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Chin Up Best Personal Record

(as on 15 Nov 2018): 25


(11月15日2018 记录)

Evidence 证据请点看

Super Strength! How many can you do?!




Punishment Knock It Down Push Ups

Personal Best Record in 49 Seconds

(as on 22 Sept 2019) :   120

本人体罚式掌上压四十九秒最佳记录: 120

Evidence 证据请点看

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Artistes/ Disciples in training actions at Previous Potong Pasir Classroom, Our New Dec 2018 Classes will start at our new

 location in Orchard Road(乌节路).




Artistes/ Disciples in training actions at our new Professional Training facility at Orchard Road! (乌节路专业训练设施



Attention! Join our inclusive FREE fat burning Fun personal training for singing, dancing and kickboxing hybrid workshops

for all my Existing Artistes/ Disciples!  Goals for sexy abs, fitness and wellness TRAINED BY mUAY tHAI cHAMPION/

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意! 快快加入!全部新旧艺人都会有免费健身,唱歌,跳舞,拳脚击混合训练课机会! 一起好玩练出性感腹肌和好身材!

有已加入艺人无需额外付加费塑身一律欢迎!!训练由泰拳冠军与资深健身教练steven lim 哥哥指导!新的2018

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27 Jan 2018 (Sunday) Hybrid Artiste Fitness Class 艺人健身混合训练班 

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Steven Lim Kor Kor Races with his disciples!!! Steven 和学员精彩比赛!!!



必看! 24 Feb 2019 (Sunday) Hybrid Artiste Fitness Class 艺人健身混合训练班 

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Steven Lim Kor Kor Vs Reservist Policemen Friendly Match!!! Steven Lim

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20 Years Old Law Enforcer (执法人员)Vs 43 岁Steven Lim Kor Kor (前陆战步队连队最佳军人)

Friendly Race!!!

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Everyone that joins my team guaranteed become fitter, stronger, leaner and able

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Steven Lim一个一个耐心快速教导。。一个个都变壮了,连59岁的学员都变特Fit 了,

全都会唱歌跳舞Kickbox了!真厉害!不是盖的!Use your eyes and see for yourself!!

你有比Steven他fit吗?! 好听吗?





必看!  3 November 2019 (Sunday) Hybrid Artiste Fitness Class 艺人健身混合训练班 

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30 Years Old Cammando 敢死队员 Vs

43 Years Old Former Combat Unit 前陆战部队 Steven Lim Kor Kor!






And Our 8th April 2018 Artiste Training Workshop Viral Video 疯传视频 as SEEN & FEATURED

in our facebook click below link to see:




Steven Lim Kor Kor is Singapore Famous Star,

Muay Thai Champion, Award winning Boss

, Ex Club singer, Ground Combat Unit Company Best Soldier

, Experienced Fitness Trainer

Steven Lim 哥哥是新加坡著名明星,泰拳冠军,






What We Do: 1. We are Your Effective Paid Advertising and Promotion Platform 

(我们做什么的)    (我们是您的有效付费的广告平台)

                      2. We also Promote/ Equip Artistes/ Disciples with】】

                          Speech and Drama/Singing

                         (我们推宠, 推广艺人,给于他们演戏/说话/唱歌的才华)     

                      3. We also supply Artistes/ Models (currently over 3000 of them

                          depending on availability and each country laws)       

                          (我们提供艺人,模特儿服务,3000 余名, 但不一定每一个都

                          有空, 都可以,依当地法律而行) 

                      4.  Professional Videography/Photography Services for any events/ occasions   


                      5.  Hire Steven Lim Kor Kor for Performances, Hosting, Events, Appearances!

                           (雇用Steven Lim 哥哥表演,主持,特别亮相)




Steven Lim 24 hrs Active Handphone Number电话:  +6587996634 (Mobile Phone) SMS/Call/Whatsapp 


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Dear Artistes/Clients/Government Agencies,

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in partnership with Trade and Industry Association (Singapore) and Asia Business Journal! 本公司有幸荣获亚太品牌大奖!

See Steven Lim accepting the award on stage with former Minister of Singapore!!  恭庆Steven Lim 从前部长手里接获荣耀!



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两个大明星在拍戏, 会有什么火花呢? When Two Stars Meet for filming..!!!   Steven Lim with Noah Yap, Ah Boy!







