 23 Feb 1994

Daniel being someone that possesses great attitude and great manners, deserve to be in our top team... !  Handsome refined n Upper SES!!! he is awesome!!  Click here for Daniel Tay's video profile







Wang Si Qi  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3298

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 182cm       Wgt: 74kg        DOB: 11 Feb 1996

Look Great and tall and strong and very young... we gonna hand it off to Si Qi for making everything a success.. He is indeed great person!!   Click here for Si Qi's video profile








Er Wei Han (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3297

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 8 Feb 1994

Er Wan is a Stylo Milo Guy who appears to be really sexy and hot and really wonderful!  We are going to give our most sincere praise to this beautiful gentleman.  You are awesome!!  Click here for Wei Han's video profile







Barnabas Loke Hon Yuen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3293

Occupation: Designer    Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 70kg       DOB: 1 Feb 1992

Barnabas definitely got one of the Best attitude in the world and really super good!  Wonderful and perfect, we are going to place him on the next levels!! Supporting him!  Click here for Barnabas's video profile







Jenny Puay Shio Jen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3292

Occupation: Promoter      Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 10 April 1965

Teng Teng has what it takes to be a tall contender for good stuffs and life of surprises.  Long term promo, lets see where she goes from here.. She is awesome!!  Click here for Teng Teng's video profile







Ng Yunas Allen  (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3291

Occupation:  Engineer    Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 134kg        DOB: 17 June 1985

Allen is what we called the super wonderful even though he does not belongs to the thin side.  He is gracious, polite and well mannered.  We all love him very much!!  Click here for Allen's video profile







Lau Yao Quan ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3289

Occupation: Retail Sales      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 2 June 1996

Yao Quan is someone that has the potential to go very much a long run... He enjoys Parkour too and we are really proud of him.  Look at his hansdome face!!  Click here for Yao Quan's video profile








Conan Zhang Tian Ci (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3288

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 65kg           DOB: 23 Oct 1997

Looking back at Conan's Video and Pictures, We really find him very charming and very attractive.  Extremely interested in computing, this guy is going to be shiny in the future!!  Click here for Conan's video profile







Teong Teng Teng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3287

Occupation: Admin     Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 9 May 1993

Teng Teng has what it takes to be a tall contender for good stuffs and life of surprises.  Long term promo, lets see where she goes from here.. She is awesome!!  Click here for Teng Teng's video profile







Yap Zhi Lam  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3286

Occupation: F & B      Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 2 Sept 1996

When a guy can be handsome, so cool and so sporty and so really into basketball and skating.  Do you have what it takes to be famous? We show you.....  Click here for Zhi Lam's video profile







Fung Jui Hong  ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3285

Occupation: Chef       Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 4 April 1992

Jui Hong is the definition of what a gentleman will be... super nice, super good attitude and pleasant. We think that he is unmistakably the symbol of prestige and class!  Click here for Jui Hong's video profile







Quah You Quan ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3284

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 24 Nov 2001

You Quan is such a super guy!  Handsome and Tall and rather sheepish...everything is going to change now.. we are going to make him a super singing machine!  Click here for Yong Quan's video profile







Jane Low Shu Fang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3283

Occupation: Finance    Hgt: 159cm    Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 29 June 1971

Jane is what we called the really demure and very nice classy lady that has the angelic character and wholesome demeanours.  She is very attractive too!   She is wow!!!  Click here for Jane's video profile







Rayner Yoe Fang (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3282

Occupation:  Student         Hgt: 190cm      Wgt: 90 kg        DOB: 3 Sept 1999

Rayner is really a very handsome tall and hunky awesome guy that has the great attitude to go very far.... We are going to make him a powerful singing machine as well!    Click here for Rayner's video profile








Yuki Chong Kah Yan  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3281

Occupation:  Promoter       Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 22 August 1990

Yuki is what we called the magical lady that has won awards for her singing since young!  Really great and awesome, she is really near to Number One!   Click here for Yuki's video profile







Quintina Tan Hwee Fen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3280

Occupation: Customer Service    Hgt: 153cm      Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 9 May 1993

Quintina is so pretty and so awesome!  Great plus with the attitude and really so cute!! We think she indeed rock our world with her charm!  Support her now!! Click here for Quintina's video profile








Erwin Lee You Ming (Artiste Package)      

Ref No: 3279

Occupation: Accounts Executive     Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 52kg        DOB:  8 April 1990

Erwin is definitely a courteous and mild mannered chap, refined and really likeable.  We definitely love him very much!  Click here for Erwin's video profile







Gynn Tan (Artiste Package)      

Ref No: 3279

Occupation:  Office Adminstrator    Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 42kg        DOB: 8 Dec 1979

Gynn is simply one of the sweetest ladies we have ever seen. Pretty, youthful and very artistic, she is really going to get the power of singing!!  Just wait and see!  Click here for Gynn's video profile







Ng Kai Ling  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3277

Occupation:  -       Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 52 kg        DOB: 17 May 1999

Kai Ling is such a pretty awesome lady!  So cute, adorable and so likeable. I know you guys will really like her too.  Let me make her a powerful singing machine!  Click here for Kai Ling's video profile








Sharlene Mai Jing Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3275

Occupation:  Finance administrator    Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 68kg           DOB: 14 Nov 1987

Sharlene is what we classified as the classy sheepish and yet stunning lady in town!!! Amazingly beautiful.  She is awesome!!  Click here for Sharlene's video profile







Tiang Pe Siang (Artiste Package )      His Youtube Channel Do Visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjWWVd6gv6Z1sJzXupdBLg/featured

Ref No: 3274

Occupation: Driver    Hgt: 182cm      Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 15 March 1983

Youtuber, Videographer and Photographer, Hunk, a loving father whichever you wanted to brand Pe Siang, he is definitely one of the stand out figures in our team.  Tall and handsome and splendid, we really admire him very much!  Click here for Pe Siang's video profile






Andy Tan Seck Cheong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3272

Occupation: Bakery      Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 6 Oct 1960

Andy is the reason why the world is becoming a better place!!!  Super mentioned, super awesome and really awesome..!  Andy got the power to go the extra mile and really super legitly good!   Click here for Andy's video profile







Yap Wee Zhen  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3271

Occupation:  Sales     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 8 July 1996

Wee Zhen is what we called the super handsome guy that looks like Jian Hao the famous youtube star in Singapore!!!  Thats why we love him so much!! He is awesome and he was school team basketball player!! Click here for Wee Zhen's video profile







Justin Ong Soo Kean (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3270

Occupation: Manager         Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 21 April 1979

Justin is what we called the epitome of gracefulness and really great wonderful courtesy and really got the right chemistry for public relations!   He is indeed super and we love him so much!!  Click here for Justin's video profile







Louis Ho Kok Wai (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3269

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 3 Feb 1993

Louis is what we called the simply super wonderful terrific person we have ever met... So handsome, idol like and goddess like, Louis is one thing that we find is really attractive!  Click here for Louis's video profile







Kelvin Chong Cheng Chao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3268

Occupation: Consultant     Hgt: 174cm       Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 17 March 1990

Kelvin is what we think is a very great magnanimous awesome guy with great body shape!  He is a winner with having the great aspects of Life.  We are going to bring him to the next artistic level!!   Click here for Kelvin's video profile







Leroy Lok Guang Yoong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3267

Occupation: Admin         Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 14 Oct 1993

Leroy is a beautiful guy with super essence of greatness in him!   Sheepish, humble and really has the power to be Big, he is here, he is Leroy...!  Click here for Leroy's video profile







Dennie Mabagos   (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3266

Occupation: Banker      Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 65kg           DOB: 14 June 1978

Dennie is simply special and handsome and has the power to make the World a better place..  Especially with his smile and charm!  Special, unique and good looking chap!!  Click here for Dennie's video profile







Chan Wei Feng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3265

Occupation: Promoter      Hgt: 184cm       Wgt: 74kg        DOB: 20 Jan 1996

Wei Feng is a tall fit young powerful man that has the gift of power and specialities!   Great attitude and great future he has!  Wonderful!!  Click here for Wei Feng's video profile







Li Meng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3264

Occupation: Sales       Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 46.6kg           DOB: 28 Sept 1995

Li Meng is what we called the super valuable and super wonderful and spectacular lass!  Charming and really special, we find her really wow!!!!  Click here for Li Meng's video profile







Fabian Chin Swee Kok (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3263

Occupation: Chef      Hgt: 168cm       Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 26 Nov 1994

Fabian really makes us feeling happy and really honored to have him in our team to achieve singing talents and super advertising success!!   We feel that he can really make it Big with his shocking wonderful dancing skills!!  Click here for Fabian's video profile







Wong Ke Shin (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3262

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 11 Oct 1998

 Splendid Ke Shin got the most splentiful character we have ever seen.. Powerful and sweet and cute, she is the epitome of wonders and supremacy!    Click here for Ke Shin's video profile







Karen Wan Chee Ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3261

Occupation: Account Clerk      Hgt: 168cm       Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 7 Nov 1995

Karen is what we called the super real and super jovial lady that has the magic to make the world bright and shiny!!  Great attitude and a great passion to learn and to achieve greater heights! Click here for Karen's video profile







Bey Shi Zhou (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3259

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 161cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 17 nov 1998

Shi Zhou is what we called the really charming and really special.  He is the epitome of good looks and fantastic character.  We should learn from him! Click here for Shi Zhou's video profile







Su Li Ya (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3258

Occupation:  Occupation     Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: -            DOB: 15 Nov 1993

Li Ya gives the best for her life....Her dedication in life and studies and her dedications in trying to improve on herself..  Now she can really sing very well!!!   Wonderful and awesome, she is the really tip choice!  Click here for Su Li Ya's video profile







Chong Haw Jet (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3257

Occupation: Sales Advisor      Hgt: 177cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 11 Nov 1994

Haw Jet is very handsome and very pretty pretty boy that we love to watch again and again and again without any boredom.  He is cute and indeed ice cream to our eyes!  Click here for Jet's video profile







Wong Hui Xin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3256

Occupation: Promoter      Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 18 Dec 1996

Hui Xin is super charming and very sweet lady that has the power to make the world a better place.  Sh definitely got what it takes to be in the media!!  Click here for Gabriel's Hui Xin's profile







Michael Goh Wee Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3255

Occupation: Freelance      Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 11 Feb 1976

Michael is what we know that has the poise, hotness and suaveness to be there.  He is here and we are going to promote him and make him GREAT!   Click here for Michael's video profile







Emilia Chee Jia Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3254

Occupation: Senior Executive      Hgt: 153cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 9 Aug 1989

Emilia is what  we called the powerful lady!  So pretty so fit and enjoy listening to music and sleeping and watching tv dramas!   She is so pretty!  Click here for Emilia Chee Jia Hui's video profile







Tina Zhou Di (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3253

Occupation: Accounts     Hgt: 153cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB:  29 August 1986

Tina is what we claims as the most awesome people we have ever met!   Sporting, Gamely and really have what it takes to be successful in life! She is good!  Click here for Tina Zhou's video profile







Lai Kon Yong   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3252

Occupation:  Customer Service        Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 78 kg        DOB: 24 Sept 1989

Kon Yong is what we called the really fantastic attitude and really attractive sensual smile..   He definitely has the power to make the world a better place with his great character!   We find that he is indeed super awesome!  Click here for Kon Yong's video profile







Lim Yuke Theng (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3251

Occupation:  Publishing     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 1 May 1972

Yuke Theng is a multi talented lady that has alot of talents... Can Sing, can act and can express very well!  We are totally awed by her magic.  We find her really good and talented!  Click here for Yuke Theng's video profile







Lai Zi Yang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3250

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 6 May 1999

Zi Yang is a very handsome and very cultured guy and he is really very good! We love him very much!  He will go and grow far from here!  He is very awesome!  Click here for Zi yang's video profile







Shawn Wang Ying Yew (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3249

Occupation: Business Development     Hgt: 180cm       Wgt: 8kg        DOB: 6 Sept 1989

Shawn is a tall and very good looking guy!   Great smile, great personality and attitude.  With this, Shawn is a type of category person that deserves to fly further!  Click here for Shawn's video profile







Moy Kai Yung ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3248

Occupation: Cook       Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 5 Feb 1989

Kai Yung is what we called the really wonderful and fantastic guy!  Great character, great personality and is really charming!  Kai Yung is a charm! and we find greatness in him! He loves to cook and he loves to eat!  Click here for Moy Kai  Yung's video profile







Dwynna Win Gunawan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3247

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 153cm    Wgt: 41kg        DOB: 6 May 1999

So Pretty! Gorgeous looking lady and is very very eloquent, super talented in singing, acting and picking up dancing along the way.. She is awesome!!  Click here for Dwynna's video profile







Lim Jia Wei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3246

Occupation:  Cook      Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 69kg        DOB: 5 Aug 1998

Jia Wei gets the power from within.. super and nice and really calm, he has the potential to be someone really powerful and influential.  Jia Wei really rox!!!  =) Click here for Jia Wei's video profile








Charles Han (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3245

Occupation:  Sales      Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: -         DOB:  21 August 1995

Lets give way to the authentic really super awesome Charles Han!   He is very handsome with Eurasian Blood and super good features and great attitudes!!  We support him!   Click here for Charles's video profile







Naomi Chan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3243

Occupation: Receptionist      Hgt: 161cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 10 Oct 1970

Naomi being pretty and still  very well maintained, we see the Best in her!  Bubbly, fun and interesting!!! All the good words can fit Naomi's wonderful deposition!!  Click here for Naomi's video profile







Ng Wei Kuang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3242

Occupation: Cook         Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 31 Dec 1993

Wei Kuang is a super fantastic and awesome attitude human being.  Its National Day today and I wish all of you a very Happy National Day!   Greetings from me and him!  All the Best to the Nation! Click here for Wei Kuang's video profile







Angel Liang Cai Mei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3241

Occupation: Sales Person     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 14 Sept 1984

Angel is what we called the really very great attitude that has the spirit to be so honest, so pure and so Good!   Really likeable and great personality and looks, we find him really one of a kind!  Click here for Angel's video profile







Sam Chai Kong Soon  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3240

Occupation: Supervisor     Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 24 April 1984

Sam being an awesome gentleman really something, someone, some really different kind of awesome!  Gentle, great temper, good attitude, we see the Best of Sam!  Click here for Sam's video profile







Nicholas Loke Kah Shing ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3239

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 17 June 1999

Nicholas is what we called the real deal!   Handsome Tall and fit, this guy also knows much about bartending and cocktails!  We have great admirations for this guy!  Click here for Nicholas's video profile








Lily Ang    ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3238

Occupation: Banker      Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 4 June 1977

Lily is really fantastic, special and is very cute!!!!   So adorable and eloquent, we can see that the hidden power in her!  Great potentials and really born to shine!!  Click here for Lily's video profile







Nick Lim Tek Siong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3236

Occupation: Cook     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 25 June 1991

Nick can be said as someone that really has the quality to be a champion and to be the winner!  By using our advertising platform, he is already a winner!  We are going to say he has what it takes to be fabulous!! Click here for Nick's video profile







Tang Feng  ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3234

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 24 August 1998

Tang Feng is coming from the Best of the Best!   He plays basketball, weightlifting and he really got what it takes to be right up there..   Since he is right here, we will definitely make it all worth while!  Click here for Tang Feng's video profile







Eugene Japutra  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3233

Occupation: NSF     Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 8 Oct 1998

Japutra is what we confirmed as a sexy and hot hunkie with good muscles and able to sing very well about my artiste training..   He is super awesome and really got what it takes to be in the Media! lets wait and see! Click here for Japutra's video profile







Lu Yi Xuan   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3231

Occupation:  NSF        Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 65 kg        DOB: 28 August 1998

Yi Xuan, we are feeling great about him! Incredible charming character, poised and incredibly stunning and good looking!  We find a rock that is getting polished and we are going to bring him to greater heights!!  Click here for Yi Xuan's video profile







Benjamin Lim Wei Yuan ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3230

Occupation: Personal Trainer      Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 16 March 1989

Benjamin is definitely a very refined well mannered guy that has the dignity the passion to make it Bigger in Life.!!  Passionate, Hot and sexy, Benjamin takes the cut to the next level!  Click here for Benjamin's video profile







Zuzana Novakova  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3228

Occupation: Data Specialist    Hgt: 174cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 28 Sept 1986

Zuzana is a pretty Caucasian is so hot so sexy and so gorgeous!!  We r pretty sure she has what it takes to be a super wonderful superb superlady and she has the power to shine brightly the World!  She is super awesome!!  Click here for Zuzana's video profile







Jason Chong Yew Seong   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3221

Occupation:  -             Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 24 Jan 1989

Jason is what we called the perfect person for the media industry.. So pretty boy, good figure and really stylish..   Experiences in hair styling.  We must totally support his art and his skill!!  Click here for Jason's video profile







Daniel Khoo Tian Lun ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3227

Occupation: Sales Assistant      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 6 March 1998

Daniel Khoo to describe him is that he is a very spirited smiley and really cheerful guy which all people will certainly love him alot!  Special and Matured looking, Daniel got the power to excel and perform!!! Click here for Daniel's video profile







Ho Geok Foong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3226

Occupation: Chef        Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 28 Jan 1997

Geok Foong is what we called the awesome power of charm, handsome and really fantastic character display... Really got talents in talents and singing, we really think that he is really special!!  Click here for Geok Foong's video profile







Terence Sim Kian Boon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3225

Occupation: Chef      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 1 May 1989

Terence is what we think as a very special and unique wonderful human race.   So good.... So charming and so incredibly talented!  We will have to salute Terence Sim!  He is great!   Click here for Terence's video profile







Mervyn Leong Chang Peng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3224

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 169cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 12 June 1994

Mervyn is what we called the handsome thick eyebrows guy who frequent the gym and really has what it takes to be beaming in the Media industry.  Cool and yet nice, this guy is simply awesome and wow!! Now he can sing!!  Click here for Mervyn's video profile







Chew Lena  ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3222

Occupation: Sales      Hgt: 146cm      Wgt: 39kg        DOB: 19 Jan 1966

Lena is really something good and really someone with really great character and potentials..  She is very eloquent and we seriously think she can be even more wonderful!  Click here for Lena's video profile







Jason Chong Yew Seong   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3221

Occupation:  -             Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 24 Jan 1989

Jason is what we called the perfect person for the media industry.. So pretty boy, good figure and really stylish..   Experiences in hair styling.  We must totally support his art and his skill!!  Click here for Jason's video profile







Scorwen Kong Shen Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3220

Occupation: Sales Man     Hgt: 161cm       Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 3 Nov 1995

Scorwen is really the perfect yummy chubby guy that everyone will bound to love and adore...  So cute and so charming, we will almost mistook him as the yummy gummi bear candy!!!  Yes, he is very very nice!!  Watch him pls!  Click here for Scorwen's video profile







Lai Kang Lok  ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3219

Occupation: Chef    Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 22 July 1996

Kang Lok is what we called the amazing guy in town.   Really handsome, really charming and really awesome, we can wait to present more of Kang Lok to you all!!  Click here for Kang Lok's video profile








Alan Loh Jian Wei (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3218

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 29 May 1995

Alan is what we mentioned as the smart undergraduate guy that has the brains and have the body and has charisma to make it BIG in the media industry..   We really think that he is really wholesome!!  Click here for Alan's video profile







Ace Law Kar Yun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3217

Occupation: Operator      Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 10 May 1996

Ace is what we called the super handsome guy and really have the talents in acting and singing!  We really make him sing very very well now ! We are very proud of him... Click here for Ace Law's video profile







Devlan Yu Kai Wen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3216

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 17 April 1999

Devlan is what we called the pretty pretty boy and is really very awesome and really super good!  We love him alot because he seems to be very artistic with great character... Click here for Devlan's video profile








