"Find Steven Lim" Digital Photo Contest

Latest Event!!!!!  Steven Lim's Nation Wide "Find Steven Lim" Digital Photo Contest is now open to all Singaporeans and PR of all ages for registration!!!! Get your digital cameras and mobile phone cams ready!!!! Participant simply just need to take three photographs Together With Steven Lim in three different places & times with Steven Lim wearing different attire (just different tops will do) and each time you take a picture with him, remember to ask him for an autograph with the exact date of photo taking on a piece of paper as proof (total collect 3 autographs on any papers).  Thus, all you need to do is to take three pics, develop/"wash" the pictures to 4R sized real photos in any photo developing shops and collect three of his original autographs, and send it to us together with the downloaded, printed and completed application form which you can download  here and join in the great fun!  The best entry that is chosen by Steven Lim will be the overall winner. Entries that Steven Lim like will also be posted on the web at this section to be appreciated by people around the world concurrently during this period and they stand a higher chance of being picked as the overall winner.  So send in your entries ASAP!!!  There is no limit to times of participating.  For further details, please refer to the form.  Closing date is strictly on 30th June 2005 and definitely there will be a winner takes all.  No registration fee needed!!!!


Winner: Cash prize of $500 SIN Dollars with autographed book written by Steven Lim, titled Steven Lim, the street eyebrow plucker.

For any enquiries, pls call us at 93857300 or email us at lep76@singnet.com.sg


Attention to all budding photographers!!

2nd hand 3 mega-pixels Sony DSC-F505V for sales at only SIN$230!!!

   Seller: A good friend of Steven Lim

Read reviews and specs by clicking this link

Package include : Konix UV filter, 64mb memory stick, 32mb memory stick. Battery lifespan is out, but after recharge can still shoot up to 15min. (A new battery can be bought under SIN$80 and it will work like brand new!!!).  Basically, it is in very good condition.  Cable and Charger etc included. 
Instruction menu left only Chinese menu. Has lost English menu.  Selling because just got a $3,500 8mega pixel cam.
Seller gives 1 month personal warranty.  Selling only at SIN$230.  He bought the camera 3 years ago at SIN$1,500.  Dun miss the good offer!  Call Steven Lim at 93857300.



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