Superstar Steven Lim's Seventh TV Commercial (电视广告)- Steven Lim and Friends February 2013 Lunar New Year

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Steven Lim 首部亚洲大型电影!First Asian Big Movie (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan)




























































Big News! Steven Lim is the appointed Official Male Social Media Ambassador for !!!


Artiste God Nigel Tan Wee Ping 陈伟彬 is a proud graduate from Mediacorp and JTeam Acting Class!





Free Steven Lim "天王巨星" ringtone for your iphone!!!!!!  Transfer using your Itunes!!!!!!!  Fun!!

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Free Steven Lim "让我心好好痛一遍" ringtone for your iphone!!!!!!  Transfer using your Itunes!!!!!!!  Fun!!

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Singapore Superstar Steven Lim Shoots Asian Big Movie With Megastar Gao Lin Feng 高凌风 & 夏克立!




Singapore Superstar Steven Lim Massive Photo Take Meeting Fans Turnout on Christimas Day!

(Huge Fans turnout considering 3 hrs advance notification only!!!)

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Singapore Superstar Steven Lim 2nd informal Fans Picture Taking/FunTime on 19th May 2012

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Quote of the Day ( A contest is coming up and win big prizes & money!):

Steven Lim Care for Teens Crime Quote:

Do not shoplift in malls or shops.  Dun use for fun as an excuse. One criminal record can already kill your future, and the

pain of going to courts with your family members.  If you are really bored, you can try harmless hobbies like watching tv,

surf net, sleep or chatting on phone.  Nobody could help you.  You have to take the very first step.  If really not enough

money, spend within your budget and take a part time job or get more monthly allowances from your parents. 

I met a few people.. Forever, they will get into troubles or brush with law cos they chose to stay "inside" the pool.

But, you chose the path. I have also seen cases they are living well now when they decided to abandon the old ways and

work hard in life.  

God bless. =)


Finally, Steven Lim's very first commercialized new music video in High Definition (HD)!!!!

Steven Lim哥哥"天王巨星" & "让我心好好痛一遍“Music Video 全岛首播!!!


These 2 new songs are out now for streaming and downloads at Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music

and Other Major Music streaming platforms!!! 


Be sure to see both MV coz these MVs are actually Part 1 and 2.

1.  “天王巨星”- Steven Lim 哥哥 MV Part 1/2

 Youtube video link:


 2.  让我心好好痛一遍”- Steven Lim 哥哥 MV  Part 2/2 Latest!

Youtube video link:


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Midnight @ "THE BEAT"! 


POWER 98!!!




Steven Lim signing 20k approx worth contract with Mediacorp on 16th Dec 2010!!

Our model agency cum music video TV commercials airing on Ch 8 and Ch U strong

 launch fr. 25th Dec 2010 Xmas Day Prime Time!

Big thanks to Mediacorp's Advertising (MAE), Singapore Press Holdings' OMY.SG,

Hardware Zone Eat-Drink-Man-Woman's Forums (EDMW) & 联合晚报 for making

Steven Lim so famous in Singapore, JB & some says even Batam.

The superb incredible publicity you given is so effective, it really makes the tables in

Newton Circus stop eating & stare till one of Steven Lim's best friend complaint she

feels so stressed. <= Not cool story, bro.!!




词曲:Steven Lim 编曲:Jenson Koh

Professionally Recorded by 32-Bit Recording Studio

MV导演:Steven Lim    










让我们一起来 One two One two three four

WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo

WooWooWooWooWoo  Neh Neh Neh Bu Bu


WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo

WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo …..


Steven跳舞  Steven跳舞  

Go Steven Go, Go  Steven Go, Go Steven Go  Go Steven Go!.

Go Steven Go, Go  Steven Go, Go Steven Go  Go Steven Go!.












让我们一起来 One two One two three four

WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo

WooWooWooWooWoo  Neh Neh Neh Bu Bu 

WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo

WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo 


WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo

WooWooWooWooWoo  Neh Neh Neh Bu Bu


WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo

WooWooWooWooWoo  WooWooWooWooWoo





词曲:Steven Lim

编曲:Jenson Koh

Professionally Recorded by 32-Bit Recording Studio

MV导演:Steven Lim  

怎么说   爱你

怎么说   对不起你

怎么说    我还是好想你

怎么说    千言万语     oh…… 


怎么说   亲爱的      oh  I love you…

怎么说   永不分离

怎么说    我好想抱紧你

怎么说    不要离去      不要离去





就让思念 让我醉死没明天


怎么说   oh  baby…    (oh my baby)

怎么说   你好美丽

怎么说   我不能没有你

怎么说   甜言蜜语     oh….