Chen Hui Xuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3215

Occupation: IT Admin        Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 49.6kg        DOB: 15 May 1998

When Hui Xuan got the power to prove to you she is good, she has the ultimate power to sing, to act and to play the piano!! What  a really awesome lady and fantastic wonder woman!!  Click here for Hui Xuan's video profile







Gerard Carl Quintana (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3214

Occupation: NS    Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 18 July 1997

Gerard is what we called the super handsome guy, pretty and talented in singing and guitar, we find him really really wonderful and he is really really awesome!  Watch him out!!  Click here for Gerard's video profile







Bosco Thien Tze Kee   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3213

Occupation:  Sales Associate     Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 3 Sept 1991

Bosco is definitely a good and great guy!  Wonderful and special, he will like to excel and have the techniques to sing really well.   Here comes we..  WE are confirmed up to the task!!  Click here for Bosco Thien's video profile







Chia Mooi Cheng   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3212

Occupation:  Sales     Hgt: 153cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 5 April 1965

Mooi Cheng is what we called the really affable and very cheery lady!!!  She loves God and God loves her character too and she is so wonderful!!!   Long Live Mooi Cheng!!  Click here for Mooi Cheng's video profile







Tan Kim Wee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3211

Occupation: Tutor     Hgt: 180cm       Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 18 Jan 1976

Wonderful, smart and really intelligent handsome tutor, Kim Wee plays the table tennis and tutor students in Maths and Science.  Incredible and really good, we must really say he is awesome!! Click here for Kim Wee's video profile







Xing Jia Qi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3210

Occupation: Nurse     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 12 March 1993

Jia Qi is a really caring and really awesome nurse!!   So demure, and really really great attitude, this white angel is the power of another good level.. She is very superb!! Click here for Jia Qi's video profile







Teo Kai Yang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3209

Occupation: Analyst     Hgt: 185cm       Wgt: 82kg        DOB:  10 Jan 1987

Kai Yang is a really good looking and very tall guy!!  Who enjoys Volleyball, Tae Kwon Do and Ball room dancing..  Fantabulous character and cheerful and suave, we love him so much!!  Click here for Teo Kai Yang's video profile








Gabriel Wong Jun Yung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3208

Occupation: Dietician     Hgt: 177cm       Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 18 April 1991

Gabriel is what we call the really refined looking super beautiful handsome guy!   Stunning and really have the power to storm the world, Gabriel is here for you guys!! What do you think of him? Click here for Garbiel's video profile







Julia Mirae Ni (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3207

Occupation: Barista    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 14 Feb 1995

Julia is half Korean, Half Paranakan and really really so gorgeous and so nice!!!  We must be really proud of her as she really has the poise and grace of a beautiful princess.  She is awesome!!  Click here for Julia's video profile







Elizabeth Gracia Tjitrosantoso (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3206

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 59kg        DOB:  5 Dec 1996

When a human being can be so gorgeous and nice, talented and gift of the gab, Elizabeth is simply invincible and really have the power to shine..  Its wow...!!!  Click here for Elizabeth's video profile







Mozo Ghecar Corro (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3205

Occupation: Associate Consultant      Hgt: 157cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 6 Dec 1992

Ghecar being the greatest potential of all, display her talents his acting skills and with her wonderful great character, she charms us all pieces by pieces..   Really a good performance well done... Very Good!  Click here for Ghecar's video profile







Michelle Tang Mei Xue (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3204

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 22 Feb 1999

When the best part is that Michelle has the passion in acting, dancing and singing.   We gonna bring out the Best in Michelle..   Gonna give it up to Michelle!   She is good!   Click here for Michelle's video profile







Hubert Ng Wai Peng (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3203

Occupation:  Senior Associate      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 9 March 1984

Elegant Good looking and charming, fantastic character Hubert attributes his looks thru naturally and good genes..  Special and once in a life time, take it away, Hubert Ng! Click here for Hubert's video profile







Collen Siah Lay Peng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3202

Occupation: Deputy Contracts Manager        Hgt: 154cm       Wgt: 45.5kg        DOB: 22 Feb 2017

Collen has the power to charm, really gorgeous and really plays the big role of being so gorgeous and charming.   She got something of her that ooze with attractions.... Collen dances to be awesome!!  Click here for Collen's video profile







Muhammad Zulhimi Bin Adnan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3200

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 171cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 12 Nov 1996

Zul is truely the one of the cutest and handsome guy from our agency!!!  Really eloquent and shine, we definitely going see more of his potential protruding oozing out from him!!!  We love him!!  Click here for Zul's video profile







Jennifer Lim Hui Teng (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3199

Occupation:  Home Maker      Hgt: 151cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 25 Feb 1967

Beautiful Beautiful and really so nice and so graceful and demure.... We gonna find her really so special and so talented in acting..  Her character just gives the best toppings to the ice creams...  Click here for  Jennifer's video profile







Lina Lim Yong Yong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3197

Occupation: Sales      Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 29 July 1972

Lina is what we called the super demure, really nice and sweet pleasant good looker..  Absolutely mentionable and worth the talk, Lina builds a stronger confidence in her!   She is really good!!  Click here for Yong Yong's video profile







Stella Chong Yit San (Artiste Package Upgraded)

Ref No: 3195

Occupation:  Performance Officer      Hgt:  161cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 2 Sept 1987

Stella is what we called the beauty in its own class! So gorgeous.. so demure, so classy and so incredibly nice n stunning!  We find her really a wonderful stunning Gem in the making.  Click here for Stella's video profile







Jack Ang Min Jye  (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3194

Occupation:  Chef      Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 5 May 1986

Jack is what we called the epitome of Handsome, tall, fit and great attitude!!  Really pleasant and stunning, we break cold sweat even when we talked to Jack.  He is so sexy!!   Click here for Jack's video profile







Guo Yi (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3193

Occupation:  Engineer       Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 23 May 1965

Guo Yi is something a Diamond that shines like a star in the sky..  Beautiful, elegant, friendly and really nice, we love Guo Yi Jie Jie very much!  She is awesome! Everyone pls support her!!  Click here for  Guo Yi's video profile







Lim Jing (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3192

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 157cm       Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 1 Jan 1999

Lim Jing is such a gorgeous and from a really nice well to do family!   Pretty, good attitude and loves to makes videos!!!  Wow!!!  I wanna say that she is really really amazing!!! Support her! Her youtube channel is:


 Click here for Lim Jing's video profile




Chan Seh Yean (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3191

Occupation: Dental Assistant     Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 24 May 1990

Yean is a beautiful and super shuai handsome pretty human beings that has one of the Greatest attitude in the world.  Superbly Good! and really wonderful!  Yean makes the world wonderful because of him!!  Click here for Yean's video profile







Stanely Ng Yong Woo (Artiste Package)     S League Famous Attacking Midfielder

Ref No: 3190

Occupation: Professional Footballer   Hgt: 170cm    Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 27 May 1992

 Stanely is a professional S League Star Player and is an attacking Midfielder....!!!! We are really honored Stanely is in our team!!!!  We feel so blessed such a talented handsome manly star could be in our team....  Lets make you shine further and soar higher..... ! Click here for Stanely's video profile

Check out his Wikipeda Facts at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanely_Ng






Kavin Siaw Wee Keat (Artiste Package Upgraded)

Ref No: 3188

Occupation:  Waiter      Hgt: 186cm       Wgt: 72kg        DOB: 24 April 1995

God's Messenger....sharing the gospel for mankind.... This tall very good looking Kavin emerges as the new stunning man that started to sing and shine... Making it a purpose in life, he wants to see the growth of love and compassions in human beings!  Click here for  Kavin's video profile







Ge Chun Feng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3187

Occupation:  Supervisor       Hgt: 164 cm      Wgt: 55 kg        DOB: 15 March 1993

Chun Feng really looks like my friends Iris very much!!! So pretty and so hot and such a wonderful character..  Be sure to watch for this lady... She is an upcoming!!!  Click here for Chun Feng's video profile







How Wei Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3186

Occupation: Management Trainee      Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 7 March 1991

白  好壮 好强大!!! Pretty boy very handsome and really stunning...!!  This guy is really super good and worthy to mention to look out for!! what a cheery and jovial guy!! Thumbs up!!  Click here for Wei Jie's video profile







Melody Wong Siew Wai (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3185

Occupation: Project Manager    Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 28 November 1969

Melody is what we called the supreme gorgeous lady that has the power to shine and perform and shows her moves.. Hot and ravishingly beautiful, we must really take our hats off her for her strength...! Click here for Melody's video profile







Ronald Goh Chin San (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3184

Occupation: Director     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 17 Dec 1985

Ronald really has very good skin and look very youthful!!!  He used to be alot fatter, but he determines to lose alot of weight and determines to really look better and better.. His perseverance is definitely role model for us!! Click here for Ronald's video profile







Kenneth Heng Kwan Meng (Artiste Package Upgraded)

Ref No: 3183

Occupation:  Manager       Hgt: 169cm       Wgt: 56 kg        DOB: 18 Feb 1978

What do you think of Kenneth's acting skills? Aspirations to perform, ability to perform and really a very good attitude and very meticulous fellow..  We really love him so much for being so humble and yet so stunningly beautiful in and out!  Click here for  Kenneth's video profile







Patrick Lam Chee Yun (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3182

Occupation:  Finance Supervisor     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 5 Jan 1985

Patrick takes the helm and shows out his talents in acting beside his original talents in playing piano and chess.. what a clean and handsome guy!   We really love him so much!!  Kudoes to Patrick!!  Click here for Patrick's video profile







Angeline Ng Ling Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3180

Occupation: Sales         Hgt: 154cm       Wgt: 44kg        DOB: 3 March 1988

When Angeline can be so gorgeous, so fair and so special, we know that this girl is right.  she is the one..  the one holy lady that blow you all away with her charming face.  We think she is great!  Click here for Angeline's video profile







Joanne Lee Choon Yen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3179

Occupation:  Hairdresser     Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 45kg           DOB: 14 Nov 1988

Joanne takes on her power to conquer the industry!!  A newly converted PR and really a very welcomed one in Singapore as we personally like her very much!!!  Great attitude and willing to learn! Lets give a round of applause to Joanne and welcome her!  Click here for Joanne's video profile







Cindy Cheong Shi Qi (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3178

Occupation:  Manicurist     Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 6 Sept 1989

Cindy cast the magical spells on us!  She is so gorgeous, fair and really charming character.  Let us make her shine like a diamond and sparkles with wholesomeness!   Kudos to Cindy!!  Click here for Cindy's video profile







Lim Meng How   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3177

Occupation:  System Administrator     Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 4 May 1989

Meng How is the man, goes against the odds and shine like a diamond... Shine like a star and charm like a silver spoon...  Great character, Great attitude and really well liked by us... We will give him an A Star!!  Click here for Meng How's video profile







Francis Chan Chuang Sheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3176

Occupation:  Technician    Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 55kg           DOB: 24 Dec 1993

When Francis displays the power to give people strength, confidence and real deal and handsome, this guy can be really suave and special.  We find the strength and potentials in him and we make him even stronger! Kudos to you!  Click here for Francis's video profile







Cynthia Chia Siew Ping (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3175

Occupation:  Marketing Sales     Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: -         DOB:  9 Nov 1976

Cynthia Chia is so gorgeous right!!!?  Look at her wonderful cute and awesome poise!!!!  And she is super super talented in acting and now singing with Steven's mentorship!   Click here for Cynthia's video profile







Heng Gui Xian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3174

Occupation: Bus Captain     Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 11 Dec 1992

Gui Xian is what we considered as a true Man, a True Hero, a true down to earth human beings.  Affable and really kind and decent, Gui Xian the handsome bus captain paving the way for fame!  Click here for Gui Xian's video profile







Lew Seut Yee   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3172

Occupation:  Sales Person      Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 56 kg        DOB: 30 Dec 1989

When Seut Yee stands out, or willing to stand out, she will shine like a burning stunning torch or a great fiery bright star!! Absolutely amazing, beautiful and stunning! We adore her so much!!  Click here for Seut Yee's video profile







June Goo Cia Hong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3171

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 27 Sept 1996

There was a time when a beautiful princess ignites the power of Chio!!  June holds the torch to great powers and unleashed talents in wonderful depositions!!  What a great character lady!  Click here for June's video profile







Chae Sminn Leong  ( Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 3169

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB:11 August 1996

Chae Smmin is stimply hot and sensual!! Everyone will learn to like about her warm personality and really nice lady!!! Great lady and super hot!!!   We treasure her alot!  Click here for Sminn Leong s video profile








Tan Jia Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3168

Occupation: -      Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 13 March 1990

Hot and Beautiful hardworking Tan Jia Hui.... Stunning, Great personality and really holds a punch!!  Very nice lady and not fussy to work with your colleague and collaborations!  We welcome you here...! Click here for Jia Hui's video profile







Nelly Winata (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3167

Occupation: Accountant      Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 27 Nov 1981

When everything is so perfect, so demure, so matured, so elegant, so great attitude.  we can only stood in awe by the creation of such a beautiful human beings.... Not slouching... not pulling a fast one, she is really amazing!!  Click here for Nelly's video profile







Yeo Wei Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3166

Occupation: Financial Planner        Hgt: 167cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 25 Oct 1992

Wei Jie is what we called the super marvellous and really gorgeous and great physique guy!!  Superbly real, superbly pretty, we love him so much!!! Get him to plan your life!  Click here for Wei Jie's video profile







Valerie Wong Mee Eng (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3165

Occupation: Administrative Head    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 18 July 1982

Valerie is what we called the super beauteous and really smiley lady that we all love so much!!  Very pleasant, very very pleasant and really very very very very pleasant and yes, very very very very pleasant and nice lady!! Click here for Valerie's video profile







Leonard Yee Jian Hong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3163

Occupation:  Financial Consultant    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 62kg           DOB: 14 Nov 1990

Leonard Paves the way to a very sexy and wonderful future with us as we are going to give him unlimited promotions and publicity...  Looking confident and with his own unique tought guy attitude, its not a issue when alot of people love him so much!! Click here for Leonard's video profile







Jack Lim Yi Jie (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3161

Occupation:   Part Timer       Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB:  23 Dec 1994

Jack is by far the most unique and productive type of guys!!! Really manly, really nice and so sweet looking!!! Making sure that he is the one.  With our platform, we are going to making shine.....!   Click here for Jack's video profile







Venice Bey Suen Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3160

Occupation: Waiter       Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 40kg        DOB: 7 December 1998

Venice Bey - Super Cute, Super Pretty and adorable and really affable yet quiet character!!!  Very charming and a fast learner, Venice is a very smart and intelligent lady!!  Click here for  Venice's video profile







Zyon Toh Zhi Yong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3159

Occupation: Interior Designer    Hgt: 168cm    Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 3 June 1990

Zyon - Handsome, Gorgeous, Degree Holder Interior Designer that has the BIGGG Criteria to strike well in the Media Industry!  Looks are everything!! With Charm, and his good looks, we have no doubts about Zyon!!   Click here for Zyon's video profile







Raymond Mook Chen Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3157

Occupation:  Property Consultant     Hgt: 182cm      Wgt: 80kg           DOB: 8 July 1978

When someone is so sweet and so super duper wonderful, we must really think that Raymond has what it takes to be in the media industry... With strength as good as Gold, we could really imagine whats its like for him to make the world a Better Place for you and me.   If you are keen to Sell or Buy Property, do contact Raymond at 83225537  Click here for Raymond's video profile







Martin Thean (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3156

Occupation:  -        Hgt: 183 cm      Wgt: 58 kg        DOB: 5 April 1990

Martin Thean is a tall lanky guy that is very attractive and a warm character... Many great potentials in him, he likes to plays computer games and basketball!!! He also knows how to do website!!  Click here for Martin's video profile







Liu Wei De (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3155

Occupation: Admin        Hgt: 166cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 31 Aug 1980

Wei De is simply a stunning and unique guy with his super cute doe eyes.... Lovely dovey, gentle and yet strong, Wei De is the meaning of Life, meaning of enthusiastic and meaning of the special one... Yup, Wei De is good!!  Click here for Kelvin's video profile







Lim Ka Zhen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3154

Occupation:  Chef     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 56kg           DOB: 1 May 1996

Ka Zhen determines the result is fair or biased.  He is the epitome of greatness, handsomeness and sweetness all garnered in him!!!  We really must take our hats of this awesome beautiful guy called Lim Ka Zhen!  Click here for Ka Zhen's video profile







Yan, Goh Yean Ching (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3151

Occupation: Beauty Therapist     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 27 May 1996

So Tall, so pretty, so sexy and so incredibly hot!!! NO one can deny the beauty and the sexiness of  Yan!!! Top it out with her awesome character, we can see why she is indeed a charm!!  Click here for Yan's video profile







Linna Ang Boon Yen (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3150

Occupation:  Supplier     Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 48g        DOB: 2 April 1966

Linna is what we called the Super awesome hot and sexy beauteous lady!!!  Powerful, and really nice awesome fabulous character, friendliness is epitome of Linna!   Well done and welcome, Linna! Click here for  Linna's video profile







Welly Suzana (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3149

Occupation: Operation Executive   Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 12 Feb 1983

Beauteous, Wonderful and affable, this very friendly and stunningly hot sexy lady is really admirable to us!!   With Masters Education, this super striking lady is both comely and nice!!!  Its the new year!! Click here for Suzana's video profile







Joy Zhang Bao Yun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3147

Occupation: Japanese Bartender     Hgt: 156cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 23 May 1992

Joy is what we called the real joy and wonderful person to work and collaborate with.   Great attitude, hot personality and outlook!   This lady is tough and yet have the gentleness of a lady!!!  She is the Power!! Click here for Joy's video profile







Chayut Triyachart (Artiste Package)     *Former National Badminton Star Player*

Ref No: 3146

Occupation: Businessman Restaurant Owner    Hgt: 183cm      Wgt: 98kg        DOB: 9 Oct 1989

Chayut Triyachart is the former National Badminton star player! You could try to wiki and youtube him!!  He has done well for the Nation and had since hung up his badminton racket to retire.  Good in many sports, and very hunky big size and handsome, he is the boss of A-ROY Thai Restaurant at Velocity Mall Novena  #03-61/63.  For authentic thai food, pls bring all  your family members to try!!!  Mention my name for surprises!  We are very honored he joins our award winning team!  Click here for Chayut's video profile






Ben Tan Yaw Bin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3143

Occupation: Engineer     Hgt: 164cm       Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 1 Nov 1986

Hot and Sexy Ben Tan Yaw Bin!! Engineer by profession.... Stunning, Great personality and really holds a punch!!  Very nice guy and easy to work with and collab!  He is a thumbs up for me!!  Click here for Ben Tan's video profile







Low Jian Hang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3142

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 21 April 1997

Jian Hang is such a really awesome superb talented guy that looks so much like a contemporary Mega Star In Asia... ! Guess which Big Star he looks like!   We love him so so much!  Great attitude and flair!  Its wow!!  Click here for Jian Hang's video profile







Tony Chan The Yuen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3141

Occupation: Technician     Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 29 March 1991

Tony is a very handsome and very awesome and great attitude guy by the way!!! Super Good, Super Stunning and has strong background in Tae Kwon Do....!!!  Really Fantastic and really eject the power of perfection!!  Click here for Tony's video profile







Andy Shahril Mohamed (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3140

Occupation:   Student       Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB:  4 April 1990

Andy is simply a very very very handsome Malay!!!  Too handsome lah!!!  So classy and noble looking, Andy can come thru as someone great and someone important and princely!!!  Wow... we love and support him him alot!!!  Click here for Andy's video profile







