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Singapore Superstar Steven Lim Shoots Asian Big Movie With Megastar Gao Lin Feng 高凌风 & 夏克立!


"Steve Jobs, Rest In Peace!" Tribute Song To U By Big Fan, Steven Lim


Steven Lim Cutting His Long Hair for 3 / 4 Years!!! Teaching You How To Cut Your Own Hair Tutorial!


Steven Lim 哥哥Sleeping and Caught on Video Camera and practices singing Mariah Carey " I Wanna Know What Love is"


Steven Lim 哥哥 Music Video Birthday Present to the Father of Singapore, MM Lee Kuan Yew!

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Steven Lim 哥哥 Practises Singing Air Supply Classic's "Goodbye" and hop around in Playground!  (HD)

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<我家进贼了〉 超极搞笑版!! "My house got broken into!" Steven Lim 哥哥 tries learn singing Idol 张慧妹“记得“

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Steven Lim 哥哥-谁能包养这只会唱歌跳舞的“小鸟”吗?

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Steven Lim 哥哥至给: 一位我一年还无法忘怀的女生....

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Steven Lim哥哥赞扬Ris Low 的美和跳Michael Jackson 的“Smooth Criminal"

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New! See super handsome Steven Lim digs his nose! Exclusive!! 看大帅哥Steven Lim 哥哥挖鼻孔!

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New!Steven Lim's terrible Big Pimple on his neck!! Feel like killing myself!!!


New!Steven Lim哥哥大送$5000奖金!Steven Lim $5000 cash giveaway!  Note: Applicants must write in thru email with your pictures or sms to apply to participate!!!
注:参赛者须电邮附加照片或发简讯报名才能参加!  Direct link:


New!Steven Lim哥哥爱唱范晓萱好歌 “眼泪 ”  Steven Lim leisurely sings fantastic oldies!!!


美女暗念马来西亚男生,安安! 超级大表白!Hot Babe Love Confession!       

大家快让安安知道她是喜欢他的! 做做好事, 搓和再续这个情缘!把这DV网址发出去!





Pls subscribe to my youtube video channel: "sghunk1976" if you like it. 请订阅我的视频播道。 THANK YOU!  


Steven Lim trying to sing Aerosmith's I Dun Wanna Miss A Thing (Keyboard Singing)


A lot people thought that it is that easy to sing and play keyboard at the same time especially for someone like me who self taught keyboard. Dun believe you try it yourself.  I only have 5 mins rehearsal.

For my original power of this song, below is my acapella of the song.  I bet you can feel the difference when i could concentrate on singing the song. 

Yes, White Men Can Jump!  Yellow Men Can Sing Too!  I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing Acapella.


我们是中国人"   歌曲诚意献给2008奥林比克在北京!                                                



Steven Lim singing "财神到" - Must watch!



Steven Lim leisurely singing 万芳"新不了情" and tries a bit of keyboard



Steven Lim's Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Season Greetings Video E-Card !!!!   圣诞新年快乐!




Steven Lim leisurely singing Ang Moh song in bathroom!!!! Super Entertaining!!  冲凉唱歌




Steven Lim's video clips

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1) Steven Lim's Singapore Idol Performance <= Got this web link from a Malaysian Forum.  I was shocked!

2) Steven Lim's Amazing Beatbox Singing <= Guaranteed Amazing n Jaw Dropping!! LOL! This video clip's direct address link is:



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