怎么说   my lady oh I love you…

怎么说   永不分离

怎么说    我好想抱紧你

watashiwa anadara aieshiteru     aieshite





就让思念 让我醉死没明天


爱人的心 醉人的旋律


我兵来将挡  当我水来土淹

我会爱你一万年        我大闹天宫。。。!!!





就让思念 让我醉死没明天


就让思念 让我醉死没明天




Hey Guys! Studio Recordings for my two new songs are done...! MTVs Shot done with my own models at JItterBugs Dance!  I love you guys!!  Showtime!

Very Nervous and Excited.....! 请要为我多加油哦!! =)Thank you!!

Pls allow and unblock ActiveX control and script for maximum enjoyment of our Model Agency Web!






Steven Lim 哥哥 - Ex-Street Eyebrows Stylist In Singapore

Singapore Idol First Season Contestant and "Never Say Die" Finalist!

Singapore's Top YouTube Top 3 Total Views Solo Celebrity Channel:

sghunk1976 (Over 11 millions total views!!!)

Singapore Homegrown Artiste/ Entertainer! 新加坡土生土长艺人!

Owner of Singapore's Largest Top Online Models & Talents Agency!

(over 3000 models & talents!)

Cousin of 梁文福 (Renown新瑶pioneer/ “雨季“producer/composer) &

Nephew of Jack Lim 随安 - (Music producer n also Composer of “关怀方式 &


PM Lee Hsien Loong and President Obama's Staunch Supporter!

 (World Leaders that genuinely care for their people, deserve our votes!)


Have you submitted your income tax yet?!  Click and make sure u get this

acknowledgement page  (Steven Lim's 2013 income)!

News:  Urgently Looking for New Faces/ Artistes for future projects, commercial

and TV dramas assignments! 

Be the next local superstar and chances to act for tv dramas and commercials! 

Very good candidates may be groomed and win a singing/acting artiste contract worth SGDS50,000!

To be in our model team and be spotted by our TV/ Movie clients, sms or call +65 87996634 (Singapore Mobile Number)


SG Biggest Online Model Boss- Steven Lim






Steven Lim and  his old time friend, Foyce Lim!












Steven Lim practises dances to Michael Jackson's Jam!! Steven Lim哥哥跳麦克杰逊舞蹈练习!!


Our agency talents involved in Singapore Police Force Corporate Educational Video

 ( Main leads and major supporting roles scouted and cast by Steven Lim)

Look out for Steven Lim, Joanne Kiong, Jonathon Lim, Manoj Ram, Teresa Loh in this video.


Our model, Manoj Ram appearing prominently in TV drama recently as Sammy! 

He sincerely wants to thank TV station and Steven Lim!












Steven Lim and Ris Low 0mm distance!

Special star Paid appearance for Canon "Boomz" 2009 (Zouk)!

(17 Dec 2009)

Ris Low slimmed down and back to best form!!   

Ris not fair wear super high heels makes 180cm Steven Lim looks short short!







Touching comment from Steven Lim's fan!







Real Singaporean Fans swarmed Steven Lim!

Yup!  Everyone here really took turns to take a pic with Steven.

Steven is very very very very well known star in Singapore!  



Steven Lim with Mr. Mohd Ismail,

CEO of Propnex Real Estate Agency (Singapore's largest) during 2007!










Wanna book our over 3000 gorgeous talents/ models..?

For shows or photo/ video shoot?


                                                                       Sms or call 87996634 for booking or enquiries.

Notable completed projects- Supply Model, David Lim as Grandfather in Crystal Jade TVC, Singapore Police Force

Corporate Video Casting

(15 talents including the main leads fully casted & auditioned by Steven Lim) & HDB launching project videos (provided 4 talents)

& Carlbergs Telemovie. And provided more than 100 talents to Jack Neo's movie, “做人”!