Ken Chong Kah Loong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3139

Occupation: Trade Support     Hgt: 167cm       Wgt: 93kg        DOB: 17 May 1988

Ken is what we called the superbly awesome and fantastic spirited character guy that has never have a GF in his life... Fine and neat looking gonna add some points to this decent chap... God bless Ken! Click here for Ken's video profile







Lai Si Yan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3137

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 162cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 2 May 1998

Si Yan is wat we called the simply fair skinned gorgeous stunning lady!!! Great for display, great for promo, great for showing off..... She is a rare specie and she is really awesome!!  We got one of the most conducive promotions platform in town for her!  Click here for Si Yan's video profile







Amin Iskandar Bin Sulaiman (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3135

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 12 April 1995

Guess what?!  Amin Iskandar, born to be able to dance, born to be able to act, born to be in the media industry..  The tough only gets tougher....we reserved our admiration for Amin true determinations and his wonderful talents!!  Click here for Amin's video profile







Jeviria Liew Zhi Jin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3134

Occupation: Management Trainee     Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 6 Nov 1992

Pretty, gorgeous, wonderful and superbly unique and powerful, this super adorable lady really packs a punch in her.   She is the epitome of best of the Best.... We proudly pronounce her as really Great!  Check his profile now!!  Click here for Jeviria's video profile







Franky Ong Kai Sheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3133

Occupation: Cashier     Hgt: 176cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 5 Jan 1995

A fair, gorgeous, stylish, talented and really super beautiful young man that attracts our attention with his great character and with a look that is too good!!!! We must really hand it out to him for being so awesome!!! Franky rox!! Click here for Franky's video profile







Joyce Tan Wan Lin (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3132

Occupation: Instructional Designer     Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 16 Feb 1990

Joyce is what we called the super so incredible great laughters great smile lady that we really love and like!!  Superbly great attitude, this pretty lass is someone we should watch for in upcoming surprises!! Click here for Joyce's video profile







Jesy Teh Jen Chin   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3131

Occupation:  Sales Assistant      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 66 kg        DOB: 5 July 1985

Jesy, be it the left or right profile, she looks so good and so angelic.   Special, unique and having the desire to improve herself and acquiring the power to sing thru Steven Lim Kor Kor.  She is definitely going to ise to the occasion!   Click here for Jesy's video profile







Liew Yew Peng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3130

Occupation: Clerk     Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 9 April 1993

Yew Peng is what we called the super duper very nice guy that has the potential and eloquence to be a star!!!  Great Attitude is the key to all doors..... Does it open yours?? A warm welcome to Peng Peng!! Click here for Yew Peng's video profile







Lucy Wei Juan Juan   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3128

Occupation:  Retail Executive      Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 56 kg        DOB: 17 Jan 1988

Lucy being really poised, very calm and sturdy with the hinge of a classy air in her, she comes across as someone that is really refined and willing to better and better!!   Click here for Lucy's video profile







Chia Lin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3126

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 25 Dec 1996

There was a time when an handsome young gentleman ignites the power of glory!!  Chia Lin holds the torch to great powers and unleashed talents in singing and acting!!  What a great character guy!!  Click here for Chia Lin's video profile







Bevan Tey Tjun Yang   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3125

Occupation:  Trader      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 55 kg        DOB: 11 Mar 1986

Bevan is a super handsome being that is strong, sporty and of great determination! He is a running, he plays sports and with great virtues, Bevan takes the lead to awards..... He is our role model!!  Click here for Bevan's video profile







Alan Tan Zyain Loong (Artiste Package Upgraded)

Ref No: 3124

Occupation:  Customer Service     Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 25 August 1985

Alan is what we consider as unbelievable gorgeous human beings that had the power to shine and he also plays badminton as well!! Really cute and good phyisque, lets redefine the word perfection!!  Come Let's go!!  Click here for  Alan's video profile







Goh Wei Yang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3123

Occupation: Advisor     Hgt: 168cm       Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 4 Feb 1994

Wei Yang is what we called the super awesome super good attitude gentleman that has the power of the strong man and has the gentleness of a dove.   Good physique, great chest and great man!  We love him! Click here for Wei Yang's video profile







Regine Chuah Shi Peng (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3122

Occupation:  Purchaser    Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 10 April 1995

Regine is what we called the super gorgeous very beautiful lady that has the wonderful charisma and awesome attitude as well!   So pretty, so wow and stunning! What do you think? Click here for Regine's video profile







Eureka Shi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3121

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 18 April 1986

Eureka Shi is beaming from ears to ears...!  An incredibly so beautiful is like an angel touching down on Earth!  Anyone of your friends looks like and sounds like her!? Today we celebrate Eureka arrival and her acting skills unearthing!!! Click here for Eureka's video profile







Angelin Sim Ling Li (Artiste Package0

Ref No: 3120

Occupation:  Office Admin      Hgt: 158cm       Wgt: 41kg        DOB: 4 June 1991

Angelin is an ultra cute and adorable lady that is so charming and sparkling with great attitude and stunningly sparkling characters!!!  Very Nice, very eloquent too, she is epitome of wonders!  Click here for  Angelin's video profile







Yvonne Yoon Shu Yin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3119

Occupation: Art Teacher      Hgt: 161cm      Wgt: 45kg           DOB: 9 Sept 1988

Yvonne is a very classy, friendly, nice, well mannered lady that really has the charm to sweep all mankind off their feet!! Superbly courteous and polite, this Art Teacher deserves the Best of the Best treatment!  WE adore her so much!  Click here for Yvonne's video profile







Lim Khang Lun, Chris (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3116

Occupation: Chef       Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 10 July 1993

Khang Lun, a basketball enthusiastic, a sports buff, sunny cheerful and really great!!! He deserve a pat on his shoulders, being able to achieve super singing voice within a short period of time under the guidance of Steven Lim Kor Kor! Khang Lun is awesome!!  Click here for Khang Lun's video profile







Grase Leong War Yee Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3115

Occupation: Sales Assistant     Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 11 Feb 1991

With Beautiful gorgeous lady equipped with a powerful voice!!!!  Grase definitely plays a great role in giving the best of the Best! Yes, Grase is really awesome!!! A near perfect ten for potential!!!  Click here for Grase's video profile







Muhammad A'lif Bin Nordin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3114

Occupation: Maintenance Staff       Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 30 April 1992

Alif is tall gamer hobby guy that also loves to play the soccer!! He is not only special and rocks, anything about soccer he will gets so excited with!!  With a great attitude, its adding wings to already great!!!  Soar towards fame.... Alif..!  Click here for A'lif video profile







Toh Wei Loon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3113

Occupation: Hair Stylist       Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 13 Jan 1984

Wei Loon is what we called the excellent candidate to be the better person in lift in everything he does and accomplishing! Being better and better, we are going to upz his life for sure!  Go go Go, Toh Wei Loon! Click here for Wei Loon's video profile







Joseph Tang Wai Meng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3112

Occupation: Chef    Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 75kg       DOB: 22 Dec 1964

Joseph is simply the Super Duper Really awesome guy in town! Affable, friendly, cheerful, and willing to learn and strive to make things even better! Joseph is definitely the Best of the Best! What do you think? Click here for Joseph's video profile







Toh Lee Fang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3111

Occupation: Cook       Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 53kg           DOB: 4 June 1993

Lee Fang is SUPER! Lee Fang is Great!  Lee Fang plays the basketball and enjoys cooking!!! She is simply adorable and awesome!!  Upcomings for her! What do you think of her?  Click here for Lee Fang's video profile







Wilson Nugraha Citra (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3108

Occupation: Accountant     Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 76kg        DOB: 6 April 1990

Wilson is someone that we must really admire, really giving kudos to him for being so awesome and so versatile and dedicated!!  Effectively bilingual in Mandarin and English, he also speak Bahasa too!!  What a real talent in store for us!  Click here for Wilson's video profile







Jazlyn Lau   (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3107

Occupation:  Confidential    Hgt: 157 cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 16 Dec 1972

Jayzlyn is truely an amazing and really looking so pretty! So hot, sexy and wonderful, she got the gift of the gab too!!!  Eloquent and nice, she is really one of the special rare gem in the Universe! What do you think? Click here for Jazlyn's video profile







Evelyn Seet Qing Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3106

Occupation: Sales    Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 16 Oct 1981

Evelyn is a stunning, great looking matured lady and mummy as well!!  Looking so professional, having excellent presentation skills..  she is the one that we should get noticed for her charm and beauty!! Wow! She rox!  Click here for Evelyn's video profile







John Chew Tze Leong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3105

Occupation: Bartender     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 25 May 1991

John Chew is really a determined and beautiful awesome kid with the wonderful attitude to go further and stronger!!! When he is going to shine, he definitely going to shine for you all!! A shining star!! Click here for John's video profile








Karl Gie Bonn Tadeo (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3104

Occupation:  Nurse      Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 55kg           DOB: 15 Nov 1990

Karl is simply one of the cutest, awesome lady we have installed in our team!  A game changer, a very first learner in basketball and singing, she can really pave the way to brand new level! Lets see, lets play!!   Click here for Karl's video profile







Wu Jin Hai (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3102

Occupation: Chef    Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 11 Oct 1987

Jin Hai is what we called the fair charming prince in white horse, very good in cooking western food and other genres too! Jin Hai can really sing and express himself very well!! Really so wholesome is Jin Hai! Click here for Jin Hai's video profile







Sally Teo Li Shen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3101

Occupation: Administrative Supervisor       Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 43kg        DOB: 21 Aug 1989

Sally is what we call the most almost and so cutest lady in town! So Kawaii, so good in acting and having a really spectacular character!! We are so proud of her and adore her so much! Sally Go Go Go!  Click here for Sally's video profile







Tang Jun Hao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3100

Occupation: Cook       Hgt: 173 cm      Wgt: 62kg           DOB: 7 Nov 1994

Jun Hao is so handsome and he plays the basketball and loves cooking!!! Super good attitude and and inquisitive and willing to try, this guy never fails to bring a cheer and smile to anyone's life!! Jun Hao is really great!!   Click here for Jun Hao's video profile







Yeap Hui Fen (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3099

Occupation: Cabin Crew    Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 25 Jan 1993

A tall hot and charming lady oozing with power and charm!!  Great personality and presents herself very well too!!! A true recommendations for great customer service sectors and roles too!!!  She is simply top class as she even enjoys playing volleyball and watch movie! Click here for Hui Fen's video profile







Rayner Koo Zheng Yu (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3098

Occupation: Sales Consultant      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 58kg           DOB: 24 July 1988

Rayner Koo is what we called the super super really really awesome guy that speaks very well in English! Really cool, great and responsible, Rayner looks set to shine in our family! He is wow!!  Click here for Rayner's video profile







Lai Sing Sheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3097

Occupation: Waiter     Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 22 Dec 1995

Sing Sheng is really handsome be it wearing spectacle or not.....so dashing, yummy and really great wonderful smile to finish us all.... This exceptionally good talent is good looks for the new media!   Click here for Sing Sheng's video profile







Hazel Lim Su Fen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3092

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 170 cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 30 June 1993

When Hazel is tall, shapely and beautiful like an angel and princess, this will be what we called the real super deal!!! Wonderful and superbly good, this lass is the epitome of classiness and quality!! Click here for Hazel's video profile







Chong Run Ming (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3091

Occupation:  Cook     Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 28 April 1993

Run Ming powerful in character, really great in attitude, the ultimate is his charm when he is beaming with his sweet innocent smile.  Really likeable and really special, this guy really makes the difference between the good and the best!!  Click here for Run Ming's video profile







Kevin Arthur Wee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3090

Occupation: Singer/ Location Sound      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 88kg           DOB: 25 July 1990

Kevin is what we stated as a super talented guy, Degree Graduate in Economic, we have a winner here and really what we called the most fabulous, great attitude and really once in a lifetime chance! He is a keeper!  Click here for Kevin's video profile







Chen Xiao Wang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3089

Occupation: House Keeping      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 29 Jan 1990

Xiao Wang is simply and undisputedly super really awesome, graceful and really fantastic!!! She redefines the power of wonders in the world.  If there is one more Big Wonders on Earth, She might be the next wonder in town! 太棒了!  Click here for Xiao Wang's video profile







Song Chi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3087

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 181cm       Wgt: 77kg        DOB: 10 May 1997

Song Chi is very talented, emceeing, percussions talking presenting, he is doing real fine...!!  Great shape, good looking face, great attitude and positive.. No wonder he seems so perfect.. this is perfection! Click here for Song Chi's video profile







Wilbert Ng Yi Pin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3086

Occupation: Dim Sum       Hgt: 173 cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 29 Sept 1992

Yi Pin is what we called the really really cheerful, optimistic, pleasant and masculine shuai ge!!! Potentials exploding from him within, this really amazing u really cheers up the wonderful beauty of Singapore!! Its all because he rox so much! Click here for Yi Pin's video profile







Low De Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3085

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 167 cm      Wgt: 60kg           DOB: 11 August 1998

De Hui is what we called the ultimate cutie pie that is so sweet and really noble!  Great on the outside, great on the inside too!  He wholely has our full support!  To us, he is awesome!!  Click here for De Hui's video profile







Tricia Low Yu Ting (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3083

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 164cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 21 Feb 1997

Tricia is simply gorgeous, elegant, and really really talented in Singing!! Like an angel from heaven, this super talented babe potential a stunning bright future! Anticipating!!  Click here for Carson's video profile







Lawrence Teo Chia Yuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3082

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 180cm       Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 20 Sept 1993

Being Lawrence is really happy, so awesome and definitely a sweet hippy cute guy to any ladies!  Being in great shape and tall, Lawrence Teo is definitely a ladies men!  And yes, he sings well too!! Click here for Lawrence's video profile







Joel Chow Kin Hung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3081

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 14 Feb 1998

Born on Valentine's day, this guy is hopelessly awesome and charming!!! Very eloquent, can act well, amicable and really a refreshingly good looking!!! Enjoys playing guitar and running!!! Coming back from Hong Kong for NS.  So, are you ready to serve the nation with your expertise?!   Click here for Joel's video profile







Lee Kon Sion (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3079

Occupation: Chef       Hgt: 178 cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 22 Feb 1985

Lee Kon Sion, Chef expert in Chinese and Western dishes, really got the real edge over the others!  Wonderful, amicable, sheepish yet bold, Kon Sion really brings out the true great colors of Asians!  Click here for Kon Sion's video profile







Aaron Wee Xun Rong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3078

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 1996

Aaron Wee -  Biotech hunky student, enjoys playing frisbee, music and sports and loves gymming!  Look at that body, look at that face of His, he is simply awesome! and its our Big Honor to have this kind of really good calibre in our award winning team!! All the Best!  Click here for Wu Ran's video profile







Vivian Eng Yuh Pey (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3077

Occupation: Accountant     Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 21 Nov 1985

Scanning thru the primes of Vivian, Good looks, great shape and can really present things and thoughts well and speak really eloquent!! Something is brewing....Vivian can become very great!  Click here for Vivian's video profile







Ace Tan Cai Bao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3076

Occupation: Software Engineer      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 8 March 1985

Ace, being the really awesome guy as always, his charm and his attitude makes him all so perfect.  With quite a bit of good looks, he deserves a pat on the shoulder for being fantastic!!  Amicable and nice!! Click here for Ace Tan's video profile







Tok Ern Lai (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3075

Occupation: Doctor    Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 11 Nov 1988

Real Life Doctor, very patient, very good attitude, very jovial, very talented, very pleasant, very handsome and really really nice Doctor!!! Its our BIG honor to have Ern Lai in our team!  He is what we called the potential in the making!!  Click here for Ern Lai's video profile







Wu Ran (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3074

Occupation:  Interior Designer    Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 12 Oct 1992

Wu Ran - A wonderful delicacy, handsome and really special!  This guy got his own cool attitude and really simply is someone unique out from the others.  Rather tall, strong and tough too, Wu Ran is magical  Click here for Wu Ran's video profile







Endy Lau Tze En (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3072

Occupation: Graphic Designer     Hgt: 174cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 20 Sept 1988

Going by the talents and his looks, Endy really take the seat to the pride.  Really alluring and comely, Endy displays the great attitude an artiste should propose and his always jovial very spirited attitudes is a Big sellout!!  Click here for Endy Lau's video profile







Lee Yan Jiun (Artiste Package )    

Ref No: 3071

Occupation: Pastry Chef    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 26 April 1990

Yan Jiun is what we called the really talented and creative baker you will ever seen!  A designer for pastry and cakes, the great taste of the pastry he will bring joy to your lives..  What an unique and great and charming gentleman!   Click here for Cindy's video profile







K K Cheng Kai Yue   (Artiste Package)

Ref No: 3070

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 166cm      Wgt: 48 kg        DOB: 10 May 1995

K K is simply the gorgeous lady in town, cool, high class enjoys shopping and really great!!! Tall at 165cm, this lady charms her way with her awesome attitude looks and winky winks!  Click here for K K's video profile







Alicia Lim Suh Yong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3069

Occupation: Beauty Consultant      Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 58kg           DOB: 19 March 1992

Alicia is what we called the tall and exceptional beautiful lady in town!  So good looking, so nice and really talented and hot!  Be it fantastic or what, this hot dame is really really really awesome!  What do you think?  Click here for Alicia's video profile







Fabian Hui Wei How (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3068

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 31 March 1997

Fabian is what we called the really really awesome handsome and talented guy!   Basketball player, ex school team and really very suave and swag as well, this is one in a million!   We love him because he is awesome!!  Click here for Fabian's video profile







Jeff Lim Jun Rao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3067

Occupation: Croupier     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 11 Feb 1980

Jeff is definitely charming, great attitude, great personality, good height and definitely handsome!!! He looks so youthful and the urge to perform nicely for you all!!  This is a bonus for him and you! Jeff is awesome!!   Click here for Jeff Lim's video profile







Edmonia Alexandra (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3066

Occupation: Writer        Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 59.1kg        DOB: 23 May 1982

Edmonia Alexandra is what we called the real beautiful lady inside and outside!  Writing Reading and speaking is her forte and she really can presents very well!!  Wonderfully sculpted and great personality makes her a Winner!  Click here for Edmonia's video profile







Nicholas Ng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3065

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 96kg        DOB: 17 Jan 1990

Nicholas Ng is what we called the really 富帅 with a twist of great attitude and well manners! His smile is really flattering and warm and it really brings out the real beauty in him beside looking so great on the outside!  Truely amazing guy, simply awesome!!! We love him!  Click here for Nicholas's video profile







Teresa Lee Kim Gek (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3063

Occupation:  Managing Director     Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 9 Sept 1957

Wow, even a super well to do very nice angelic Managing Director also gives her support to our award winning team by advertise with us!!  Simply gorgeous, demure and graceful like a swan.  She is also kind, supportive and wonderful Mum!   She also knows how to carry herself very well... Top Tier Calibre!!  Click here for Teresa's video profile







Khoo Jia Jun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3062

Occupation: -          Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 6 Jan 1985

Jia Jun is a tall handsome guy that looks very much  like a superhero! who enjoys swimming and playing pool and billiard!  His most favourite styles are the freestyles and the Butterfly!!  Lean and built, he definitely have the cut to be there and here!  Click here for Jia Jun's video profile







Sam Loh Teck Wee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3061

Occupation: National Service    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 11 Oct 1991

Sam Loh - When good looks mixed with great attitude with an ultra cool unicycle, this flying on wheel guy really impress us very well with his demeanour.  Really gentleman, sporting, sporty and really good looking!  He looks really like Taiwanese singer, 客裙!Do you think so? Click here for Sam Loh's video profile







Lai Wei Seng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3059

Occupation: -         Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 16 August 1982

Wei Seng definitely for a great persona and attitude.  A few tweaks on his confidence building and a big of our artiste training really make anyone a stronger and better person!   Life skills is so important in our lives.  He took the first step and make the changes.   We have a great and fulfilling time with Wei Seng!!  Click here for Wei Seng's video profile







Joseph Tan Shui Sheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3058

Occupation: Pub Manager    Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 105kg        DOB: 25 Dec 1983

Joseph really does well in his acting and attitude.... Looking great with great features especially his face.. we gonna give him a real credits for being so awesome and really fantastic learner!  Great attitude and great looks brings out greatness in a person and personality!  Click here for Joseph's video profile







Terry Kok Choong Hau (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3057

Occupation:  Sales     Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 24 Oct 1986

Steady, Ready and Sturdy... Matured, affable and really calm and cool and swag and handsome!!  Silent yet powerful.... Terry gives the most diversified characteristic in a human being... Quiet yet sporty, Charming and Broody.. With various personalities, He is Terry Kok Choong Hau!  Click here for Terry's video profile







You Kok Seong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3056

Occupation: Kitchen Asst Supervisor    Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 20 Aug 1993

Kok Seong remains the epitome of greatness, kindness, great attitude and always positive outlook in life.  The incredible awesome guy is a role model of anyone who wants great things in life.  Simple splendid!! Click here for Kok Seong's video profile







Daren Lo Sien Cheow (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3054

Occupation: Hairdresser      Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 28 Oct 1990

Daren works in a prestigious hair salon in Singapore!  Talented, fast learner and really pick things up very fast!!! Good looking is not only the point we like him so much!  Give him a BIG round of applause for his dedication and great attitude!!   Click here for Daren's video profile







Carson Ho Kean Hwa (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3053

Occupation: Coffee Shop Supervisor     Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 6 June 1993

Carson should be branded as one of the handsome guy in our team!  Great looks, great character, great attentiveness and willingness to learn and excel!  This kind of personality should make him shine and glory in life!!  Kudos to him! Click here for Carson's video profile







Ding Wing Mee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3052

Occupation: Personal Assistant    Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 29 May 1993

Wing Mee is what we called the really pretty gorgeous wonderful kind hearted awesome angelic angel from the above..  Gorgeous is really an understatement!  She is near perfect!  Kudos to her, she is multi lingual as well!!!  Wow!!  Click here for Wing Mee's video profile







Dennis Koh Chong Ho (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3050

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 174cm       Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 28 Oct 1986

Dennis, holding on the class of perfection, displays his talents in speech and drama!! Shining thru the misty night is a true hero with fantastic flavour and determination!  Dennis is hardworking and warm being...!! Click here for Dennis's video profile







Brandon Khor Ling Seong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3049

Occupation: Civil & Structure Engineer     Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 24 August 1988

Brandon is what we called the awesome great attitude anyone could ever asked for... A fast learner, great patience is making this guy a real champion!   Great choice, Great disciple!!!  Click here for Brandon's video profile







Sarah Woo Pei Sze (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3048

Occupation: Program Executive    Hgt: 153cm       Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 14 May 1987

Sarah looks somewhat like good looking Japanese!!!  Great skinned and fair, this dame certainly bring a breeze of smile to our mundane lives!!  Nice teeth could only add alot of points to her self!  Really cool lady! Click here for Sarah's video profile







Lim Jia Hao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3047

Occupation: Management Trainee       Hgt: 172.5cm       Wgt: 84kg        DOB: 19 June 1991

Jia Hao is undisputedly the awesome guy we have ever seen!  Great looks and awesome attitude, we hate to admit he is really what we called the best things in life...!!  wat can u expect from such a cute and humble guy!!?   Click here for Jia Hao's video profile







Cennie Chua Jing En (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3046

Occupation: Sales      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 38kg        DOB: 4th June 1993

Cennie is what we called the really charming and got the real talents in singing....We totally unleash her hidden talents in singing...  Really cute and sweet, this lady is definitely one step leap jump ahead of us because she is a fast learner.... For once, we are really impressed!!   Click here for Cennie's video profile







Heng Boon Chai (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3045

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 175cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 1 May 1999

Learning from the expert and pioneers in the social medias industry and get the best out of speech and drama and singing, Boon Chai takes it from our Steven Lim Kor Kor with dignity and awesomeness!  Click here for Boon Chai's video profile







Raymond Chew Chwee Ann (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3044

Occupation: Office Service Assistant       Hgt: 163cm       Wgt: 76kg        DOB: 23 Oct 1963

Raymond is what we called the all powerful actor and such!!  Great personality and great vast experiences before.... We gladly welcome him and will really muster his power to greater heights!!  Wonder and great!  He is awesome!!!  Click here for Raymond's video profile







Gabriel Fok Weng Kit (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3043

Occupation: Sales Manager     Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 76kg        DOB: 11 March 1980

Gabriel is really so awesome!!! Tall, handsome, masculine and train his physique in his own house! Such charming guy that has real talents in acting!!! What can tell him is he is really something!! Great find, great gem!!  We love him!!  Click here for Gabriel's video profile







Audrey Ong Hui Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3042

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 2nd April 1996

Audrey is what we called the super super awesome lady fair lady!  Demure, classy and quite tall and charming... This Audrey can really make a real charm to you and for me...!!!  What a wonderful lady! We love her so much!   Click here for Audrey's video profile







Foo Su Zhen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3040

Occupation: Freelancer Educator      Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 43kg        DOB: 13 Oct 1981

Su Zhen is an angel right from the above.  Loves ballet dance, piano, singing and doing art, this gifted Su Zhen self taught herself to piano!  Wonderfully and artistically inclined, she got the power to show you what she is made of.. She is Gold!  Click here for Su Zhen's video profile







Jacky Chiah Sing Chong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3039

Occupation: IT Consultant     Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 27 May 1978

Jacky, nice hair, great looks, good features certainly makes him a great impact!  Really so powerful in his speech, he makes a good awesome transmitter for great gospel!  Jack is our gospel for sure!! Really really awesome is this guy!!  Click here for Jacky's video profile








Gareth Koh Wei Lun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3038

Occupation: Student        Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 18 Jan 1996

Great Body, Great shape and Great Attitude can effectively summarize our impression of Gareth..  With our power to make people sing, Gareth can sing even better than before!!  He is so good now!!!  Really awesome, really effective, we welcome you!!! Click here for Gareth's video profile







Li Xing Xiao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3037

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 166cm       Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 18 April 1986

Xing Xiao is what we called the real swimming champion that won the first prize before in swimming!!   Beside a swimming stint, she also shows her sides and her talents in acting and singing as well!!  Well Done, Xing Xiao... We all think you are amazing!!  Click here for Xing Xiao's video profile







Angela Quek Yee Shuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3036

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 12 Oct 1996

Angela is what we called the tall super gorgeous and really great attitude lady!  She got the looks, the physique, the height and great charming awesome charming character!   Wonderfully sculpted, she is awesome!! Click here for Angela's video profile







Nur Farhanah Bte Abdul Aziz  (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3035

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 6 July 1998

Farhanah is what we called the real test of strength and great attitude!  Very eloquent and very fluent in English, great communication with her sweet looks really create a gentle blast!  Click here for Farhanah's video profile







Yuan Zheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3034

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 22 Feb 1989

Yuan Zheng is such a gorgeous wonderful lady!  Simply awesome with great attitude..... Wonderful is an understatement...... Watch him shine like a diamond!!!   Diamond in the sky!!  Click here for Yuan Zheng's video profile







Kelvin Soo Mun Hoou (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3033

Occupation: Bus Captain       Hgt: 168cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 6 Sept 1984

Kelvin is what we called the Real true blue newly wed groom that has aspirations for a better future and crave a name for himself and his wife..  Great attitude and really simply awesome, we must really give a hands up to this Super affable Kelvin Super Power!  Click here for Kelvin's video profile







Joyce Lew (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3032

Occupation: Host     Hgt: 160cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 22 August 1981

Joyce Lew is such an awesome, bubbly and yet so hot and stunning looking lady!!!  Looking like korean, features like korean and fair too.... Joyce has the ability to show the stunning and talented side of herself... Really a special breed of mega explosive awesomeness!!  Click here for Joyce Lew's video profile







Paul Chan Kong Kwan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3031

Occupation: Bus Captain     Hgt: 178cm       Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 27 Nov 1988

Paul Chan, Strong and tough guy!! Affable and friendly too, loner but not alone, Paul Chan is the awesome, epitome of real man...  Willing to learn and a fast learner, this guy displays a strong sense of Power! Click here for Paul's video profile







Danny Phang Chee Chin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3029

Occupation: Painter      Hgt: 176cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 29 March 1993

Danny is really simply the small eyes handsome hunk!  Great and tight figure,  his charming smiles and outlook stole our hearts away... Given what we have on hands, he is going to shine and be awesome!! Advertised with us now!!!  What great potential is this lovely dovey guy for sure!  Click here for Danny's video profile







Koh Zi Ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3028

Occupation: University Grad    Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 24 Jan 1992

Zi Ying is so beautiful, wonderful character and lives in landed, Likes playing piano and really likes watching tv!  Tv for life...!   Such a university grad in project and facility management related, she can display a steady positive power in her!!  Click here for Zi Ying's video profile







Nicholas Foo Ce Sheng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3026

Occupation: Engineer      Hgt: 169cm       Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 8 June 1986

Nicholas Foo is shy, sheepish and mellowed...  we strive to make him stronger and be more vocal and really more charming!   With great looks, great smile and a great physique.... we make him better!  Wahahah really like him so much!! Click here for Nicholas Foo's video profile







Jimmy Kho Joon Tung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3025

Occupation: ION officer    Hgt: 173cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 16 March 1973

Jimmy, being such a real sports and willing to join our artiste team to be trained in speech and drama and singing to further upgrade his value.... Sings a love song to your wife, make your wife be impressed and touched..  Singing and talents could only add values and points to your life and never disadvantaged you!! Click here for Jimmy's video profile






Jonathan Poon Shi Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3024

Occupation: Sales Executive     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 75kg           DOB: 18 Jan 1993

Jonathan is what we called the best thing in our Lives!  So charming, so cool, good looking and very eloquent, we must really pray for this really awesome mankind cos he simply rox!   Woots!   Jonathan can be funny and cute as well!!!  We love him!!  Click here for Jonathan's video profile







Lee Siew Eng Cassie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3023

Occupation: Executive      Hgt: 152cm       Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 29 April 1970

Cassie is what we called the super duper fantastic babe that has the most awesome friendly under the sun sparkling character and attitude!  Look at that face, look at the smile, it is absolutely stunning like wow!  We really find her to be really good!  Click here for Cassie's video profile







Xu Qian Qian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3022

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 42kg        DOB: 11 Nov 1998

Qian Qian is simply so gorgeous and quite tall for lady and got awesome looks and great body!!  Wonderful character, mild mannered yet really spontaneous!  We can simply find that this lady is simply wonderful and amicable!!!  Click here for Qian Qian's video profile







Lim Shao Lun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3021

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 3 June 1998

Shao Lun  should be noted as a really really really really really really great looking guy with explosive bountiful of surprises and talents!  Lead singer of a band that go for performances, we decide to make him sing better and better and yes, he could really act... its like Woah....!  Click here for Shao Lun's video profile







Cholas Tung Wai Luen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3020

Occupation: Cook      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 54 kg           DOB: 9 Jan 1991

Cholas, golden hair, golden looks and really talented in singing!   He also got a doting wife and this guy is very giving and super cool!   What we like about him is he awesome character and very humble beginnings!   Super great and willing to learn!  Click here for Cholas's video profile







Jolyn Lin Peck Lan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3019

Occupation: Beautician      Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 56kg           DOB: 14 Feb 1968

Jolyn being the awesome lady and boss of her very own beauty salon, wow, its indeed our Big honor to have her in our team!   She gave her best in his acting and we can really see the hidden potentials in her!!  Wat a wonderful lady for sure!!  Click here for Jolyn's video profile







Raymond Teo Wee Sing (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3018

Occupation:  Tutor     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 21 Sept 1964

Raymond Teo - 老师 , Tutor, sinsei, Teacher of school is proud to be in our team!!!  Really affable, very approachable as well, he is the symbol of learning is a lifelong experiences.  活到老,学到老。。。We are so pleased and honored to welcome Raymond to be in our team!  Click here for Raymond's video profile







Chloe Chen Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3017

Occupation: Interior Designer     Hgt: 157cm       Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 10 Sept 1991

Chen Wei is what we called the ultimate singing machine interior designer! That she can really sing and really really got talents in various aspects!   Finding her is a blessing for our team as she joined our team to further enhance her singing talents and power and potential! We unleash it!!   Click here for Chloe's video profile







Moo Kok Tong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3016

Occupation: Kitchen Assistant    Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 90kg        DOB: 12 Feb 1990

Kok Tong is simply awesome and really got such a great attitude to go further and higher, soaring into Heaven's arms!   Ah Tong which we should familiarly call him, exude confidence and really admirable spirit and power!  Click here for Kok Tong's video profile







Jove Ang Li Lin (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3015

Occupation:  Office Manager      Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 1 August 1978

Jove is what we called the real deal , damn hot, gorgeous , sweet faced, poised and really demure and ladylike!!  We can say how much we appreciated her and worship her!  If she is Ooh La La and smoking hot, our artiste management company must be really really good!  Click here for Jove's video profile







Yong Maryjane (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3013

Occupation:  Homemaker   Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 15 June 1975

Mary Jane is a gorgeous, really fine looking lady!!  A mum with a loving husband and her loving kid, she joined our artiste team and get trained in singing for sure...!!  and Yes, we are really good in making peopel to sing too!   Well done, Maryjane!!  Click here for Maryjane's video profile







Patrick Sam Seng Hau (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3012

Occupation: Chef      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 75kg           DOB: 23 Dec 1985

Patrick is what we called the talented and very good looking suave chef!  Specialized in Western Cuisine, give him the ingredients and he will whip up super gorgeous food for you and me!   What a man he is!  We love him!! Happy Boxing Day!!  Click here for Patrick's video profile







Mok Kar Leong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3011

Occupation: Croupier     Hgt: 172cm       Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 31 August 1984

Kar Leong is what we called the super amazing Good looking guy!!! With him around, X mas is definitely going to be awesome and really nice!  We really welcome him in the team!  He can sing well now thanks to us!!  Click here for Kar Leong's video profile







Lee Zhen Sheng (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3010

Occupation:  Forex Dealer     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 24 March 1988

Zhen Sheng is what we should call a really really humble, very nice, very pleasant guy with good decent straight cut looks!!  Super presentable and really neat, we have to give a Big round of applause to him! Click here for Zhen Sheng's video profile







George Wee Song Kwee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3009

Occupation: Engineer      Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 71kg           DOB: 16 May 1980

George is what we called the real deal!  Muscular, strong and really powerful!!!  Super Strong and amazing cos he got wonderful experience in wing chun and martial arts!!  His stance is what we feel the real deal!!  Besides, he is very good looking!!  Click here for George's video profile







Vincent Ng Ching Liang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3008

Occupation: Surveyor     Hgt: 183cm       Wgt: 77g        DOB: 25 Sept 1985

Vincent is a tall, wonderful awesome fantastic attitude guy!  So good in fast learning singing as well!!!  We can only find true wonders in someone that is so capable and loveable by many people!  We can be sure this guy is good enough to act for versatile roles like the good and bad guys!!  Click here for Vincent's video profile






Timothy Chan Boon Hao (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3007

Occupation:  Radiographer     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 3 Dec 1984

Timothy, an awesome and affable guy that frequently hits the gym!!  He likes gyming and he got a caring heart for all patients and service receiver!  Great attitude and really looking so stunning in real life!!  A must have... ! Click here for Timothy's video profile







Sean Ho Jia Le   (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3006

Occupation:  Self Employed     Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 4 March 1992

Sean Ho, Boss of his own pasta and pizza shop!!!! New start up, really great and really enterprising! and he is really really talented in acting!!! His shop currently located at Orchard Tower #02-27,  The Tower Kitchen!!  Pls go and find and support his food shop!!  He said his food is very nice!!!!!   Click here for Sean's video profile






Emma Seah Mei Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3004

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 62kg           DOB: 2 August 1990

Emma is what we called the really awesome tall lady that used to play floorball too!  She plays the guitar and is really good looking.... It should be really really interesting for everyone that can see and find superb in such fine University Lady with magor in Psychology!   Click here for Emma's video profile







Ng Yew Kiang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3003

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 172.5cm       Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 28 March 1990

Yew Kiang, loving to play basketball is not just a bonus!!  He is really talented and a real fast learner.... We are totally amazed by how fast his mind can handle stuff.   Can talk, can act well and can really perform too when instructed.  Good with instructions and with great leadership too!   Well done, Yew Kiang!  Click here for Yew Kiang's video profile






Francis Tan Suan Kong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3002

Occupation:  Community Support Assistant     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 69kg        DOB: 11 Sept 1961

Francis Tan Suan Kong, a real angel that really cares about people, the needy part and the less advantaged part of the society!  We really going salute him for being really benevolent and acquires great skills in acting!!!  He enjoys surfing internet and internet chat too!! Wow!  Click here for Francis's video profile







Mandy Koh Thiam Beng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 3001

Occupation: Equipment Operator    Hgt: 166cm       Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 7 November 1970

When Mandy meets the wonderful chance of the life time to have the power to sing well, she goes for it because we definitely made many sing better and make people exude more confidence and power!!! This magical lady should simple in the heart of everyones... She is awesome!  Click here for Mandy's video profile







Lin Chen Hui (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 3000

Occupation:  Distributor      Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 9 Dec 1988

YAY and Wow!!!  Which calls for a Big Celebration which is a big milestone for our company when our company welcomes our 3000th artiste!!  With Chen Hui joining our award winning artiste management agency.  You could call it freelance, for fun for hobbies whatever so, you join our team, we will make you grow with real skills.  Currently at the moment for anyone that joins our team will also receive inclusive professional artiste training in singing, speech and drama, confidence building as well besides our guaranteed long term promotion and advertisement.  Pay us to be promoted and Collaborate with us to give you maximum exposures on any products as our website is accessed by many people!! If you are seeing this right now, its definitely working...  Look at Chen Hui's great attitude, his face and his talents, he is a winner when we reinforce him with confidence and skills.  Its long life skills and can be very essential in our Life.   Join us right now, HP enquiry: +65 87996634    Click here for Chen Hui's video profile


Tania Tan Yi Rong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2998

Occupation: Human Resource      Hgt:155 cm      Wgt: 45kg           DOB: 28 Dec 1990

Tania, being the best she could, she is simply gorgeous, cute, adorable and really stunning at her own size!  Totally into dramas, acting and singing, she going to swipe you off your feet with her really charming smile!!  What a great really pleasant lady!!  Click here for Tania's video profile







Toh Hwee Chin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2997

Occupation: Tutor     Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 60kg           DOB: 2 July 1976

Hwee Chin is a super gentleman with great character and such!  Wonderful character and great looks, this matured guy should bring a lot of joy to his students and his colleagues.  Great man! Such a joy to have him!  Click here for Hwee Chin's video profile







Charles Joseph L Alba (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2996

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 171cm       Wgt: 77kg        DOB: 26 Jan 1997

Charles should be some one we all should idolize and worship!  Born in a family lines of Doctors, Charles excel in almost everything he does.  Eloquent, smart and passionate is a few good things about him to name a few.   He is furthermore handsome and charming.... its all about adding points!!  A good candidate and selections for any career paths he chooses.  From a Great Family.  Click here for Charles's video profile






Cindy Yong Jyu Fang Juan (Artiste Package Upgrading)    

Ref No: 2995

Occupation: Accounts/Admin    Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 7 Oct 1959

Thank you so much Dear Sister Cindy Yong for being our artiste in our agency for so long and given nothing only the best of her performance and attitude!  Grown even more pretty and elegant over the years, we got to say Cindy Yong also now able to act and sing well because we are actually the ones that bring her directly into the Media industry several years ago!  Nothing has changed but just that we are even better and stronger now like Cindy!! Click here for Cindy's video profile






Synne Tan Sing Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2994

Occupation: Engineer      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 55kg           DOB: 21 Jun 1984

No one can wipes off and deny the pretty and cute face of Synne!!! Used to be also a School basketball team captain as well, she also plays volleyball!  Wow!  We are getting all serious right here! What we can develop from Synne's hiden potentials!!?  Click here for Synne's video profile







Patience Loh Jay Yee (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2992

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 44kg        DOB: 28 July 1997

Look at this angel, Patience!! Just finished her A levels at this point of time she joined my team!!  Look at her beautiful face and almost perfect body!!!  Such a darling, awesome, comely, alluring and warm hearted little lady and affable! Wow Wee!!!  We are going to make her sing too!! Click here for Patience's video profile







Lai Jia Qi (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2991

Occupation:  Nurse       Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 44.6kg        DOB: 13 Dec 1994

Jia Qi oh Jia Qi is such a super cute and adorable lady with best attitude in life!!  Great patience and willing to upgrade herself to boost her confidence, speech and also in singing and presentation delivery!   What a undying spirit that we need in each and everyone of us!! Click here for Jia Qi's video profile







Nur Ezzati (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2990

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 14 July 1997

How can a lady like Ezzati be so beautiful!? Look at her sports she is playing, Net ball and soccer she still look super great and friendly too!   Welcome to our team and we will all get there and standy! Ezzati is really ravishing and really classy as well, this stunning lady beaconing to herself like a shiny star!!  Click here for Ezzati's video profile







Renee Yap Jiah Wei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2989

Occupation:  Jewellery Designer Retail     Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 37kg        DOB: 12 Nov 1993

OH MY GOD! What a beautiful lady is Renee Yap!!!!  She is so pretty like from angel above, charming gorgeous smile and damn sweet!  Can act, can sing and great skin tones!!!  Welcome because we make and train anyone to sing great!!!   Click here for Renee's video profile







Brandon Tan Hong Zhi  (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2988

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 7 Dec 1996

Brandon Tan - Proficient in spreaking and written Japanese!!   Can sing, can play guitar, super good looking, great figure, even greater attitude!  We can find the better terms to describe Holy spoken Brandon at all!   He is that Good!!  Click here for Brandon's video profile







Nancy Zi Hnem (Artiste Package)   (Paying us to get advertised/exposure and also to be trained mainly in Singing inclusive!)