 Provide talents to many Chinese & English TV dramas including Crime Watch (Nurul as Mother of Nonoi- Shot Done,

 Famous One-Eyed-Dragon (独眼龙)Case (Wong Li See as his wife and Celine Song Wan Ling as his mistress),

 Rabya & Sim Pat Eng as main Leads for TV medical show. (Shot done with full script!), First Class, Polo Boys,

Immigration and Checkpoint Authority Drama (Point of Entry) and of course a definite bulk supplierof talents

for the following Ch 8 tv dramas: 双子星 Ultimatum, 想握你的手,当我们同在一起, 红白喜事,

 泳闯琴关,最火搭档, 破天网 Breakout, 我们等你. 星洲之夜,边缘父子 and many more!!!

(Shot Done and all supported by real proven payment advises! 全都有厚厚收据,要假都很难!)


See my latest youtube video on my $5000 dollars giveaway!  Guys, pls subscribe

 to my youtube Director video channel: sghunk1976 when you see this. 

Got big surprise for you!  Blog entry and story below.

New! Steven Lim - Boss and Acting Trainer for STEVEN LIM DOT NET MODELS    老板兼演戏导师

Direct web link to this video is (DV直连网页):     










Super nice full faced KBC helmet at my very own bed....







Steven Lim

Rest In PeacE


My handsome nice fans who politely asked me to take pictures with them after they watched me in The Showdown  on Channel 5, 8pm Thursday.

 They said they are my fans and support me all the away.  Asking me to rock on.  Very very touched!.  If you see this, U all rock! 

Thanks to the Mediacorp's opportunity, I learnt to obey instructions, learning new things and happily earn the $1k.  Ke ke ke!  =D












Super clear scans from my Canon MP145 all in one printer....amazing rite?! 

Just by one button! Good things must share!









New! Steven Lim and his Class 2 Honda Shadow 600cc VLX MotorbikeSteven Lim哥哥600cc 本田重型机车!


听听我们的模特儿有话对你说    Listen To Wat Our Premier Package Models Have To Say To U 

(请点击Model 听看视屏     Please click Model to play video) 

Genuine Clients!!  Even overseas clients read and emailed request

to use our prestigious models!!!  We are going international! 

Serving anyone in the world who has the money to pay.  Click to enlarge pic.






Many request to join in our Modeling team!









Important annoucement: Those talents involved in TV station acting, Enter thru Radio Gate, change to visitors pass with your ID card, and report at the Chinese drama wardrobe to get your clothings.  (Ask for direction with the security).  At wardrobe, tell them your role and show name and assistant producer.  Get changed and hang around the vicinity and the Assistant Producer (AP) will either find/sms/call you or you could sms AP once done.  Board the chartered bus with its license plate number given to you by AP  if it is an outdoor shoot( Most likely). pls kindly DO NOT TAKE  AND FILL IN ANY PAYMENT VOUCHER ISSUED BY ASSISTANT PRODUCER OR ASSISTANT PRODUCER as payment will go thru us ( the agency).  Filling in will constitute as cheating for double payment and will be handled by the police.  Respect and obey all instructions.  Thank you.


**(Download free "wmv player" app for Ipad/Iphone to watch below

 wmv format videos on Mobiles!)**  For Example - OPlayer Lite

(Grade A* Free Video/Audio Player + Free Web Browser!)


Visit our full catalogue of our Artistes, Models & talents

in the "Our 3500 Models and Talents Database 艺人"  Many just joined for fun and hobbies!


 Donny is what we defined as great attitude hunk!



Ryan is such a handome and talented guy!          Mark is really a charming guy!                           Shiau Hui is what we mentioned as tall lady!!



Bryan Lim si realy fine looking and nice..!        Donny is what classifed as really handsome!         Jennifer is what we called the Thumbs up!


John is such an awesome guy!                            Serene is defnitely a class of her own!               Maggie is really amazing and good!


Steven Wu is reall Super Awesome!                  Jeffrey is so cute and super! 要红一起红!     Alix is Super Wonderful and Amazing!



Glen Ng is what we called Gorgeous Dancer!       Tao Wei is a Martial Art Expert!                         Livia is what we call the Super Amazing!


Eugene is such a good looking gentleman!            Abigail is a brilliant gem in the gemstones!                Michelle is really an amazingly tall wonder!