Ref No: 2987

Occupation: Helper     Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 1 July 1987

Nancy be advertised, Nancy be able to sing!! A lovely smiley and cheerful a lady she is!  This 25 years old lady really got chance on her own!!! Really impressed with her!!  Click here for Nancy's video profile







Bobby Li Yu (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2985

Occupation: Assistant Branch Manager     Hgt: 176cm       Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 3 Feb 1989

Bobby should be given the award of being such a talented handsome guy! He got grade 8 in piano!! And yes, Don't think playing piano is enough!!! Music will not be completed without the talents in Singing.  Yes, he will be trained in singing as well!! and together we are going to blow you away!!  Click here for Bobby's video profile






Juliana Tan Gek Lan  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2983

Occupation: Beautician     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 70kg           DOB: 1 May 1961

Juliana really works out the magic in her as a really classy matured lady that fits so well for any matured roles or positions.    A nice pleasant deposition makes her oh so charming and attractive!!  Long Live Juliana 姐姐 Click here for Juliana's video profile







Lee Kam Hoong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2982

Occupation:  Sales      Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 69kg        DOB: 5 Feb 1960

Sales Consultant and School and Private Badminton Coach!  Super eloquent and super sporting, its so difficult for anyone to bit him in his Game.   Too Good!!!  Who knows him?!   Click here for Kam Hoong's video profile







Yuan Zhi Xin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2981

Occupation: Accountant      Hgt: 169cm       Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 4 Dec 1985

Zhi Xin gives the most unique and demure character that is oozing with charm and really thick power of freshness and purity!!   Wonderful, steady and sturdy, this really likeable guy gives us what it likes to be a great person!!  Click here for Zhi Xin's video profile







Liew Lee Fong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2980

Occupation: Retail Sales      Hgt: 162 cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 16 Dec 1994

Lee Fong Lee Fong,  the name rhymes so perfectly..  Perfect skin tone, perfect smile and teeth and really charming!  Lee Fong enjoys dancing and singing too!!  Woah... What we have here is a princess...!! Click here for Lee Fong's video profile







Joyce Tan Rong Er (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2979

Occupation: Admin      Hgt: 161 cm      Wgt: 45.5 kg        DOB: 6 Feb 1995

Joyce is really so sweet so beautiful!  She is like an angel that falls from heaven, Really wonderful and really having and bringing so much joy to people around her!!  We really gonna give it up to her for her talent and humour and of cos he beauty!   Click here for Joyce' s  video profile







Bryan Pang Wei Jun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2978

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 16 Dec 1990

Bryan is what we called the real Deal with incredibly fast in mental calculations and super fast learner too!!  We are  really shocked when he displayed his ultimate talents in speech and drama and he simply follow thru perfectly!!  Click here for Bryan's video profile







Chang Jia Jin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2977

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 16 Sept 1994

Jia Jin is what we called the really wonderful and awesome new guy in the block because of his awesome wonderful character and tall and handsome!! What a great personality to be in the media for sure!   Click here for Jia Jin's video profile







Dante Seng Cheok Keen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2976

Occupation: Project Engineer      Hgt: 173 cm      Wgt: 63.5 kg        DOB: 19 Feb 1986

Dante is what we called the super charming, handsome and really fantastic awesome guy!!!  Be it humorous, earnest and spirit, he got what it takes to be in the media.  He got talents!!! Its shocking but its true and he is a very fast learner!!   He picks up singing really very fast!  Click here for Dante's video profile







Toh Hong Han (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2975

Occupation:  Technician     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 3 Feb 1992

Hong Han simply takes the lead by making his Life before.  We gave him more confidence, more charm and unleashed his potentials from his potential world.   We make him even better than before...  Hong Han is awesome!!  Click here for Hong Han's video profile







Ricky Seow Wei Qi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2974

Occupation: Sales Provisioning Consultant      Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 71kg        DOB: 9 August 1987

Ricky is what we called a tall super talented and wonderful potential acting abilities..  Enjoy watching tv dramas, he seems to be able to handle all emotion very well...!!  Too good, too great, a rare gem that meant to be polished!!  Click here for Ricky's video profile







Eric Chua Sit Tat (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2973

Occupation: Buyer      Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 77 kg        DOB: 15 Jan 1958

Eric is what we featured as the matured super charming good looking guy that has super talents in acting!  No Joke, with his newly found skills of singing from us, he is going to really really great!  Great shine! Click here for Eric's video profile







Galton Ting Shuen Hsien (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2972

Occupation: Engineer       Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 6 Feb 1993

Galton is what we called the ultimate talent in Singing... He is really a very fast learner, we are so shocked he can adapt and change and improvise from nothing to something!!!   We are so very proud and awe about him so much!!  Click here for Galton's video profile








Loo Hui Sim (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2971

Occupation: Manicurist     Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 22 Jan 1993

Ms Loo Hui Sim.... Talented, Great Looks, Great attitude, Great talents, and really awesome Best of the best wonder Lady....  Some people says, a good attitude takes you places... Her admirable attitude cycles the world one round already!!  Click here for Hui Sim's video profile







Zhang Di (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2970

Occupation: Waitress       Hgt: 160 cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 5 June 1997

Zhang Di is what we labelled as the sweet young thing that as the great attitude to keep on learning and being trained in life.  Be it singing, speech and drama, she is calling out for you, Bring it on!! She can accomplished easily!!  Click here for Zhang Di's video profile







Amber Koh Ying Qing (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2969

Occupation: Brand Executive      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 7 July 1990

Amber being a beauty is not on the most important, she got such great attitude and really wholesome features and figure!  She is darn hot and really sweet and cute and pretty!!! We are so honored she is here!!  Click here for Amber's video profile







Steven Tsoi Voon Hwa (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2968

Occupation: Salmon Supplier      Hgt: 162 cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 18 Nov 1987

When such a fit body matched with that manly awesome face, Steven Tsoi should garner alot of power and confidence from all of these.  Imagine packed in such a great wonderful body plus great attitude, he is definitely going to blow us all away!   What  a gem!!  Click here for Steven's video profile







Lemon Oh Lay Man (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2967

Occupation: Waitress      Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 29 May 1996

Lemon is such a gorgeous sweet lady!!! Such a hot, alluring beauty!!  Tall, fair and really to shine!!  A wonderful Pick for sure!   Potentials looming from within!   Click here for Lemon's video profile







Dollin Lao Seet Yeng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2965

Occupation: Bank Associate      Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 5 Oct 1968

When some one can be so gorgeous and beautiful and really classy,  Dollin Jie Jie is the one..... Extremely talented, can act can sing and really eloquent!!  A classic example of confidence...!   Click here for Dolin's video profile







Lew Haw Ze (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2964

Occupation: Technician      Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB:  27 March 1992

Haw Ze is what we called the real kid of the blood with extremely awesome character, great attitude, sheepish and really simply striking..  Let us unleash his talents!  Click here for Haw Ze's video profile








Kevin Liew Choon Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2963

Occupation: Admin Officer      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 62 kg        DOB:  23 May 1974

Kevin is what we called the really special and unique charming guy!   Such good attitude, such Great smile, we cannot ask for any guy that has these really important and such alluring attributes!   We love him!!   Click here for Kevin's video profile







Boon Colin Timothy (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2962

Occupation: Uni Undergrad      Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 30 Dec 1991

Wow! Wow! Wow!!  Fantastic! Contains Eurasian Blood!  Super good looking, super charming, super talented, guitarist, singer, can act and really very good attitude!!!  and the physique is really Woah....!!! WOL!!   Click here for Colin's video profile







Tan Chee Khuen (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2961

Occupation:  Cook     Hgt: 165 cm      Wgt: 55 kg        DOB: 28 Dec 1993

Chee Khuen is what we called the really really cute and really smart and handsome guy!!  Fantastic, can sing well and ultimately very talented!  We love him so much because he is so nice and so adorable and interesting!!!  Click here for Chee Khuen's video profile







Colin Tan Siew Lin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2960

Occupation: Self Employed      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB:  9 July 1964

Colin is what we called a real gentleman!!! looking very good, neat and tide and very handsome!!!  ANd very very alert and fast learner as well!!!  We really gonna give it up to the incredible Colin Kor Kor!!  Super well done!! Click here for Colin's video profile







Fong Shi Yun  (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2958

Occupation:  Uni Student      Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 82kg        DOB: 16 Oct 1995

Shi Yun is what we called the real deal of awesomeness!  So pretty, so tall, so hot and so knowledgeable and very eloquent and also speak Japanese!! This gal must be a real talented angel from above!  Thumbs up for this fair lady!!   Click here for Shi Yun's video profile







Rodger Tan Yew Kheng (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2956

Occupation:  Freelance Graphic    Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 93kg        DOB: 13 Feb 1972

Rodger is charming, manly and seriously powerful singer and talent!!  Gifted with lots of talents, main thing is that he is got an awesome character.  Sporting and sporty person could make a person go to many places and achievements!!!  What a fantastic guy!!  Click here for Rodger's video profile







Jet Tan Kwang Chet (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2955

Occupation:  Senior Manager    Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 3 August 1981

When a guy is simply so perfect, so gentlemanly and really so charming like an Eurasian, this guy is the epitome of what we called the perfect ideal guy for any ladies and any Business Owners!  This guy is a keeper, do treasure him!!   Click here for Jet's video profile







Peter Tan Keh Huat  (Artiste Package Upgraded)

Ref No: 2954

Occupation:  Sales      Hgt: 170cm       Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 14 Feb 1957

Peter Tan has faithfully been with our agency for many many years!   From zero experiences in acting many years ago, to someone that really deserves a standing ovation from the great media experiences he generates over the years.   Thank you so much for the support, love and contribution that our team one of the strongest in Singapore!!  Click here for  Peter's video profile







Gabriel Chan Yong Quan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2953

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 72kg        DOB: 13 May 1997

Gabriel is what we called the simply super awesome guy! Looking fit, charming and alluring and very sporting and gentleman. No body could easily beat him is real fashion.  We kind of enjoying his fashion so much!!  Click here for Gabriel's video profile







Rendy Poy Yee Teng (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2951

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 21 October 1997

Rendy is what we called the super super super super babe in Singapore, the sunny island.  Yes, she made Singapore even hotter and spicier place to live in!! Look at that cute smile, incredible character and the charm from within.  Major in Business Studies, She got the looks! Yay!  Click here for Rendy's video profile







Zhou Li (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2950

Occupation:  Accountant      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 25 Nov 1980

When a beautiful fair skin lady can be such a hottie and really fantastic!!  This lady is what we called the graceful swan that is swimming at the lake of a pond!  So graceful, so angelic and so demure!  Woots!!  Click here for Janice's video profile







Melanie Han Xiao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2948

Occupation: Manager     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 12 March 1991

Melanie is the epitome of gorgeous, gracious, kindness and brilliant and fun and cool!  Everything a fair lady should possess, she has it..... Yup, Melanie got talents!!  The power to get wat you want in life is more fulfilling than anything else!!   Click here for Melanie's video profile







Declann Tan Bing Qi  (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2947

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 100kg        DOB: 12 March 2000

What a loveable, likeable awesome guy!!!  Extremely talented, extremely cute, Declann can now not only act but to sing and perform as well!!  We had unleash his power and potentials!!  Really limitless is his hidden potentials!!!   Click here for  Declann's video profile







Minna Lim Pei San (Artiste Package)     PAID ADVERTISING

Ref No: 2946

Occupation: Skin Therapy      Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: 41kg        DOB: 12 Sept 1972

Minna is what we called the incredibly beautiful gorgeous lady! So hot and demure and cheerful and sunny, this sociable Minna Lady paid us to advertiste/ promote her as an artiste and of cos she be trained in Speech and Drama  and singing!   End result, she is a very fast learner and she really can sing well now! Click here for Minna's video profile






Raffaela Lee Ting Ting (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2945

Occupation:  Manicurist     Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 95kg        DOB: 24 August 1994

Raffaela is what we called the Real Epitome of Really good looking face and really really hot!  Wonderfully sculpted and really talented in acting and singing.  She can go really really far beyond our expectations! Click here for Raffaela's video profile







Ang Kai Lin (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2944

Occupation:  Waitress       Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 51 kg        DOB: 18 May 1997

Kai Lin is simply the most charming smile lady we ever met!  The smile can really melt the snow and even the sun!!   Really good and very good natured, we can say enough good things about Kai Lin!!   Click here for Kai Lin's video profile








Hsiao Yao (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2943

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 30 Oct 1994

Good looking guy!  Good character, plays Judo as well and really really sporting!  We value sporting people... if you are sporting enough, you are wat we are looking for!!   Go for Gold!!  Click here for Hsiao Yao's video profile







Shannen Chan Pei Pei (Artiste Package)    (Pure paid advertising by Shannen)

Ref No: 2942

Occupation:  Sales      Hgt: 153cm      Wgt: 60 kg        DOB: 1 Jan 1983

What a cute Shannen Chan!!  Great Character and really unique and special!  We really going to give it her for being so awesome and nice!!   Great personality really adds something good in her!!!  Click here for Cheryl Chong's video profile







Chia Yeow Hong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2941

Occupation:  Real Estate Salesperson    Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 20 Jun 1972

Yeow Hong at this point of writing, holds a very very high position in  real estate empire!!   Very personable, Very nice and very friendly and dedicated!!  He makes the perfect dream property agent you ever will ask for!! Fantastic baby!!   Click here for Yeow Hong's video profile







Chan Hui Fen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2940

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 14 Jan 1992

Hui Fen is what we called the ultimate beauty with class and brains and in good shape!!  Lovely Adorable should be included in her middle name!!  She is simply that Great!!  All the Best!  Click here for Hui Fen's video profile







Jenny Chua Jia Yong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2939

Occupation:  Private Home Tutor     Hgt: 161cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 28 Sept 1972

Jenny Chua - A Lady that is so gracefully beautiful, elegant and really has the skills in piano and teaching English!   With a talented base, this lady is going to shine thru the darkest night of nights with her sparkling attitude!!  Click here for Jenny's video profile







Janice Leong Xi Wei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2938

Occupation:  Lifestyle Blogger    Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 10 Nov 1990

Janice is simply sooooooo adorable, so beautiful and hot!  Her charming and optimistic outgoing character already gives a plus points for her stay in the Media industry and yes her smile could murder anyone like a knife!   Yes, you got it, a killer smile!!  She writes....  Click here for Janice's video profile







Cheryl Chong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2937

Occupation:  HR Assoc Director     Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 12 Sept 1976

Cheryl is a very powerful, very independent and is really such a gorgeous looking lady!!  We are very stunned by her eloquence and her real genuine care and understanding for all people.  An indispensable asset to any company that is a spot on sure thing!  Click here for Cheryl Chong's video profile







Ho Chia-Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2936

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 8 May 1995

OMG!!  Another Good looking and demure Taurus!  People with such a star sign mostly got something special and attractive about them!!  It is hard not be believe in fate that such good looking good looker belongs to this utmost great sign!!   Click here for Chia-Yi's video profile








Lim Yong Xiang (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2935

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 13 July 1991

Yong Xiang is a symbol of very very good character and attitude.  That cloud nine smile that is always on his face, cannot be avoided.. Cannot be denied.  He is best of the best!!!   We really love him very much!!  Click here for Yong Xiang's video profile







Jack Lau Xiang Min (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2934

Occupation: Self employed     Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 29 Dec

Jack Lau is sometimes we always classified as that guy that always stole our heart away, that is always so sweet, always such a darling and always that guy that get everything so blessed in Life!! Too Good Looking!!  Click here for Jack Lau's video profile







Guo Xiao Yang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2932

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 183cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 29 May 1995

Xiao Yang is such a tall very good looking chap!!! Very demure and charming like  a prince from Asian fairy tale...  What  a grab!   This guy plays Judo and also basketball!!!  We are impressed!! Click here for Xiao  Yang's video profile







Yukkie Yu Lu (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2931

Occupation:  Student    Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 09 Aug 1996

When a super beautiful Yukkie crosses swords with her super talents in singing and acting, it does not only add points to her, it add in a lot of charm and super feel good positive feelings to anyhow around her!! She i really magical!  Click here for Yukkie's video profile







Ler Rui Qi (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2930

Occupation:  Self Employed - Arts, Designer   Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: 38kg        DOB: 24 July 1987

Rui Qi is someone that is really expert in Arts, Designing, Media, CopyWriting and also Events Management!  Her charming smile can simply sweep you off the feet and melt you into a bowl of dissolved ices.  What a charming lady!!  Click here for Rui Qi's video profile







Muhd Fauzi Yeo (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2929

Occupation:  Engineer     Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 13 Feb 1976

Fauzi is really a very special guy to us!!  Very great spirit, very hyper, very expressive and very down to earth yet contains great potentials!!!   What a fine looking guy!!!  Simply the Best!!   Click here for Fauzi's video profile







Bryan Yew Zhao Yuan  (DAWN) (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2928

Occupation:  Musician/Attendant/Spiritual Pyschic    Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 93kg        DOB: 15 June 1993

Bryan is a profession Guitarist hat has extreme super talents in guitar and can play and accompany any songs by ears!!  Tall, suave, cool and really manly,  this handsome dude is someone we should watch out for great talents! And yes, now he can sing really well too thanks to us!  no prob, Welcome....! Click here for Bryan's video profile







Aaron Ho Wei Min (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2927

Occupation:  Hotelier      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 9 May 1995

Aaron is someone that is really really very awesome in character!  So handsome and sunny and really stunning!!!  He has the ability to make the world seem to stop spinning for a while!!  Yes, he is the man you are looking for!!  Click here for Aaron's video profile







Wang Shu Qin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2926

Occupation: Travel Line    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 20 March 1972

Shu Qin is what we called the really really awesome lady that has the passion to sing!!  Looking darn good, look so gorgeous and really have the ability to shine!  This matured lady is a strength for everything!!  Click here for Shu Qin's video profile







Jessy Chong Jie Si (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2925

Occupation:  Promoter      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 8 June 1993

Look at Jessy, look at her looks, her shapely body and ultimate height of 175cm!   Being a graceful that is so tall and so gorgeous should put her an edge and advantage over others!   See her shine with includes speech and drama acting skills!  Yup, we train her to act too!  Woots!  Click here for Jessy's video profile







Kathy Yeh Su Kei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2924

Occupation:  Manicurist      Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 14 Nov 1975

Someone that can looks so beautiful for her age, this is preciously priceless cos she looks like from royal, a princess snow white that really charms up the atmosphere with her gorgeous whitish smile!!!   Excellent character!!   Click here for Kathy's video profile







Arthur Koh Zhao Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2823

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 168.7cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 17 Oct 1991

Arthur is a very special, funky handsome guy who has the extreme talents in talking and acting!!  Woah...  He is also proficient in MMA fighting and is really multi talented.   Main thing is he is really eloquent!  What  comely looking guy!!  Click here for Arthur's video profile







Peace Soh Xi Jing (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2922

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: 42kg        DOB: 12 Feb 1997

Peace is so perfect with Super Good Looks that seems like from Japan/ Korean and with really extra punch of talents in acting and singing, this lady is someone who should watch out for her quick brain and very outstanding looks and persona!!    Click here for  Peace's video profile







Winston Tan Guan Yu (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2921

Occupation: Admin      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 23 Aug 1989

Winston is what we called the real admirable guy in able to picking up skills fast and the most important thing to take note is his affable personality character!!  so pleasant and handsome and so nice, Winston Rox!  Click here for Winston's video profile







Christine Lim See Yin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2920

Occupation: Music Teacher      Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 15 March 1978

Christine, extremely fast learner, super cute and good looking and very eloquent!   We are really proud to have her in our stable and she is what we called the near perfect combination with talents in music especially in Piano and Suzuki Violin!!!   Click here for  Christine's video profile







Kenneth Ho Hong Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2919

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 11 April 1997

Kenneth came from a very prestigious family! Very talented, amazingly fast learner!!  Looks very good too, Korean lookalike and got good skin and is well tanned!!!  Almost too perfect, he is going to sweep you right off the floor with his boyish good looks!!   Click here for  Kenneth's video profile







Tan Ewe Kean (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2918

Occupation: Waiter     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 56 kg        DOB: 4 May 1995

A cute Tauras that really worthy of the ability of singing and acting and speech and drama!!!   And Yes, we got him singing and grooving!   This Cute gentleman is a test of handsome and durability!   Click here for Ewe Kean's video profile







Chris Sun Hong Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2917

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 05 June 1996

Chris is what we called the very suave, very handsome and really talented guy!  Good features, good skins and really charming, his charm is hard to beat!   Really awesome guy!!  We are so lucky to have him as our disciple!  Click here for  Chris's video profile







Zero Lee Pei Teng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2915

Occupation: Hairstylist    Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 4 Nov 1988

Zero is what we called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!!  Exceptionally talent in talent!   This lady shines like a gem and diamond from the dark!   What a tall and gorgeous person with great skins!!  Click here for Zero's video profile







Lin Yi-ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2914

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 57kg        DOB: 28 Aug

Yi-ying has an image Guys and Girls will like her!!!  Very sporty, very boyish, and yet ver quick learn, we actually bring her to the next level much quicker than some of the rest!   Really intriguing and fun!!! and very talented! Got gift of the gab too!!  Click here for Yi-ying's video profile







Nong Yi Hu (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2912

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 4 Dec 1992

Handsome!!!!!!!  Handsome!!!!!  Very 帅! Very good character and really got the aura of  being a star to be!  What  a great potential guy.. and yes, we are unleashing all his potentials!    Click here for Yi Hu's video profile







Pamela Yang Zhe Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2911

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 29 May 1994

When height, looks and beauty and talents comes together at the crossroads, Pamela astoundingly displayed the amazing charm and mixture of Beauty  also got talents!  Amazingly fast learner, we are actually very shocked... We suspect she got very high IQ..   Click here for  Pamela's video profile







Haze Seah Wan Yee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2910

Occupation:  Assistant Teacher      Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 27 June 1988

Haze is somewhat the most awesome lady in town!  Can present, can act and can sing!  A fast learner and real true epitome of fine beauty that is as fine as wine and snow!!  Real gem in the making!  Click here for Haze's video profile








Lin Wei Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2909

Occupation: Network Engineer     Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 22 July 1990

Wei Jie is what we called the real relentless guy on the block! Determine to strive to be the best he can in his life, we have to give his kudos to his acting talents..  A bit of tweaks, he is on the way to a better life with our training in speech and drama plus singing.    Click here for Wei Jie's video profile







Hui Jin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2908

Occupation: Executive    Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 7 July 1980

Hui Jin or you can call her Hui Jun is really an alternate for absolute awesomeness!!! Trained to sing to a professional level, its only going to add points to this fair lady that is really impressive both inside and outside of her character!!  Really Good!  Click here for Hui Jin's video profile







Zac Chong Zhi Yao (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2907

Occupation:  Confidential      Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 71kg        DOB: 18 Dec 1988

Look at that comely alluring gentleman, Zac with that always bright sunny smile and caring demeanour! Its even a bigger surprise he could really unleash his talents in acting and singing really quick!  Always wanted to improve on himself,  he joined the team for fun and for experiences and learn more skills to add values to his Life!   Last Long, Zac!   Click here for Zac's video profile






Alvin Laurence (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2906

Occupation:  Retailer      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 07 Dec 1981

Alvin is someone who possess the Never Say Die, Yes Sir Ultimate Best Attitude Award potentials and with patience that we think is really admirable!   So good! So valuable, he is awesome!!!  Thumbs up to him!  Click here for Alvin's video profile







Daphne Ong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2903

Occupation: Admin      Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 25 March 1978

Daphne is what we called the real disciple, got real determination and real power to overcome anything that seems impossible!   Anyone is possible with her in our team!!  Our limitation is only limited by our own imaginations!  She is so cute!!   Click here for Daphne's video profile







Queenie Ong Li Yong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2902

Occupation:  Sales Girl      Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 40kg        DOB: 28 May 1996

Queenie is what we called the Queen of the century! So classy, so pretty and really talented especially in singing, her talents really awe us rocket to outer space.  What  a miracle is this lady with good photography experiences!  Click here for Queenie's video profile







Emmelene Lee Siew Zhian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2901

Occupation: Waitress      Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 18 Sept 1988

Emmelene is what we called the very sparkling lady what we are waiting for!   Her power and talents actually released out from her body!  Very fast learner and very attentive!! She is really good!!  Click here for Emmelene Lee's video profile







Winson Chan Leng Thing (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2899

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 76kg        DOB: 12 Dec 1982

Winson, the chef, not only he got the talent of whopping out fantastic dishes, he actually got super talents in acting and singing.  One point from our agency is we are really amazed by how fast learner this handsome guy.  Totally stunned by Vege of his talents!  Click here for Winson's video profile







Andrea Fu Yu Wen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2898

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 6 July 1989

Andrea is what we called the Real Deal! Being awesome is definitely note enough, this girl is really fantastic and really got talents!! Basically this lady got what it takes to absorb all the good talents from the master.  This girl simply Rox!   Click here for Andrea's video profile







Janice Leow Chiun May (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2897

Occupation:  Engineer      Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 11 May 1979

Janice is what we called the perfect assets to our company!  Eloquent, Good attitude and very pretty and got really got figure as well!!!  A talent in the making, this lady is the synonym of success!! Janice is a the new definition of success!  Click here for Janice's video profile







Tian Yu Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2896

Occupation: Uni Student     Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 30 Nov 1994

What a beautiful gorgeous angel!  Tall and simply beautiful, eloquent and from top JC and University in Singapore!!!  All the good things packed into one package!  Awesomeness overflowed!!  Click here for Tian Yuming's video profile







Joanne Chew Wan Yi (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2895

Occupation:  Uni Grad       Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 26 Feb 1993

Joanne is angel from the heaven for sure! From an quiet angel, she shows her hidden potentials to excel in life!  With her speech and drama upgraded thru training, she could fly further.... What an amaze!!! Click here for Joanne's video profile







Joseph Choo Wai Teng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2894

Occupation: Auditor     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 12 July 1992

Joseph is what we have in mind as the perfect prince!! Looking so good, looking so charming and super can sing and super can act and super can speak too!! And yet very careful in everything he does.   What a special unique contrast!   Click here for Joseph Choo's video profile







Jean Tan Tze Ying (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2893

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 50kg       DOB: 9 Sept 1994

Jean is such a gorgeous wonderful looking super talented pianist that currently holds also a diploma in music and with our singing skills, she can truely step up to a newer heights!!  True beauty!!  Click here for Jean's video profile







Genevieve Jeanette Wu Hui-Yan (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2892

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 27 January 1992

Genevieve is what we called the angel right from the above.  Graceful, Demure and sparkling,  this relatively tall lady is a gem in the making!  Thumbs up for her!   Click here for Genevieve's video profile







Charmaine Hiew Yee Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2891

Occupation: Sales       Hgt: 165cm       Wgt: 55kg        HP: 30 April 1995

Charmaine is what we called the beautiful princess and angel from Heaven.  Such grace, such beauty, such dignity, such demureness, such greatness!!  Awesome potential princess!  You Rox!  Click here for Charmaine's video profile







Chua Kang Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2890

Occupation: Web Developer      Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 10 Feb 1986

Kang Ming is what we called the really really awesome nice guy!  Got talents in acting, got wonderful physique too and really manly !  Give our true cheers to this awesome awesome guy!!! We love him!  Click here for Kang Ming's video profile







Melissa Mary Wee Xian Ya (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2887

Occupation:  Staff Nurse      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 19 May 1991

Look at this wonderful angel which is as pure as snow! Such grace, such demureness, sure alluring, such a positive pleasant outlook.   Yes, she is an angel!!   Melissa Wee rox!    Click here for Sarah's video profile







Andy Lau Gim Guan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2885

Occupation: Store      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 4 Jan 1991

Andy is a really wonderful guy and possess a great and noble attitude and is very amicable! Nice guy that has the power to change how a world is being perceived.  Really great!  Click here for Andy's video profile







Sarah Loke Tze Yin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2884

Occupation:  -        Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 7 July 1979

Sarah is such a optimistic and wonderful looking matured lady that has the gift of the gab! and she can really act and is so animated when we need her to!  What a great and sparky kinetic lady as a matter of fact!   Click here for Sarah's video profile







Allaster Ng See Thong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2882

Occupation: Retail Operation Executive     Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 72kg        DOB: 11 Sept 1982

Dragonboater very fit Allaster is super comely and alluring and charming!  He can act, can sing and got a really sparky character!  Amicable and nice, he is our magic!   Allaster Rox!  Click here for Christopher's video profile







Tay Wei Bin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2880

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 64.3kg        DOB: 5 Sept 1997

Wei Bin is what we called the very handsome and good mannered guy!!!! From far, you will be totally captivated by his amazing charming outlook and such.   Also actively in sports, this guy is a gem!!!  He got hidden potentials!   Click here for Wei Bin's video profile







Serene Tok Swee Mei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2879

Occupation: Lab Assistant     Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 65 kg        DOB: 24 Oct 1988

What a sporty bright lady that enjoys the pleasure of playing tennis and computer games!  Very good attitude and humorous, this lady we gonna give it to her as a excellent and pretty yet very good attitude lady.....!  Click here for  Serene's video profile







Christopher Alex Budiman (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2878

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 86kg        DOB: 18 Dec 1992

Christopher is what we called the awesome and fantastic attitude guy! We are going to make him stronger, even more confident and even more awesome!!!  What a great chap we love so much!  Click here for Christopher's video profile







Bill Cui Kun Nan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2876

Occupation: IT Administrator    Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 56 kg        DOB: 17 Feb 1992

Bill is what we called the fit and gorgeous guy that enjoys photography and football!  What a talented guy! Look at his face, isn't he so handsome???!   We are really very proud of him! Click here for  Bill Cui's video profile







Siegfrid Tsang Mang Kin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2875

Occupation: Research Engineer     Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 94kg        DOB: 24 Sept 1986

Siegfrid is famous and once a Research Engineer from a top university in Singapore!!!  Wow!!! Living many years in Singapore, this really wonderful looking and smart looking Siegfrid got talents in music and has a grade 8 for Piano as well ! Wow Right??!  Click here for Siegfrid's video profile







Mak Zhen Yu  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2874

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 18 Feb 1988

Someone that is involved in sales are usually bubbly and friendly and really so fun to be with!  Cheerful and sunny, whatever you wanna describe Mak, you can do away with his absolutely handsome and pleasant face!!!   Click here for Zhen Yu's video profile







Hsieh Li Chi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2873

Occupation: Financial Planner    Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 29 Nov 1982

Hsieh Li Chi is what we called the good looking chap that looks very versatile.  Definitely good for handsome role or even bad guys or good guys role!   Can look tough and very masculine indeed.   This guy is really good!  Click here for  Li Chi's video profile







Candranaga Wijaya (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2871

Occupation: Personal Trainer    Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 5 March 1976

Candranaga is what we called the really awesome body and fantastic attitude guy!   Really matured and good looking at his matured age, definitely this guy is really very versatile for any cool and good projects! Woots!  Click here for  Candranaga's video profile







Zheng Ya Xin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2870

Occupation: Home Maker    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 15 Sept 1974

Seasoned Artiste!  Super Chio Bu Very Experienced Years of Experience Zheng Ya Xin!   Pretty, Gorgeous and Humongous shapely!  This lady is a true gem!  At this moment, she got serious talent in acting and singing and dancing!!   Click here for Zheng Ya Xin's video profile







Matthias Wong Choon Wee  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2869

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 14 Oct 1996

Matthias, What a beautiful phrase, what a beautiful name! This handsome dude is what we called the epicness of handsome good looking and holycious nice!  Wat  a great kid!  His character we verify is of best of the Best! Click here for Matthias's video profile







Hana Ooi Wan Han (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2868

Occupation: Customer Service Executive    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 16 July 1986

Hana Ooi is what we called the angel that falls from the sky.  So gorgeous, so beautiful and so nice.....!  This is the best thing anything can happened in life.  This is Hana! She is awesome! Click here for  Hana's video profile







Nigel Tan Zhi Qin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2866

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 181cm      Wgt: 83kg        DOB: 5 February 1992

Nigel is such a tall big and strong tough guy!  But his attitude is something we should learn of.  Excellent choice for all activities because this guy is simply awesome!!   Click here for Nigel's video profile







Jack Chou Yu Chen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2865

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 4 June 1997

Jack originally from Taiwan is really really good looking!! Looking like a Taiwan Megastar in the making, this guy proof to us that looks, refined and character really comes together as one!   Click here for Jack's video profile








Muhammad Rashdan Bin Rasid (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2863

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 1 August 1995

What a beautiful gorgeous Malay Guy!  From one of the top polytechnic in Singapore.  This guy is very good  and active in boxing and sports!!  Really a nice pleasant but with great hidden potentials.  Yes, we want you!  Click here for Rashdan's video profile







Wang Peng Fei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2861

Occupation: Sales Assistant     Hgt: 182cm      Wgt: 74kg        DOB: 18 March 1989

Peng Fei is what we called the 182cm tall guy! Wow! The height is good enough, nice built, and really wonderful attitude!  This guy we definitely have to give him a thumbs up!  Really nice of him!  Click here for Peng Fei's video profile







Phyllis Lim Fei Li (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2860

Occupation: Beauty Advisor    Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 3 Oct 1986

Phyllis is what we called Legendary beautiful gorgeous lady!  Hot Looks, Hot Body, Hot 165 height!  She is almost perfect with her well defined poise! Too bad, she can even act and sing!!! Woah!!  Click here for  Phyllis's video profile







Jayden Tan Chun Yang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2858

Occupation: Account Manager      Hgt: 189cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 15 Sept 1984

Jayden is such an awesome and really really huge guy!   Good for many roles, Good guys, bad guys varieties of challenges for him is relatively easy!  Good talents for acting! Unleashed it, at least he got the wonderful gift of presenting himself well! Really good! We like him alot! Click here for Jayden's video profile







Kelly Chuah Chia Li (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2857

Occupation: Beautician     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 39kg        DOB: 30 Dec 1985

Kelly is such a gorgeous lady!!! and you know what, she has the super talent in acting as well and super super super smart!!! This lady is definitely a very good asset and really got great potentials!  Not Joking and in a very serious tone, she is Good...  Click here for Kelly's video profile







Lydia Lemana (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2856

Occupation: Customer Representative     Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 23 Nov 1985

Lydia is such a matured lady that has the class and great attitude to carry out fantastic awesome actions and such!  Well mannered and admirable, Lydia is the standard of excellence!  Click here for Lydia's video profile







Edward Shiow Thiam Kwee (Artiste Package) 

Ref No: 2855

Occupation: Assistant Engineer      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 13 April 1982

Edward, a fine gentleman that looks so good is a blessing in every aspects! Got the Maturity and charm and awesome attitude, he is the reward of good upbringing and cultures!!  Click here for Edward's video profile








Andy Lau Ye Xun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2854

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 71kg        DOB: 22 June 1959

Such fit and muscular gym guy that was once in a basketball school team and top his school for his level in education!  Such charm, perfect smile, he is the classic looks of awesomeness!! Wat a hunk!  Click here for Henry's video profile







Ang Pei Zhen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2853

Occupation: HR     Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 5 May 1989

Salsa Dancer, An Admin staff, a top University grad as well!!!!  Hmmm.. Dun you simply find this fine lady so gorgeous and awesome!! Super Nice is this lady and she has talent in acting!!! Click here for Pei Zhen's video profile







Lincoln Loh Chee Yong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2852

Occupation: Marketing Communication Manager    Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 13 March 1981

Lincoln! Nothing comes close to this awesome and very presentable matured guy!!! So very useful for all areas, smart and really quick in his wits and his presentation is really admirable!  Click here for Lincoln's video profile







Jiang Li Li (Artiste Package) 

Ref No: 2851

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 18 August 1992

Li Li is such a beautiful korean lookalike! Good attitude and really sweet, this lady really packs a punch in her!  Really YesMen amongst the ladies! Cool! Good acting  Click here for LiLi's video profile







Tevez Wong See Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2850

Occupation: Cook     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 2 Jan 1992

Tevez is what we will imagine as the pretty face hansome guy!  Very good look, very good attitude and very accomodating!   Really nice guy with great potentials!!   Click here for Tevez's video profile








Fiona Tan Ling Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2849

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 163.5cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 20 Sept 1995

Fiona is what we called the sweet sweet cute cute kind of lady but can be switched to matured roles as well!  Weet! What a sweet lady!!! Fantastic Baby!   Click here for Fiona's video profile