Joey is what we called gorgeous wonderful one!    Max is really Super to the Max!                       Sok Har is really friendly and with great EQ!


Bao Ling Bao Ling 真的灵!                            Gabrielle is really fantastic and so nice!              Michelle Lim is really superb and amazing!!


Kok Quan is so awesome and wonderful!        Edmund is such a wonderful man and superb!    What a wonderful Lady Sarah is she!!


Joanna Angela is definitely and Angel!               Shean Theng is such a fantastic guy!                   Wong Min is Such a Super Girl!


Fantastic Lu Fang, Fantastic Lady!                     Jian Li is what we believe in his super power!   Zoey is super good and super awesome!!


Sheng Xuan is really really great!                              Yong Kang is what we called a gentleman!        Sheery is so nice, so awesome, so polite and great!


Nina is simply the awesome and wonderful!        Steven is Really Really Excellent!!                       This Ester Lady is SUPER!


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17th September 2009   Thurs 1212hrs  by Steven Lim

OMY.SG SINGAPORE BLOG AWARDS 2009     picture sources from:

This entry is specially dedicated for above mentioned event,

which incorporated friendship,

bonding and the sweat and the number of brain cells the organizers

put in to make everything possible. 

 This event makes me starts to blog again after more than one year.

Look at the venue it is held.  Posh SupperClub where all either only

 the rich, very handsome

or gorgeous gathers.  Lots of familiar faces over there

including celebrity and stars and big organizations big shots.  I

was trying to look around for people that I know of, of cos, Alvin in marketing of was

always very busy running around coordinating stuff

. Damn hardworking nice fellow!  I shook the hands of Cai Sheng Jiang, chief editor of wanbao i guess

 and actually is me and my dad's very respected person. He is someone that has the 内涵 when he talks.  Deep down, I was very

honored when i shook the following people

 which i know their names. Namely, George Yeo the minister, that cutely or rather humbly acts blur that he is totally not in the field of

 blogging but he actually knows everything about it and perhaps even know more about IT than anyone else in the event and motivate

everyone of us to upgrade and keep in with the times.  He even knows

what is twitter

and uses it.  I am so dumb never even use before the advanced

new platform.  And Royston Tan, the 881 big director. 

 He already knew lots of people is going to get his namecards and

his personal assistant, Sufyan already prepared whole stacks of

 namecards,I managed to pass one of my business card to him.

 Hey, Me  at least is Singapore's largest online model/ talent

agency's boss.  Dun play play sia. And yes, Yang Jun Wei, the Emcee,

 poor thing...have to keep talking and

 talking non- stop for the whole event and add in the humour. 

 It is not easy to hold an event where everyone is talking

downstairs when you are talking.  Thumbs up for you!  Account Manager

 of SPH U-weekly, Adrian Low, and Cheng Ding An,

 Director of Kallanr Roar, and OMY female head, Miss Lee Kuan Fung, really nice to meet you.  Hi I m sorry if i miss out

any becos I really do not know your name.  Yup, specially mentioned is someone that is not in my good books after the event.

Peggy Chang, the TV girl. Zero PR skill and rude! I was trying to be very nice and go over and say hi to her cos she

mentioned me on her blog before.  I wanted to shake her hands and asked her for her name cos i really forget

 that time but she does not even bother to lift it up. 

Damn stuck up sia...! Really from impression 7/10 pointers become -100. Trying to give you face and say a friendly

hi to you and give me this attitude.  Pissed off.  She should realized my female model (174cm) from my  team

 that i bring that hooked on tightly to my hand is alot taller and much more gorgeous, classy and fairer than her sia. 

Happy stuff is a few of my readers among the blogger community comes up to me

and saying my videos are interesting and read my blog.  That is really good enough for me..I was nominated as in the LOL category.

 Never win, NVM, guess my competitors are better.

And one last one, blogger Yu- Kym!!!!  I did not know who is she....she stood beside me and keeps staring at me and

look thru my eyes and i cant bear not to say hi to this beautiful

 lady. I m totally straight ok!!!  When i read her blog, then i realized that she is not that innocent as she appears to. 

She appears to have slept with lots of guys before and she couragely shared her experiences on the net. 

But seriously, she could pass off as a very nice lady easily.  From my point of view,  this year Singapore blog award is a big success.

 But you really need more entertainment to spice up the environment.  Like live bands even before the event could

 actually starts to make the whole event more lively.  Perhaps a female host to match with Jun Wei so the Yin-yang

will be balanced.  Lastly, thanks so much OMY.SG for inviting me there.  I was very very very deeply truely absolutely honored

and I will continue to support local medias.  OMY.SG rocks!


21 July 2008  by Steven Lim


Reverend Ming Yi 明义involved in breach of trust, fraud document  case... Held on court...

Really what  a waste..!.A monk that is heroically

endorsed by millions of people,

doing special stunts in charity shows, doing many

charitable works, get in this kind of trouble.  I still

remember the first time he did a stunt on TV.

 He dropped tears, many dropped tears for him too. 

Imagine a monk had to do this kind of stunts to get

 more donated funds for the

organisation.  That really touched my heart too.

 My family donatedto the organisation.  Then some

 problem involving Durai previously from NKF

makes government  do checks on Non- profit

organisations.   Including digging

out Ming Yi's salary of more than 10k monthly, which i heard he still donate part

out of the money for good causes.  LET ME TELL U!  This monk rocks!

No other monk in Singapore are as famous as him now.  Now I believe in the process

 of helping another organisation, he got himself in deep trouble, with a

big possibility that he is going to jail if convicted.  Oh man...that is going to be so sux!

  Spend most of his life doing many charitable events, end up getting this kind of unfair karma...

.I felt angry also... how come Ming Yi as a reverend should know wat is right and wrong...

wat to do, wat not to do.  I suspect he has been betrayed and framed or forced to stray. 

Oh maybe he does not even know about the case!  That bastard that 害Reverend Ming Yi should be

 pulled to the target board and get枪毙

 machine gunned.  Ming Yi's face so cute and kind still got people want to sabo him.  Really KNN!  I

 want to condemn this person and urged the authority to do more checks and pulled up the real culprit.

  Ming Yi so good wun do these kind of things one!  I wun believe, NEVER!



07 June 2008


Big things happening around us in the world ( Recap)-

Dr Chee Soon Juan jailed, Earthquake SzeChuan, Cyclone, Racist Blogger Caught


Dr Chee Soon Juan     Picture from wikipedia

There are what had happened recently in the world.  Szechuan China kena earth

quake. 70k people died if i m not wrong.  So many people crushed in this big natural

 disaster. Heard some of the young victims are still holding pens when the ceiling crushed

 them like pancake.  Some of them shouting and crying. Ma ma!  Pa Pa!!

 Sorry i have left you down...i could not live to see you again.  SOme were pinned down

by big walls and pierced thru by steel.  Some were passed an electric saw to cut their own

 limbs to be rescued out easier.  Cyclone in Myanmar...

  No more house to live for many.  To add things worse, due to political issues, foreigners

rescuers will prevented to enter the zone.  End up may end up more casualties.  Racist blogger

 caught for saying satay satay to Malays and many other

 very offensive racist remarks.  Some may see his blog entry as a joke but to me, this is definitely

 not funny.  What he wrote is definitely not true. There are many things some other races

 should proudly learnt from the beloved Malays in Singapore.  Singaporean Malays are

extremely united and bonded to their family members and yes, majority of them

are like that.


 We should learn to forge closer relationships with our families. Malays are technically

 more skilful in many ways.  Fandi Ahmad is the football idol of many races then and now,

 and i still remember him and his team member has created many magical moments in the

 soccer industry.  Let me tell u, that is the prime of Singapore soccer.  No one can deny that. 

Abbas Saad, Malek, Lim Tong Hai, David Lee and Super Sub, Steven Tan....No one can forget

 these great heros..Ilove Singapore just because it is multi racial in Singapore, and we live in

 harmony with one another.  Thus, the government values this very much and hit on strongly

on racist remarks.  The Malay girls in my secondary school always get higher marks than me in

exams and tests.


 They are so smart and speak good English where i see them proceed on to JCs and Polys.

Where i continue studied ITE...Sad...Me lousy leh..done so badly for my O level.. people 6

subjects under 20 points.  I five subjects 21 points.  Half here half there, super headache...

But I was fortunate I moved to Nanyang Poly after my army.  Hereby, I sincerely hope that no

one will try to use words to harm other races in Singapore.  We are proud to be living in Singapore

 because we dun discriminate

any of the races, be it majority or minority...and i foresee  it will be this way in distant future.