Lim Seen Suan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2848

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 6 Dec 1991

Seen Suan is what we called the very pleasant and good looking dude!  Very smart being in top university in Singapore,  we really have to give him a big round of applause!!i  Click here for Seen Suan's video profile








Taniel Bok Shi Liang  (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2847

Occupation: Hairstyling     Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 25 Sept 2847

Taniel is what we called the super shuai ge and handsome guy!   Really wonderful and really super good attitude.  This guy is definitely above par quality!  Super nice!  Click here for Taniel's video profile








Adelynn Wong (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2846

Occupation:  Student     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 15 June 1996

Super Hot Babe from one of the top Polytechnic in Singapore and very into touch rugby!!!  Really fantastic attitude and super can pose and got talent in acting!  Her smile is killer watts!   Wow Wee!!  Thumbs up for this wonderful lady!  Click here for Adelynn's video profile







Keith Lim Yong Khiang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2845

Occupation: Auditor     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 23 March 1976

Truely our honor to have such a youthful good looking matured guy in our team!!  Wonderful, and got hidden potential in this gentleman!   We find him really really nice and easy to work with for sure!   Click here for Keith's video profile







Wong Chian Jen (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2844

Occupation: Cook     Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 2 Oct 1992

Chian Jen is what we called the tall and handsome guy!   Really match up to our expectation, he got gifts in speech and drama! Smart and gifted and incredibly good attitude! We love him! Click here for Chian Jen's video profile







Candice Tay Sio Mui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2843

Occupation: Business Developement Manager      Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 56.6kg        DOB: 16 Dec 1972

Candice is what we called the amazing fine piece of art!   So delicate, so elegant, so beautiful and holding such a perfect wonderful posting for her.  Her character is what that stands out also!! We gives her some kudos pls!  Click here for Candice's video profile







Moses Lau Chen Xiang (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2842

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 85kg        DOB: 7 Nov 1988

When Looks matched up with acting skill, with total revamped by Steven Lim Kor Kor personally, this guy is definitely near to perfection now!   What a great attitude guy!!  Click here for Moses's video profile








Tiau Wei Kiat  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2841

Occupation: Production Staff    Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 13 March 1988

Wei Kiat is such an handsome and charming guy with great attitude!  Looks is important, with great attitude come greater responsibilities.... Good to have that!! Wow! Click here for Wei Kiat's video profile








Hong Wei Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2839

Occupation: Sales Manager      Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 9 Sept 1988

Wei Ming is what we called the handsome and super neat guy!! Very pleasant, very smart and adapt to situations damn well!   Going give this to this great guy!!! Wahahhahah! Nice!!  Click here for Wei Ming's video profile







Ge Kim Tian  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2838

Occupation: Hair Dresser     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 16 July 1987

Kim Tian is what we called the ultimate perfect guy! Can sing, can act and superbly good looking and good skin!! What a true combination of perfection!  We adore him!  Click here for  Kim Tian's video profile








Peggy Khor Pei Qi  (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2837

Occupation: Sales Coordinator    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 17 March 1986

Peggy is such a tall beautiful 美女~~~! Beautiful babe sia!   Very fine and pleasant looking and she really do have hidden potientials within herself.  God bless her plenty for being awesome!!  Click here for Peggy's video profile







Philemon Siew Boon Ee (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2836

Occupation: Civil Servant     Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 42kg        DOB: 9 Jan 1961

Philemon is what we called the handsome youthful Man in real life!  He looks so great, super good skin and with still handsome good baby face looks!!!  This really matured impressed us with his charm and amazing charisma.  Click here for Philemon's video profile







Lim Zhi Hao (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2833

Occupation: Consultant    Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 1 Dec 1982

Zhi Hao is such a handsome and good natured guy!   Very good attitude and yes, very patient, this guy is definitely is the rare good guy that pops out only once in a blue moon.  This is a very good SNAG!  Sensitive New Age Guy!  Woots!   Click here for Zhi Hao's video profile







Seth Khoo (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2832

Occupation: Manager      Hgt: 166cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 5 Feb 1987

Seth is what we called the really talented guy in singing, acting and talking.  This handsome dude really amazes us with his power and inquisitive mind!!   What we really need in the real entertainment media line is Seth!!   Click here for Seth's video profile







Wenny Seow Wen Yi (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2831

Occupation: Beauty Advisor      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 17 Jan 1989

Wenny is such a pretty babe!!!!  We are so mesmerized with her smile and charm!! This lady is definitely someone we should watch out for!   Really charming, cute and great attitude!!  Click here for Wenny's video profile







Michael Lim Wei Shiong (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2830

Occupation: Recruitment Consultant      Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 23 April 1987

This cool charming guy is what we called the definition of charming 帅哥! Wat a really adorable talented guy that has talents in Singing too!   Wow Nice!  Click here for Michael's video profile








Eddie Chong Chien Na (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2829

Occupation: Hairstylist     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 2 Nov 1987

Eddie is what we called the really good looking nice faced guy!   So fresh, skin so good and really makes us smile throughout our lives.  This guy packs some power in him!   Get excited!!   Click here for Eddie's video profile







Geraldine Tay Chuen Tse (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2828

Occupation: Regional Manager    Hgt: 154cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 4 August 1978

Geraldine is such a gorgeous matured and can be a no nonsense kind of lady, yet attractiveness exudes from her within.  This lady got class and yet can be very confident!   Really think she is awesome! Click here for Geraldine's video profile







Chen Zhen (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2827

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 44kg        DOB: 25 July 1992

Chen Zhen is what we called the super gorgeous lady!!  Wow, wow right? Fantastic smile, fantastic attitude and looks!   She has a gift, by being herself!!   Click here for Chen Zhen's video profile








Afizzul Bin Mohamad (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2826

Occupation: Customer Service     Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 8 Feb 1988

Afizzul is what we called the amazing and super talented guy that speaks multiple languages like Chinese, Malay and English!  Very very very good Bagus right?  We gonna say that he rox to the max!  Click here for Afizzul's video profile







Debbie dela Rosa Reyes (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2825

Occupation: Childcare Teacher     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 14 Nov 1992

Debbie is such an talented and well spoken lady that are so eloquent hot and voluptuous.  In excellent condition, this lady packed a surprise in her!!  Click here for Debbie's video profile








Tiao Cha Yong (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2824

Occupation: Meat Industry       Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 12 Jan 1994

Cha Yong is sueper super shuai super handsome! Basketballer and handsome and really sunny and really good skin, this guy really tops our list best...! Welcome!   Click here for Cha Yong's video profile








Lim Jiew Kwang (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2823

Occupation: Consultant      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 30 Jan 1988

Jiew Kwang is super good! super talented, very handsome and very awesome!  Really like his attitude and inquisitive mindset.  We are fully impressed by him!   He rox!  Click here for Jiew Kwang's video profile








Ma. Lourdes Plasabas (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2822

Occupation:  Cardiac Technologist      Hgt: 152cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 30 Dec 1989

Drop Dead Gorgeous looks and physique, this lady really packs something in her!   Very creative, talented and very articulate, this girl is the definition of wonders!!   Really good to be herself!  Click here for Lourdes's video profile







Jaynel Lim Mei Mei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2821

Occupation: Manager    Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 28 April 1984

Jaynel is what we called the supreme being that is really nice and actually very humorous also.  People that knows her well should agreed this and its really great having her in our team.  Really a thumb up for this extremely great lady!  Click here for Jaynel's video profile







Avril Du Lin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2820

Occupation: Sales and Shipping Coordinator    Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 47kg        DOB: 8 August 1987

Look at Avril Du, She is so pretty and hot!  Looking really comfortable in many angles and poses, she is definitely a strength to any company.  Woots!  Really good!   Click here for Avril's video profile








Christy Chia Marn Li (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2819

Occupation: Beauty Adviser      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 16 March 1996

Christy is looking so great!   Young, vibrant, spirited and really good to chat!   Positive character and such.   Great potentials in her for sure!   Weet..!  Click here for Christy's video profile








Mark Ong Kim Meng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2818

Occupation: Customer Service      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 89kg        DOB: 26 June 1986

Mark is of cos a hunky big sized beautiful matured guy!  Polite, presentable and really remarkable attitude.  This guy really got what it takes to be excellent.  Excellency!  Click here for Mark's video profile








Philip Liu Yong Lin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2817

Occupation: IT Engineer     Hgt: 179.5cm      Wgt: 80kg        DOB: 18 Sept 1987

Philip is what we called the tough, muscled basketballer.  Really warm and fun, this handsome dude is what we treasured and usually loved.  Great for all of us!!  Click here for Philip's video profile








Sean Chin Eng Seong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2816

Occupation: Sales      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 11 August 1985

Sean Chin is such beautiful handsome manly man that got great bods and chest!   Woots!   Fantastic is the word to describe him and his wonderful attitude is really nice!  Click here for Sean's video profile








Vincent Chong Ching Hua  Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2815

Occupation:  Masseur     Hgt: 183cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 13 July 1988

Year of Dragon handsome Man! 帅哥!!Absolutely awesome and really fantastic!   This guy got the looks, height and the potential to be anything!  Really proud of him!   Click here for Vincent's video profile








Allan Yuan Yong Ming (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2814

Occupation: Hotel Liner      Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 22 May 1991

Allan is such a tall and handsome fine man!   Suave, friendly and indeed very nice, this commendable gentleman is what we need in this kind of society..  Woots!  Click here for Allan's video profile








Yvonne Liew Kar Phing (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2813

Occupation: Auditor       Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 15 Dec 1991

Yvonne is not only a professional,  she got the attitude, flairs and the sweet smiles to conquer anything in the world.   Yvonne is what we called the great personality that enjoys swimming and dancing salsa too!!  Click here for Yvonne's video profile







Henry Teo Ah Herr (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2811

Occupation: Manager      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 17 June 1959

Henry is such a very matured handsome guy!   Look at how wonderful is him in his presentation and his poise.  Not that young, but still exudes the charm in everything he does!  Really good!  Click here for Henry's video profile







Dayne Ong Thiam Wah (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2810

Occupation: Stacker       Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 20 March 1991

Dayne is what we called the awesome looking guy!   Fabulous and good looking and gorgeous, definitely likeable by the mass.   Looking forward to a his bright future being fantastic and very good attitude!!  Click here for Dayne's video profile







Vyin Tan Seoh Yen(Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2809

Occupation: Accountant      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 21 July 1987

Vyin is what we classified as a wonderful princess.  Tall, hot and yet suave and very versatile too.  With modelling background since her younger days,  Vyin is going to present a wonderful picture for all to enjoy.  She is great in acting skills too!!   Click here for Vyin's video profile








Kenny Lim Kian Peng  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2808

Occupation:  Casino Server      Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 15 June 1981

Kenny is such a shuai and cool looking guy!   Lean, fit and got great muscles veins on his arms, this very good attitude guy deserves a pat on his shoulder.  Woots!  All the best to you guys!   Click here for Kenny's video profile








Michael Ting Tien Keng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2807

Occupation: Restaurant Manager      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 31 May 1972

Michael is what we called the biggest humble man in history.  His handsome outlook pleases us so much and really is definitely good enough for matured characters.   Really pleased with him!  Great!  Click here for Michael's video profile







Abraham Wu Nuoya (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2806

Occupation: NSF    Hgt: 184cm      Wgt: 84kg        DOB: 19 Jan 1993

Abraham is what we called the fantastic baby!!  Really good looking hunky and really fantastic attitude.  Not only that, he can act and present!  Really Nice Nice!!  Click here for Abraham's video profile







Ling Shao Ann (Artiste Package)      

Ref No: 2805

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 177cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 16 August 1993

Shao Ann is what we called the the awesome guy in the making.   We definitely can see the strong potentials in him!!  What a wonderful guy!   Click here for Shao Ann's video profile









Wendy Wang Hong (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2804

Occupation: Designer      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 56kg        DOB: 8 May 1989

Wendy is what we called the fantastic baby!  Really cute and adorable and tall, this is what we called the true beauty in a really nice and kind person!   Wonderful selection!  Click here for Wendy's video profile








Edric Choo Poo Liang (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2803

Occupation: Architect     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 20 April 1976

Matured Dragon Guy!  Always go to the gym, very fit and strong, this guy really pack a punch in him!   Really amazing guy with great attitude skill.  No Joke.  Wonderful and definitely useful for matured and manly roles!!   Click here for Edric's video profile








Lin Jian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2802

Occupation: Masseur        Hgt: 182cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 25 Feb 1987

Lin Jian is what we called the amazing basketballer who is handsome, nice and really good attitude.  He looks like an Asian Popstar!  Really love this man! With such talents, he can be at the top!   Click here for Lin Jian's video profile








Chew Min Xiong Wittawat (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2801

Occupation: F & B Hotel       Hgt: 184cm      Wgt: 100kg        DOB: 3 Jan 1995

Min Xiong!!! is a very attractive very strong and very tough and tall man!   Very sturdy and really amazing,  he also got talents for acting!!  Really good to have got him in our team!   Nice and definitely comes in handy.....!  Click here for Min Xiong's video profile








Chua Teck Beng  (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2800

Occupation: Pharmacist     Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 53kg           DOB: 3 April 1986

Teck Beng is in our wish list comes true.  Matured, looks matured, neat tidy handsome and holy!   This guy is the definition a good calibre man should hope for and be like.  Really best attitude!!  Click here for Teck Beng's video profile








Wendy Gan Siew Onn (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2799

Occupation: Hair Stylist / Make Up Artist       Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 7 March 1971

Wendy is what the super talented lady!  Professional in Hair styling and Make Up, this lady should be very good for all events that requires his matured looks and perhaps for her expertise.   Well maintained jie jie....   Cheers for her!!  Click here for Wendy's video profile








Dewi Yunny Bte Abdullah (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2798

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 155cm      Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 11 Jan 1996

Dewi, awesomely pretty is the first words that came into our mind when we saw her.  Really stunning and really good at presentations, she has the wisdom of gold and the demureness of fine lady!  Click here for Dewi's video profile








Angela Ba Yan Liu (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2797

Occupation: Student      Hgt: 171cm      Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 18 June 1996

What a cutie, what a gorgeous lady that can sing and looks matured and decent too!  Good Attitude is also her strength and we simply adore her very much!!   SImply great!  Click here for Angela's video profile








Kenny E Ang Kong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2796

Occupation: Assistant Supervisor          Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 12 Sept 1974

Kenny E Is what we called the matured handsome looking guy! So cool, so awesome and really good for matured role for sure!!  We are proud of him!!   Click here for Kenny E's video profile








Yvonne Wong Kai Xin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2795

Occupation: Marketing     Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 14 April 1982

Yvonne is such a talented beauty and artiste.  She has vast experiences when she is younger and extremely natural and at ease infront of the camera.  Really best for medis we said!!  Click here for Yvonne's video profile







Wong Chyong Lee (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2794

Occupation: Security Officer     Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 30 March 1973

Chyong Lee is what a tall matured kor kor that really pack a punch.  Really manly and friendly, this guy is really good for any matured roles that required his and his acting.   Really proud of him as a human being!  Good!  Click here for Chyong Lee's video profile







Chrisis Koh Sok Choo (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2792

Occupation: Salesgirl       Hgt: 156cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 11 April 1978

Chrisis is what we called the perfect matured lady.  Her sweet looks, her wonderful smile, her gorgeous nature and good attitude is incomparable.  Really looking forward working with her together! Yay!  Click here for Chrisis's video profile







Joanne Ooi Siow Ling (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2791

Occupation: Asst Restaurant Manager    Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 21 Dec 1980

Joanne is what we called the awesome lady in the making, trendy, good image, sunny smile and wonderful character.  She got such great character!!  What has happened to angel?  Click here for  Joanne's video profile







John Chung Toh Yuen (Artiste Package) 

Ref No: 2790

Occupation: Baker     Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 76kg        DOB: 29 August 1993

John is what we called the really handsome guy!  The skin is good and in tip top condition, and can act!!!  This guy got talent!!!   We are super amazed by him!!   Click here for John's video profile








Eddie Tan Fong Nean (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2789

Occupation: Hair Stylist     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 82kg        DOB: 22 Sept 1989

Eddie, tough, handsome, tall and a body builder!!  Wow!!   What a gorgeous human being, his attitude is what we called the excellent definition of perfection!  Woah Yay!! This is a Gem!  Click here for Eddie's video profile







Lim Chong Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2787

Occupation: IT Support     Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 12 Jan 1990

When the storm has to stir,  we have a protector of the Universe.  Chong Yi's wonderful character and attitude is really what we called the significant value as good as Gold.   We value you, Chong Yi!  Click here for Chong Yi's video profile







Ng Sze Keong  (Artiste Package)       

Ref No: 2786

Occupation:  Chef     Hgt: 182cm      Wgt: 87kg        DOB: 27 July 1989

Sze Keong is a big sized tall burly fellow that is definitely good for sturdy and steady matured character.   Steady like a rock, we can see the potential in this matured fellow!  Click here for Sze Keong's video profile








Solomon Sim Sze Jin (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2785

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 10 June 1993

Solomon is what we called the fantastic rocking wholesome guy that looks matured, a pop star attitude guy that is also very sporting and gaming.   YOLO! Life is short!  He said......yes, we only live once! Click here for Solomon's video profile







Lewis Tang Sheng Long (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2784

Occupation: Motivator    Hgt: 181cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 2 March 1988

Lewis is such a tall handsome guy!  Very proficient in shoots and etc.  This awesome motivator really makes the lives of many people a better one.   Very positive attitude too!  Click here for Lewis's video profile








Elinda Ng Ngee Eng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2783

Occupation: Patient Service Associate       Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: -          DOB: 24 Oct 1967

Looking thru the eyes of Elinda,  a classy, very talented lady.   Got talents in acting and speak really well and enjoy the joy of singing.   This lady should scale new heights...  Good acting skills....! Click here for Elinda's video profile







Chadwich Yeo Wei Hock (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2782

Occupation: Accounts Manager      Hgt: 166cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 24 April 1963

Chadwich is a matured stylish guy holding a really professional job!   Really good in conversing and presenting his thoughts, this kor kor is wat we called one of the best guys in town!!   Woots!!  Click here for Chadwich's video profile







David Chong Meng Kuen (Super Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2781

Occupations: Resident Officer   Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 61kg      DOB:  6 Nov 1961

David is a great Brother to everyone!  A moral support, a spiritual leader and a wonderful teacher.  Calm, Zai and very handsome, still looking great over the years!! Wow!! We really are so proud of him!  Click here for David's video profile!















God Tan Wee Ping (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2780

Occupation: Artiste       Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 75kg        DOB: 17 Feb 1977

Looking thru the eyes of God,  We see a very determined and awesome talented guy!   Packed with acting training course over the years, this guy really is someone we should marked him down as a good calibre for any types of roles.  Click here for God's video profile







Lee Kean Khai (Super Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2779

Occupations: Software Engineer   Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 55kg      DOB:  21 April 1988

Kean Khai is a very beautiful gorgeous looking guy!!!  Really positive fantastic attitude.  His handsome looks really should charm all the people along the way.  Very pleasant looking!!  Click here for Kean Khai's video profile!