N Lasty, Dr Chee Soon Juan.  I feel very sorry for him really and the recent court case. He is

 going to jail again for doing something wrong...I almost want to cry also becos i find him

poor thing.   I managed to see one of his youtube video about the interviews with him with

 his wife and young kids.   Trust me, you will feel sorry for him too. A family man

with kids, waiting for him.  He is already bankrupt and he still so call trying to attempt to

'reform' the leading government.  What will happen to his kids?  Bankrupt feed what food..

  I really admire your never-say-spirit and I bet some of the people secretly will as well.  But

some of your actions could only bring more hurt and harms to yourself and family.   Coz sorry,

 this is Singapore.  We value stability and we have an excellent government and leaders that

 leads us to one of the best in the world and I will continue to serve the one that brings us

good lives and stability.  On the other hand, please allow me to offer some food and some

toys to your kids if I do know or meet you in person one day.  Trust me, I will do that, small case.

I will tell them they have a never-say-die father.  We are all Singaporeans.  Let us dun hurt each

other anymore..

Below is my Honda Goldwing 1500cc Motorbike educational video.  Ride Safer, Live Longer! SOLD!



"Nothing is impossible, Impossible is nothing!"


                                              Steven Lim "Dragon" (model)



On extreme left is Steven Lim.  Above two pics shows Steven Lim shapes the eyebrows of

  well-known Actress Evelyn Ng from "Light Years".  Click thumbnail to see enlarged pics.                        


Steven Lim representing Singapore was very honored to be voted most handsome guy

by Malaysian top forum,  in Nov 2005.  Special thanks to them.  He

beated Taiwanese Jay Chou, Korean Bae Yong Jun, Hong Kong Edison

 Chen & Malaysian Idol Daniel Lee Chee Hun!!  






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3 May 2008

Car vs Motorcycle - Motorcycle more fun n easy to maneuver, dun really like driving.

Finally got my long awaited Class 3 car driving licence.  I got it on my fifth attempt where i use a different technique to complete the test.  Forget about one turn two turn for parking.  Best is use your own judgment when trying to enter the pocket.  See dot not that accurate one.  Got only 8 points!! so lucky! The pasts are always above 30 points and the mistakes always different each time and incorrect checking of blind spots. or exaggerating checking of blind spot also kena points. I m not joking!!  But on my last attempt, i not going to let him catch me with any points.  I was on the balls and everything was very smooth.  Even the traffic lights turn amber just nicely for me so i can stop in time.  so heng! The tester also gave me advises on how to drive better n such.  Seriously, you need plenty of luck for tests some time.  The pen in his hand, he will be able to find fault no matter what for sure.  Ya.  Happy I got a license.  Thanks to my rich father, i paid full cash for a less than 10 years van.  I drive a few days and i realized motorcycle is alot better and more flexible in traffic n reach destination faster, and meet the definition of transportation.  Transportation suppose to make you more convenient.  But parking i feel like vomiting checking all around for danger.  Hate parking the most!  A few days ago went east coast and try the parallel parking i want to vomit blood sia!!  But I scared to langa other people car, so extra very careful. spend about 5 mins!!!  Ya, a car is comfortable and safer but very bulky leh and i always have to watch out for motorcyclists who go pass me.  Further more, i need to pay more expenses to own a car.  Sianz!!!!  I DONT LIKE CAR LAH!! maybe going to sell very soon... Paid about 2.6k to learn a car after failing so many times.  But well, at least i m almost there.  I have now full classes of motorcycle licences and a class 3 driving license.  I m proud to say i m a very experienced motorcyclist!  I wun die regretful in this lifetime.  I love you all.  KISS KISS...HUGZ!  PS. driving with P plate is cool though..hahah!


5 April 2008

Seriously, Did you wash your assholes today???  I m dead serious!

This is the truth...You could treat this entry as informative or educational.  I find this a need to educate cause it concerns hygiene.  If you feel uncomfortable in reading something i seriously wanting to help people, pls leave my web immediately.  I am seriously super pathetic guy in this world..I m not joking.  I only start seriously washing my asshole only 1 year ago!  Before that, no one actually tell me it is a need to wash certain parts really clean.  Have you taught your children the correct way to wash??  Spraying with water alone is not good enough which i used to do that before one year ago because I always feel it is so dirty to directly use your fingers to wash clean the parts where shit comes out.  Look how stupid I was and nobody actually taught me about washing myself right.  Correct method of washing anus, use soap and water together just like you are washing your hands before food.  Can you imagine not washing ur buttocks clean...Most of times it will result in bacterial infection of anus cause by the shit, agitating itch and extreme sharp pain even.  Sometimes, even affecting your walking too when you cant close your legs.  Why the hell my parents never teach me properly how to bathe myself or m i stupid?  I got a hidden secret that a few of my close friends know only.  I used to think that sperms fly around and outside our private parts and i tried to fertilize an unwasted real chicken egg when i was in primary six.  I feel so dumb now thinking back the egg may be so dirty.  Best part is no one actually teach me properly on how to wash private parts.  Yes, you are right...I spray water with abit of soap.  GUYS!! WRONG! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I M YOUR SAVIOR!!! THE CORRECT WAY IS YOU HAVE TO PULL BACK THE SKIN COVERING TURTLEhead all the way  AND WASH THE DRAINAGE WITHIN and every portion you can see thorougly!!!! DO NOT B WORRIED THAT IT MAY DAMAGE IT OR LOSE VIRGINITY WHAT SHIT.  I lost mine at 22.  DUN MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME AGAIN.  I SUFFERED INFECTIONS WITH YELLOW DISCHARGES N DISTURBING EXTREME PAIN N ITCHINESS during my secondary 3 or 4 period which i cant really remember.   I have to run to my father for help and finally, he taught me how to wash mine with him demonstrating washing his!  But dun worry, I dun have any diseases for goodness sake with recent hospital blood report.  You all should thank me for having the courage to tell you things your parents may be so shy to teach you all.  Dun be a stupid fool like Steven Lim so old then realize that washing asshole is very important for health and hygience.  There are no school lessons at my time teaching us how to waste asshole.  The most only teach us how to waste hands.  I seriously think it is time for schools and visting nurses to add this in their health education syllabus. Thank you.






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My idol, Christopher Lee from Mediacorp, very sway lah.  Christopher Lee Ming Shun knocks two motorcyclist down.  Heard he drove away somemore.  I really grateful to Christopher Lee, the famous actor n also judge in Star idol to let me thru second round.  That is why i always support you, Lee Ming Shun.  Take it as a man, no choice.  Licence gone, take MRT or taxi lor.  Wun die one.  Last week ah, tell u ah, Christopher Lee,  my two bikes gone to repairs. repairs near 700 SGD.  I took mrt n taxi no choice. Christopher Lee Ming Shun, must jia you!  I love you always, Christopher.

I m Steven Lim from the Singapore Idol.  They called me Steven Lim, the stripper from Singapore idol. LoL.  But now I add in a new name called Dragon.  Should i call myself, Steven Lim or Dragon Lim.  Next year, i dunno whether i want to take part in Singapore Idol again.  Cos they will sure remember I m Steven Lim one.  Aiya, see how lah.

xia xue, wendy, now got a new show called "Girls out loud".  Wah, Wendy XiaXue now becomes host liao sia.  But the show is really very interesting with or without Wendy Cheng, xiaxue though.  On Monday 10pm.  I was invited to one episode of "girls out loud".

Spiderman 3 movie is coming soon. So nice to be spiderman, can swing here swing there n spiderman sticks, but spiderman cant fly.  Hope spiderman 3 will fun n exciting.  Looking forward to Spiderman 3, the movie!  I watch the trailer of Spiderman 3 movie, very dark but yet exciting. Spiderman 3's website got problem loading. Final note, many actions n babes in spiderman 3!!!! Must watch!  I want to be spiderman! I dun care!

Xu Weilun has been killed in an accident.  Her name is Xu Weilun from Taiwan n Xu Wei lun is an TV actress for ou xiang ju lor. Poor thing.  许玮伦死了!许玮伦....xu wei lun dies my god! why she dies? she so beautiful! heard that she is in coma sia before breathless...

Edison Chen/ Gillian, Cecilia Chung/ Bobo Nude Pic's HK celebrity's case. An unknown Kira resurfaced with new pics!