Sylvia Ling Shing Yia (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2778

Occupation: Beautician       Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 6 December 1990

Sylvia is what the premier of the good natured and great beauty!   Really good attitude and jovial character, this wonderful lady deserves a medal for excellence! Wow!  Click here for Sylvia's video profile








Alice Yen Ru Yu (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2777

Occupation: Sales Advisor    Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 6 April 1988

Alice is such a beautiful lady!!! Wonderfully sculpted, really good attitude and a fantastic character, she is wat we called the real built of beauty and great shape!   Thumbs up!  Click here for Alice's video profile








Cindy Ong Peck Heo (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2776

Occupation: Technical Coordinator Manager  Hgt: 150cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 29 July 1963

Cindy is such a big spirited lady!   Always so jovial, with a big smile, she is the meaning of true spirit and a big big heart!  This lady is what we named the very well beings !   Really impressed by her!  Great for roles that need her maturity!!  Click here for Cindy's video profile







Leong Chee Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2775

Occupation: Jewellery Designer      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 12 Oct 1991

Chee Wei is such a borned talented guy!  Very good in designing and arts, we could only extend our hands and give this wonderful guy a big round applause.   He is really good!  Click here for Chee Wei's video profile








Andrew Hoon Bing Hong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2773

Occupation: Customer Service       Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 90kg        DOB: 3 July 1988

Andrew is what we called the upright gentle big guy.  Mesmerizing smile and attitude, this charming guy could only be known as a super gentleman.   Great for matured roles!!  Click here for Andrew's video profile








Ng Cheng Siah (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2772

Occupation: Merchandiser     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 61kg        DOB: 25 Dec 1967

Cheng Siah is a matured guy that has the charm, the charisma.  Need a matured guy, this guy simply fits wat you are looking for.   Great for all events!  His patience and good attitude comes from fishing and basketball!   Click here for Cheng Siah's video profile







Adeline Oon (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2771

Occupation: Nurse      Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 21 Oct `1977

Adeline is such a classy gorgeous looking lady!   So calm, poised and really know how to present herself well, this wonderful lady is in tip top condition for sure.   Give this lady a beer!  Click here for Adeline's video profile







Chong Kong Ming (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2770

Occupation: Technician       Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 68kg        DOB: 8 August 1990

Kong Ming is such a fit looking guy with muscles veins on her biceps and very tight.   Such a humble and yet beautiful creation with great attitude !   Simply good!  Click here for Kong Ming's video profile








Dante Low Chen Haw (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2769

Occupation: Hair Stylist      Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 60kg        DOB: 31 August 1983

Dante is not only an stylish hair stylist.  He knows how to style his hair well, knows how to dress well and knows how to present himself well.   Wat is simply the greatness in him....!  Click here for Dante's video profile








Vanessa Lim (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2768

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 15 July 1995

Vanessa is such lovely and sweet babe that sparkle in front of a camera.   Her fine deposition and funny character is what we called mesmerizing and charming!   Great personality!  Click here for Vanessa's video profile







Jacob Choy (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2766

Occupation: NSF      Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 77kg        DOB: 22 Jan 1995

Jacob is simply a Macho guy that has the charm and the ability to perform!  A high enthusiast and great spirited guy, this guy really exude confidence and poise!  Well done, guy!! Click here for Jacob's video profile








Sean Foong Guo An (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2765

Occupation: NSF       Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 12 Jan 1994

This is a super shuai super handsome Sean Foong!  Fit, masculine and really good attitude.  This sporty guy is super well liked by people thats for sure! Kudos to him!!  Great attitude!  Click here for Sean's video profile








Teng Horm Earm (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2764

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 185cm      Wgt: 115kg        DOB: 7 Nov 1991

When a big guy is needed, this manly jovial gentleman definitely comes in place and in handy.  All types of roles needs different types of looks and requirement.  This is effective talent scouting.... Fantastic...!  Click here for Horm Earm's video profile







Frederick Lee Yew Wee  (Artiste Package)       

Ref No: 2762

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 173cm      Wgt: 90kg        DOB: 3 June 1992

Power guy is what we called Frederick Lee.  Strong, tough and sturdy, this manly eye pleasing guy is simply good attitude and really we gonna give him a thumb up!! Click here for Frederick's video profile.








Darius Tan Jun Rong  Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2761

Occupation:  Civil Servant     Hgt: 182cm      Wgt: 78kg        DOB: 1 Jan 1986

Darius is what we called the amazing fantastic attitude looking guy that goes to the gym and he got really got talents.  Very articulate with very positive energy attitude, any organization is damn honored to have him.  Really good character!!   Click here for Darius's video profile







John Be Yah Jun (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2760

Occupation: Baker     Hgt: 185cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 8 May 1991

When the tall guy really amazes the fun time out of the blue, this handsome dude that looks like Jap and Korean really got what it takes to be great!  Thumbs up to him!  Click here for John's video profile







Choe Kelvin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2759

Occupation: Regular       Hgt: 174cm      Wgt: 72kg        DOB: 20 May 1989

Kelvin is simply one of a kind handsome.  Can really be fierce and fantastically artistic, this suave looking guy is the definition of certain greatness.   He rox!  Click here for Kelvin's video profile








Han Ya Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2758

Occupation: Customer Service     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 18 June 1990

Ya Jie is what we called the ultimate beauty in great form!   Can act, perfect skin and really pleasant to the eyes.   She is certainly a great choice in being fantastic choice for any roles!  Wow!  Click here for Ya Jie's video profile






Loo Yoke Heng (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2756

Occupation:  Engineer     Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 10 May 1985

Yoke Heng is what we called the fantastic matured guy that deserves a pat on his shoulder.  Fantastic cooperative attitude and wonderful  pleasant image, we can see he is really great!   Good job, Loo!  Click here for Yoke Heng's video profile







Andy Chew Hock Boon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2755

Occupation: PA      Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 31 May 1980

Andy is what we called the fantastic matured looking guy we all have been spotting for.  Born in year 1980, his maturity and his face is simply the best of its kind!  Great choice!  Click here for Andy's video profile








Leong Guo Feng (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2754

Occupation: Student       Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 8 Feb 1992

Guo Feng is wat we called the super kid!!! An army Officer, yet super talented in his acting skill, after being honed in acting in theatre.  He is super talented lah! Super eloquent in Mandarin and English too!!  Click here for Guo Feng's video profile








Sally Zhou (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2753

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 25 August 1994

Sally is such a talented and beautiful lady!! Clever, intelligent and acted as main lead for theatre acting.  Wow!  She is really a classic, such admiration and wonderful!!  Click here for Sally's video profile








Matthew Lim Tzi Kun (Artiste Package)    HP: 96988518

Ref No: 2752

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 73kg        DOB: 15 April 1996

Matthew is what we called the swimmer built guy that enjoys going to swimming.  Great physique and tall and really handsome.  Dunno what happens that makes him so gorgeous!  seriously!!!   Click here for Matthew's video profile







Lim Shi-Min (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2751

Occupation: Marketing Manager    Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 67kg        DOB: 26 April 1975

Shi-Min is such a tall gorgeous elegant matured lady.  You know what, if we are looking for a gorgeous matured good looking lady, we will definitely give it to Shi-Min beautiful girl!   Click here for Shi-Min's video profile







Yvonne Tan Syn Yi (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2750

Occupation:  Beauty Advisor      Hgt: 169cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 22 Nov 1989

Yvonne is a super terrifically hot lady that is tall nearing to 170cm!   This babe gives tips on how to be beautiful like her as well.   Her face gives her an edge to in the media.  Lets welcome this 超美女! Click here for Yvonne's video profile







Timothy Tham Yew Fai  (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2748

Occupation: NSF     Hgt: 175cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 5 Oct 1995

Timothy is a fit tall musculine guy that has the potential for anything in the wall.   Really remarkable, humble and really bring the smile to others faces....  Click here for Timothy's video profile








Denyse Tan  (Artiste Package)       

Ref No: 2747

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 22 May 1996

Denyse is such a great and gorgeous and youthful and trendy lady!   Such great charm and speaks good english, she enjoys lan gaming and really the leader of the pack.  Fantastic!!i  Click here for Denyse's video profile







Tan Sze Wei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2746

Occupation: Engineer          Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 22 Jan 1990

Sze Wei is tall handsome and beautiful man that is really so beautiful and charming with a bit of Western face in him.   We really clap for him because he is born so handsome.  Thumbs up!  Click here for Sze wei's video profile








Koh Peng Yeong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2745

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 165cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 11 Jan 1992

Peng Yeong is what we called the really refined looking super pleasant super well liked guy we have ever seen before.  Humble and yet easy to work along with, he is really one of the rare good kind in this society.  Thumbs up!!  Click here for Peng Yeong's video profile







Johnston Seow Jun Kuan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2744

Occupation: Finance Executive         Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 21 July 1983

Johnston is what we called the pretty and tall handsome guy!   Really charming, can act and got slight prior acting experiences before he joined our team.   Really thumbs up for charm.  He looks like media artiste Xiong Jun very much!  Click here for Johnston's video profile







Layton Teo Uchun (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2743

Occupation: Guest Services Ambassador      Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 85kg        DOB: 28 Sept 1984

Layton is such a big sized fit fit wonderfully pleasantly looking matured guy!!!!  Should be a very useful right guy for any matured role!   Yes, he could act and present himself very well!!!  Click here for Layton's video profile







Annabelle Chok Choon Al (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2742

Occupation: Service Line      Hgt: 153cm      Wgt: 43kg        DOB: 8 April 1972

Wonderful gracious matured lady! Humble, polite and yet sporting.  This lady is such a rare gem in the media industry.  She definitely owns us!  Click here for Annabelle's video profile








Linda Kay (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2741

Occupation: Retailer      Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 9 Dec 1977

Wow! Do you think she is pretty? Linda is a charming and nice lady that has the pleasant aura in her.  Fantastic really with great personality!  Click here for Linda's video profile








Bell Low Siew Hui (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2740

Occupation: Hair Stylist     Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 30 Oct 1990

Bell is a totally gorgeous and tall lady!  Totally absolutely charming and definitely create an instant attention in all occasions.  Fantastic!!   Click here for Bell's video profile








William Koh Chee Wei (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2739

Occupation: Stock Broker       Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 70kg        DOB: 29 March 1980

William Koh is simply the matured looking guy we are looking for.  Pleasant handsome especially for his age.   Charming awesome guy for sure! He is friendly too!  Click here for William's video profile







Jasmine Sin Jia Min (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2738

Occupation: Admin Clerk     Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 14 June 1995

Chio girl in the making, this beautiful girl got modeling and photoshoot experiences prior to any, she got the looks and poise.  With just simple make-up, she is dead gorgeous...  Great for all roles and such!  Click here for Jasmine's video profile







Jeffrey Loy Seuy Yang (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2737

Occupation: Engineer       Hgt: 173m      Wgt: 82kg        DOB: 25 August 1979

Jeffrey got the manly matured burly pose as a warrior.   Tough and strong, this matured attractive guy is certainly up for grabs.   Worth the mention!!  Click here for Jeffrey's video profile








Cherie Chang Yi Wai (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2736

Occupation: Sales     Hgt: 157cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 1 March 1995

Cherie is what we called the incredibly adorable and hot lady.  Pretty, charming, excellent attitude, she is the prime of the pack.  Thumbs up for this lady!!   Click here for Cherie's video profile








Yumi Lee Li Ying (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2735

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 2 Feb 1996

Li Ying is what we called one of the most beautiful cosplayer in Singapore!!  Tall, pretty, can pose and spontaneous and super have talent in acting.   Really fantastic lady...!!! We think she is awesome!!  Click here for  Yumi's video profile







Justina Ho Yuen Fong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2734

Occupation: Secretary    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 16 Jan 1965

Justina Jie Jie is very very matured and still look so gorgeous and elegant! I am not joking, used to model before, and have experiences in posing, she is really an incredible seletion!  Click here for Justina's video profile







Nicole Gwendalene Sax Nielsen  (Artiste Package)       

Ref No: 2733

Occupation:  Office Manager     Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 62kg        DOB: 29 Nov 1972

Nicole is what we called the amazing lady manager that likes dancing too!   Lots of fashion shows experiences when she was younger.  She has the poise the grace and the maturity we need the most!  Click here for Nicole's video profile







Lindy Gho Siok Loh (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2732

Occupation: Property Agent          Hgt: 159cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 5 march 1961

Clara is a beautiful elegant mummy!  Taken part in pageant before as well as beautiful mummy, she got the poise and the wonderful attitude to be in the media.   She is really an amazing mum! Click here for Clara's video profile







Iris Ang Hang Nee (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2731

Occupation: Customer Service Executive     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 63kg        DOB: 27 Feb 1984

Iris is what we called the voluptuous babe of the new Town.  From an island of amazing history,  she is the tribute to awesomeness and greatness!!  Click here for Iris's video profile








Adrian Ong Chee Wei (Artiste Package) 

Ref No: 2730

Occupation: IT support       Hgt: 172cm      Wgt: 58kg        DOB: 14 Oct 1984

Adrian is such a matured manly Man.  IT support specialist, this fine looking guy definitely rises up to the occasion when needed for sure.  Give the man a glass of Titles!!  Click here for Adrian's video profile








Tan Boon Huay (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2728

Occupation: Quality Assurance    Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 83kg        DOB: 13 Nov 1976

Boon Huay is so shocking!!!  She can act so well !!!   Can speak so well too!!!  We are at loss of words with this incredible sweet cute looking Boon Huay Lady.  Welcome aboard!!  Click here for Boon Huay's video profile








Sarina Chua Shin Tung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2727

Occupation: Finance    Hgt: 163cm      Wgt: 50kg        DOB: 15 August 1989

Sarina is what we called the super gorgeous babe with talents in acting which she mentioned!  Yup, she really can delivered the act well beautifully! Attitude is definitely very important in a person and we must always keep to an agreement and promises, just like our agency could deliver. Click here for Sarina's video profile







Shanice Tan (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2726

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 22 July 1997

Shanice is such an adorable and cute and great attitude lady.   Born to be unique and matured thinking, she really amaze us with her great personality!!   Awesome lady!  Click here for Shanice's video profile








Jackson Chen Wei (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2725

Occupation: Sales   Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 52kg        DOB: 20 Nov 1989

Jackson is what we called the beautiful kid on the block.  Got manners, got good attitude and talents for acting.  Really great!!! Fantastic!!!  Really good! Click here for Jackson's video profile








Eileen Au Jia Ling (Artiste Package)   

Ref No: 2724

Occupation: Property Salesperson    Hgt: 162cm      Wgt: 59kg        DOB: 20 July 1982

Eileen is what we called the wonderful gorgeous looking property salesperson.   Really good in presenting herself,  very good at poses, very pro active.  We really think she is great!  Click here for Eileen's video profile








Li Keran  Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2723

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 168cm      Wgt: 49kg        DOB: 27 March 1991

Keran is a tall and elegant beauty that has the awesome decent looks to being perfect.  Studying in iversity.  She is what we called the chosen one.   Fantastic!   Click here for Keran's video profile








Benny Lau Wei Keong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2722

Occupation: Safety Coordinator    Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 55kg        DOB: 27 Feb 1982

Benny owns a 1700cc class 2 huge motorcycle !   He is really really cool super can act and super talented and suave and matured age!!  A definite need for any good looking matured roles for sure!  Click here for  Benny's video profile







Ren Meng Qian (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2721

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 46kg        DOB: 21 July 1992

Meng Qian is what we called the excellent wonderful very presentable lady! Impressive.   Good natured and good tempered, she is good!  Click here for Meng Qian's video profile








Evan Seah Kim Woei (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2720

Occupation: Engineering Specialist       Hgt: 183cm      Wgt: 72kg           DOB: 3 Feb 1979

Evan is what a tall 183cm hunky matured guy!  If you are looking for a matured guy, this guy is someone u need to watch out about his coolness and shuai... Wonderful usage!  Click here for Evan's video profile







Jeph Koh Pei Liang (Artiste Package) 

Ref No: 2719

Occupation: Tutor       Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 84kg        DOB: 20 Dec 1985

Jeph is what we called the compact masculine guy in town.  Looks abit like popular artiste Sze Cai, his many demeanour stands up from the rest of the pack!  Great! Click here for Jeph's video profile








Lim Xin Hui  Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2718

Occupation:  Student      Hgt: 160cm      Wgt: 48kg        DOB: 5 July 1993

A girl that is so elegant and attractive and smiley.  She also studied in the top uni of Singapore!   Her smile is really gorgeous..  Truthfully speaking!   Click here for Xin Hui's video profile







Lai Li Yi (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2717

Occupation: Student    Hgt: 167cm      Wgt: 45kg        DOB: 27 December 1991

Li Yi is such a tall and beautiful lady!  Whats going on with this lady is her great attitude and her wonderful charm and smile!   Great refined lady!  Click here for Li Yi's video profile








Keith Jayden Fernandez (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2716

Occupation: -         Hgt: 176cm      Wgt: 66kg        DOB: 18 March 1993

Tall and tanned good looking Chinese Guy that taking a degree at the top Uni in Singapore!  Sometimes cool, sometimes happy, this guy is what we meant as the perfect combination!!  Click here for Keith's video profile







Rivena Chien Lay Hoon (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2715

Occupation: Hair Stylist     Hgt: 161cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 26 June 1981

Rivena is a pretty lady that can really act!   Aspire to be in the entertainment, she also wants to be successful in the hair styling industry.  Best of luck to her!  Click here for Rivena's video profile








Felix Tay Wen Jie (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2714

Occupation: Engineer    Hgt: 178cm      Wgt: 64kg        DOB: 30 July 1988

Felix seriously got potential in acting!!!!! Woah, never expect we can dig out this fantastic potential masculine cool guy from somewhere.   Really good! See how good he act after just a few guides!     Click here for Felix's video profile







Christina Tan Yi Xin (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2713

Occupation: Student     Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 27 Feb 1995

Christina wow, look at this angel!!! Korean looking, gorgeously built and shaped, good attitude, we got what a piece that is called a master piece!!  Click here for Christina's video profile








Jake Chin Keng Chung (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2712

Occupation: Chef     Hgt: 179cm      Wgt: 65kg        DOB: 17 June 1986

Jake looks like one of the famous actor of Singapore, Shawn.   Tall handsome, got shape and very good attitude and can act naturally.   He is what we called the great choice!! wow!l Click here for Jake's video profile







Low Khee Chuan (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2711

Occupation: Secretary       Hgt: 180cm      Wgt: 74kg        DOB: 3 Feb 1977

Khee Chuan is what we called the tall and handsome guy from Planet Earth!  Super can act too very neat and pleasant!  Woots!   We like him so much!  Click here for Khee Chuan's video profile








Janelle Gu Yi Fei (Artiste Package)     

Ref No: 2710

Occupation: -            Hgt: 166cm      Wgt: 54kg        DOB: 27 Nov 1981

Tall, pretty, great figure Janelle should be very useful for all acting and commercial occasions when they need a pretty hot figurine for any events.  Acting is very good too!   Click here for Janelle's video profile







Kensy Sutopo Lai Hwa (Artiste Package) 

Ref No: 2708

Occupation:  Sole Proprietor (Restaurant Owner)     Hgt: 164cm      Wgt: 45.5kg       DOB: 21 April 1959

Kensy is what we called the elegant beautiful awesome lady that owns posh restaurant!  Wow! We are very impressed! Origins from Indonesia, this lady really charm us with her outmost positive outlook for life! Great!  Click here for Kensy's video profile







Bernice Voon Bee Hui (Artiste Package)  

Ref No: 2707

Occupation: Cosmetic       Hgt: 170cm      Wgt: 51kg        DOB: 8th Sept 1990

Bernice is what is what we called the tall super babe!   So pretty, eyes big big, good figure and confirm can act.   Lovely smiles and great attitude.  Take your pick!   Click here for Bernice's video profile







Lim Pei Yong (Artiste Package)    

Ref No: 2706

Occupation: Sales    Hgt: 158cm      Wgt: 53kg        DOB: 27 Dec 1989

Pei Yong is what called the hot and shapely lady and with good skin tone! Good attitude and act naturally, she got talents!  Great choice!